The Wretched Refuse of Ventimiglia

The town of Ventimiglia lies on the border between France and Italy. It is a major transit point for migrants that arrive in Lampedusa, Sicily, etc., and want to move on to points north. The French authorities do their best to try to stop “refugees” from crossing the border. As a result, migrants have accumulated in large numbers in a camp in Ventimiglia, on the Italian side of the border. The following video shows the clean-up of the camp.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling [Note: for the first 1:41 seconds there is no dialogue]:

Video transcript:

01:42   These operations that are being carried out are not called “evictions”, but rather “cleaning up”.
01:47   What is the meaning of these operations?
01:50   The meaning is definitely and easily understood: looking
01:54   and trying to clean up an area which,
01:58   objectively speaking, has so much trash there;
02:01   there is more than that, unfortunately [unintelligible] and also at the level of hygiene
02:06   and of safety, it is not it is, it is not acceptable… one cannot
02:11   continue safely also the manner to make [them] understand that it is not the suitable place,
02:16   that they can go to the Red Cross camp.
02:22   The fact is, however, that tents are being put up,
02:25   the camp is now large,
02:28   ever more annoying to the municipality, the town.
02:31   Certainly. Yes.
02:34   The tents are going up because we are in
02:38   the cold wintry season. There are so many families and very small children
02:42   who are living in these conditions that is certainly not suitable
02:47   [unintelligible] for a child after continuing,
02:51   however, [unintelligible]. We always remember that the people are here because they
02:55   want to continue on their migrant journey, and unfortunately, it is we who
03:01   can succeed [unintelligible] in convincing them not to continue.

10 thoughts on “The Wretched Refuse of Ventimiglia

  1. As in their own countries and everywhere they pass through or settle in. It’s a matter of cultural custom and habit. (I speak on the basis of experience in many parts of the world, not assumption.) I know, for example, a once clean and beautiful pathway between two small German towns which is used by enrichers and is now customarily strewn with refuse of various kinds. One of the “small” prices one has to pay.

    • 100 % correct, there is a wide trail of filth,litter and tremendous damage to the environment all the way from their home countries to their destinations. Once beatiful farmland. orchards ,pastures , small waterways and woodlands are damaged forever.

    • It isn’t. If the landlord refuses to let you turn off the water though because that water is financially beneficial to them in some way, where are you left?

  2. President Trump used “s***holes” to define certain countries. I have seen with my own eyes such countries. S***holes, indeed. This is how they live. Imagine a country like a garbage dumpster. Garbage everywhere. Enriching Europe, so sad…however, cockroaches like garbage, it is their environment.

    • exactly! I have stopped by a roadside snack and grill in Morocco.The waiters apron was so dirty that any US Sheriff would have jailed him.To wipe the formica table, he used a cloth that left smear on the table, making dirtier than before the treatement. Just un believable. And I save you the looks into the loo…., you just had breakfast,right?
      On an invitation with plain country folks- they were generous,so pardon me- the loo was black of cockroaches.Literally, the ground- a muslim loo is only a hole in the floor- was totally covered with them.

  3. Because of French efforts to block this migrant route, some migrants have headed for the passes into Switzerland but the Swiss have acted to block these routes.

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