“They Want to Make us Believe That Everything is Normal”

An ordinary German citizen named Mona Maja recorded a video rant that got deleted from YouTube. As a result, when it was re-uploaded, even more people watched it — it has gone viral twice.

She has announced her plans to hold a protest, “Moms against violence”, in Bottrop (a town in the Ruhr district) on March 4.

Many thanks to Anton for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello, everybody. Yesterday I posted a video just for my friends.
00:07   And they asked me to post what I’m doing here publicly.
00:13   You can certainly imagine, or you can think why I turn to you.
00:17   The point is simple: I cannot deal with this fear anymore, and I am sure that you feel the same.
00:25   I live in fear. I’m a nervous wreck when I hear all the news.
00:31   There are women being stabbed. Our men are beaten up,
00:35   teenagers are beaten up, and everything is going down the drain.
00:40   They want to make us believe that everything is normal,
00:44   and that always was the way it was, and I’ll tell you:
00:47   That’s not true. And I am totally fed up with this.
00:52   I’ve had enough. I am fed up. I’m fed up that I cannot say what’s going on here.
00:58   What’s going on here in my country. I’m worried. I’m just thinking, when
01:04   I’m going somewhere, can I go there now? Do I have everything with me?
01:08   Do I have my pepper spray with me? Maybe, do I have a knife with me? And so on.
01:12   I do not want to be stabbed here. I do not want to be slaughtered and I do not want to be raped.
01:16   Some of you may think, oh that old thing. Nobody will want to touch her.
01:21   That’s irrelevant. That’s not the topic. I think we women,
01:25   we have to be able to live here the same way we lived in the past.
01:30   Before our so-called crisis. I want to repeat everything again, where all our money has gone,
01:35   and what happens to it, and why the citizens don’t get any.
01:40   You know that by now, from A to Z, by heart. You know all this. My concern is with you.
01:46   I am planning a march or demo in Bottrop — it’s not clear yet — and I need support in the form
01:50   that you tell me: yes, you want that, it’s worth it, you will come.
01:59   Because I want to have at least 100 likes, and I want you to tell me: yes, I’m coming.
02:05   Go on. Stay focused. Hey, guys, that’s our last chance.
02:09   I don’t have any doomsday or anything else here.
02:13   But now, none of you can tell me that the whole situation in our country has not changed you, too.
02:20   Do you have that too, when your sons go out in the evening, you ask: Who are you going with? Where
02:25   are you going? When will you be home? That you send lots of SMSs? Today it’s no longer called SMS,
02:30   what do I know; send messages: where are you? Did you arrive safely?
02:35   And when do you discus this at home? About this problem that we have here?
02:40   What does that do to our sons? What does that do to our men?
02:43   Many posts I see ask: Yes, where are all the men?
02:46   Where are all the men? Should the men become the same? Should they begin stabbing?
02:53   Attack, rape? Do you want that? We take away the manhood of our men when we say
02:57   this about wrong behavior and give false signals, when we say,
03:02   Where are our men? We take away the entirety of their manhood. We make our own men feel bad.
03:11   You are crazy. That cannot be true. We withdraw more and more because we are dictated to from
03:15   above: everything is just great, we have it under control.
03:22   They have nothing under control. Look what’s going on. Today, for example, suppose business people
03:26   in Essen complain that a certain clientele hang around in front of their stores.
03:35   You suspect drug dealing, and what do I know? What do the police say? We know nothing about it.
03:40   And that’s the end of it. These businessmen generate taxes
03:44   for this country, that are being collected.
03:47   Our politicians spend this money. I don’t know what for.
03:52   Just for s**t. In our case, our citizens don’t get anything anymore.
03:55   I cannot do anything about it — that’s the way it is.
03:58   But I only know that here in Germany we have a division of powers.
04:03   And the division of power means that we vote and our politicians promise to protect us.
04:10   And I can’t see any of that anymore, there’s nothing left. And I can only ask you one more time.
04:15   I invite you. Please, please, if you all have ever had this thought,
04:20   then we now have the opportunity to be loud.
04:24   Not violent, I refuse that. But we do have a voice.
04:30   Because these are our rights, this is our country, our freedoms,
04:34   and we are increasingly retreating. Don’t you see this?
04:38   You sit at home and get annoyed, in a bad mood. Think about it. Do we? Don’t we?
04:43   Are we going there? We are caged as women. And we are told to stop jogging
04:48   because that could be misunderstood by certain people.
04:52   Are we are crazy? That we can’t put up with everything and swallow and swallow and swallow.
04:58   I can only say please once more. If I have somehow reached you,
05:04   if I’ve triggered something within you now, then please let me know.
05:10   I’m planning this, but I will not plan when ten or twenty people come, it’s not worth it.
05:16   The effort is too big for that. The effort is great, this must be planned and organized.
05:21   I invite you all, but I can tell you the city in which we plan to do this.
05:25   That in the Ruhr area, that it will take place in Bottrop.
05:28   And I plan the demonstration for less than four weeks from now.
05:31   So until then we’ve covered everything. And I’m waiting for your comments. And until then
05:35   I hope we all see each other, and I hope I might be able to awaken something within you.
05:45   Please get together with me on the street. Let’s do that. Let’s get voice our opinion loudly.
05:52   Against all this violence going on here. This is not normal anymore.
05:58   I want to demonstrate against this violence, against these stabbings.
06:03   Against the fear, that we all have within us, that changes us.
06:07   This fear changes us. I can’t do that;
06:11   I can’t find any words for it. People, in this sense, I hope we see each other soon.

16 thoughts on ““They Want to Make us Believe That Everything is Normal”

  1. Will be very interesting to see how big this march is in March. I noticed she talked about the violence going on but never mentioned who was committing the crimes. She never mentions the immigration by abject gultures needs to stop, so what does she want if she is too afraid to speak the whole truth? Is it just more police ptotection she is after?

    • If she says what she means clearly and unambiguously, she can be prosecuted. Facebook, Twitter, and Google might well suspend her accounts, as required by the new law. Like most Germans, she finds it prudent to be circumspect.

      • I see. So what banners will they be holding up then at this march?? “We need nore police!”?

      • My guess is that despite her “circumspection” the authorities will heavily monitor her rally and arrest anyone who is loudly of the “wrong” position. Until prudence is abandoned in favour of speaking the truth, Germany is continuing down the plughole. The fact that Merkel is even in consideration for continuing power tells me that Germans (and I was born there) are cucked. The rot has even spread to NZ where Churches are being converted into Mosques. My grandchildren are not here presently so I cannot link but it’s in the local media.

      • We must take lessons from Christians and others who lived through the Soviet Union. We need to learn how to “read between the lines”, to write in the same way, and how to keep our traps shut when we realise what is actually being said. Yes, it would be nice to say everything out loud, BUT half the truth from someone who can say it again and again is surely better than the whole truth once from someone who will never be able to repeat it.

  2. Refuse violence…and you lose. Try only voting against your corrupt politicians and guess what? you lose. The eighty million+ moslem in europe are not going away peacefully, you just have to face it. Their “religion” is based on conquest, intimidation, yes, on submission of conquered people.
    What can one do, disarmed and scared into silence? Do you trust anybody, do you have friends you can organize a political resistance party with? Too late for that. It is up for individuals to act, by whatever means to stir up trouble, provoke the invaders to openly show their violent side. Maybe then the rest of the native citizens, who still vote for merkel and ilk will smarten and start a revolution against the traitors in government. You must not call your present “leaders” ill informed, mistaken or such. They are evil, they are traitors, they are hellbent on destroying western judeo-christian societies. It is war for national, racial survival in western europe and north america, only the majority does not realizes it yet.

    • Tremendous comment. Just tremendous. This is absolutely what must be done. Individual European men must perpetrate violence against the perpetually inflamed Muslims in order to set off a conflagration of Muslim violence. The worse the better. This is what MUST be done. What will follow that tide of Muslim violence may be nothing, or that violence may FINALLY set off the counter-wave of Europeans’ violence for their very survival as Europeans. Easy for me to say, sitting here in relative safety in America. But I KNOW this is the only answer, the only hope. If Tom knows it, and I know it, then it follows that thousands or even tens of thousands of individual European men know it. Yes, they will be taking the ultimate gamble with their individual lives. But such EXTREMIS demands no less. That, or the death of their people.

  3. 5:45 euch wach machen = make y’all woke
    Deutsch-Englisch Urban Dictionary says, wach = woke.
    Being Woke means being aware, knowing whats going on in the community

    • A better translation would be “… waking you all up”
      “Woke” is past tense and not applicable here.

  4. Talk wont solve o.

    Voting is also rigged!

    The cdu merkel, control the media, and the cops, judges and prosecutors, to enforce their ongoing genocide.

    Until there is a devasting blow, some incident, on a major scale, launched against angela merkel and all party members of the cdu, merkel and her gang of neo stasi nazis are just laughing at us all from their eussr funded life of luxury, they just poking there noses at us, and wiping out europa and its peoples.

    One million germans could mass together and take over whats left of the country.

    Germans have dug their own graves, and ours too.

    Its time for eussr to implode, and millions to go after the political traitors.

  5. Sie konnen den Frankfurt Schule danken.

    [I think this means: “You can thank the Frankfurt School.”

    This is an English-language blog. In future, please use English in your comments. — BB]

  6. F. Von Papen, would you mind, please, as a courtesy to your readers, capitalising and using apostrophes where appropriate? Many thanks.

    • Joe Creho, would you mind as a “courtesy to gov readers”, just concentrating on your own posts and writing skills and leave others alone.

      Are you the thought police? Next you will be telling people what to think.

  7. Germans, you need to carry out a Revolution against your traitorous rulers. Yes, a Revolution. Overthrow the politicians of all parties. Revolt !

    Unfortunately, I fear that too many Germans have been either lobotomized or castrated or both.

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