Merkel’s Grand Coalition in Headlines

Merkel’s Grand Coalition in Headlines

by JLH

A preliminary agreement has been reached on a Grand Coalition (Große Koalition, GroKo) between the Union (CDU/CSU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) in Germany. Something of an insurrection is being led by the Young Socialists [Jusos] in the Social Democrat party. And most news inside and outside Germany focuses on that.



Two Days after Unity

A Spat over the GroKo Paper

SPD sees need for considerable change; Union says: it is what it is.

Der Spiegel:

GroKo Argument in the SPD

A week of truth

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

The SPD and its Options

Martin Schulz has a week to convince his colleagues about GroKo. If not…

Die Welt:

Social Democrats—The Great Fear of their Base

(where it was hard to find anyone outside of the internationally-known NZZ who cared)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung:

And Now Criticism Coming Down Like Hail from Their Own Ranks

Berner Zeitung:

SPD of Saxony-Anhalt Rejects the Grand Coalition


Der Kurier:

Germany: SPD Left Campaigning Against GroKo

Die Presse:

Germany: Red Rebellion Against GroKo


Luxemburger Wort:

Negotiations for Grand Coalition—CDU, CSU, SPD Aim for Breakthrough


Liechtensteiner Volksblatt:

First Victory for GroKo Opponents — Gabriel Criticizes SPD Process

6 thoughts on “Merkel’s Grand Coalition in Headlines

  1. Nothing is going to change with this Groko. This Mr. Schultz campaigned saying he did not want another grand coalition, but now he changes his tune. Kinda reminds me of the American liar who told the nation: ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    Germany will continue to take in more immigrants and allow their family members, etc. Even if the new plan were true of only taking in 200,000 per year ( which no one believes) into Germany from here on out.–this is the equivalent of taking in a large German city Per Year. A “Großstadt” is considered over 100,000 inhabitants over there.

    This sounds far from hopeful.

  2. Only force will remove these people, the ballot box is manipulated by mind control lieing media, marketing techniques and tv, merkel and her acompolises are entrenched in the [odious] system, like a cancer, only by using knife can it be removed, but will still try to return.

    The German heroes, whoever they are better make their move quickly now,
    Because merkel and cdu and greens etc, will not stop the invasion,min fact they will increase it more likely, to speed up the destruction in total of Germany.

    I prey that some Germans organise, the sacrifise they will have to make is the only option now, because germany is in the grip of a new state neo stasi nazi terror regime.

    The cdu are the ressurection of the “Nazi” party.

  3. Nothing will happen until something dramatic such as a declaration of a caliphate on European soil. In Sweden, most likely. By then it will be too late. The frog would have been cooked slowly and it will be dead.

    Most Europeans are only interested in watching football and getting drunk. Their only real fear is being called ‘racists’.

    – Allahu Akbar!

    • Agreed fully! I have feeling this nightmare will go on for years until we are truly overwhelmed, outnumbered, conquered by sheer numbers and [by] hate speech laws, and pc.

      There be much violence, on individual levels, stabbings, murders, rapes, all played down by local bobby thug traitors in blue, enforcing with kidnappings and violence, the bent rotten will of the political traitors that have us all by the throat.[…] we [are] being swamped out of existence by the day, and each new boatload of savage invaders [is] being taxied in by left-wing Soros-funded genocidal traitors waving rainbow flags.

      [Note from Admin: your comments are laced with violence. Please tone down the rhetoric or we’ll have to limit your access here. “Free” speech in the U.S. exists only in public spaces. But this is a private blog and we’re responsible for what our commenters leave here.

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