Feminism and Sharia in Finland

The Finns Party is the only major party in Finland that opposes mass immigration and Islamization. Because of that, its members are demonized and harassed in the media, as one might expect.

Laura Huhtasaari is running for president of Finland as a candidate for the Finns. The following clip is an excerpt from a TV panel discussion in which Ms. Huhtasaari answered a question about the relationship between feminism and Finnish foreign policy.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Laura Huhtasaari, does feminism belong in foreign policy?
0:03   No feminism in foreign policy under any circumstances,
0:06   but Finnish foreign policy. What do you mean?
0:09   What I mean by that, is that it’s Finnish foreign policy and
0:13   it should include equality. I don’t understand why it should be according to gender,
0:18   that it should be according to a certain gender,
0:21   that is, foreign policy. These Swedish feminists could set an example,
0:26   promote women’s rights by not wearing a scarf in Iran,
0:29   and here as well, going to the Iranian embassy on the condition
0:33   that there won’t be any shaking of a women’s hand.
0:36   Also when people move here.
0:39   They live in the shadows of society under sharia law.
0:42   Defend women’s rights both abroad and in Finland.
0:47   and show our own example.
0:51   It’s not clear that we have sharia law in Finland.

7 thoughts on “Feminism and Sharia in Finland

  1. Hyvva paive,

    There you see the gang of four, the collectives ganging up on Laura, with their commissar stone faces, cold looks, it’s hateful.

    These rats, cockroaches, trying to force the marxist narrative onto us all, like they are holy, and anyone who disagrees with their national socialist utopian ideology is a racist.

    Socialism, left commies, marxists, and all who are pushing this crap, lies, this garbage intellectual prison onto the human race must be [redacted].

    Leftists just will not listen to the truth, until there are millions of us all lying dead in detention camps, for speaking the truth.

    History has shown where communism ends up, (“the killing fields”) yet these socialist marxist retards who are again forcing this murderous ideology onto us all in the west, just will not get it.

    Europe right now is a powder keg waiting to go off, and anyone promoting multi-culturalism, feminism, cultural marxism, communism, leftist ideology has a big bullseye shining on their heads.

    Left wingers are the New NaZis, the (national socialists) resurrected.


  2. Panel host: “It’s not clear that we have sharia law in Finland.”

    Oh, look! A muslim!

    What am I missing here?

  3. Laura Huhtasaari has an articulated and logic speech. Very smart and convincing woman, I hope she’ll win the mandate. Rest of them are morons, not even realizing that they defend a hidden agenda. What a bunch of useless fanatics!

  4. In other news, what has to do feminism with foreign policy? It looks like for Finland all external and global issues are solved, it is not like there is a powder keg and nuclear buttons unveiled and conflicts lasting for decades in the world, and Russia, and EU, Arctic issues and God knows what else and here comes the major question: feminism in foreign policy…very important and very pressing…terrifying issue indeed. What a smoke screen for people! There where times, like Winter War for example, when Finland had more reasonable foreign affairs questions.

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