More on the Fatal Stabbing in Dortmund

The following video is a segment from a news report about the fatal stabbing of a 14-year-old student at a high school in the Käthe Kollwitz School in Lünen, a suburb of Dortmund. This report evidently aired before the perp was identified as having dual Kazakh-German nationality.

Many thanks to Anton for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Until now, only a few facts have been officially confirmed.
00:04   A 15-year-old student stabbed a 14-year-old classmate in the morning.
00:08   Help came too late for the boy. The suspected attacker is said
00:12   to have fled, but was quickly arrested by the police.
00:17   The police have formed a homicide commission. The Dortmund prosecutor is leading the investigation.
00:22   The investigating prosecutor has explicitly ruled out in a conversation with WDR [TV Channel]
00:27   that it could be have been either an amok incident or a xenophobic attack.
00:31   The police also speak of an isolated incident.
00:36   Different rumors are circulating among the students: The attacker has a history
00:40   of psychiatric issues or problems in upbringing,
00:44   or that he has not been to school for a year and has just returned.
00:48   Nobody has officially confirmed this so far. All classes were cancelled
00:52   so that parents could pick up their children.
00:55   Now police are securing evidence on the school grounds and a large number of carers are there, too.
01:04   They are caring for the witnesses to the attack,
01:08   as well as friends and classmates of the murdered boy.
01:11   Because of special provisions in dealing with children and adolescents — in this case both victim
01:15   and perpetrator — investigators are exercising particular care before issuing further information.

4 thoughts on “More on the Fatal Stabbing in Dortmund

  1. I feel very sorry for the victim and his family. However people have no idea what’s happening around the world with Islam and rabid migration. Here’s what happened tonight at the local grocery store (in central Florida).

    Among other things I bought a bar of dark chocolate with marzipan. The young guy at checkout told tell me in a bragging way how good the marzipan bar was because he’d had one when he was in Germany four years ago. (I see this cashier there all the time and he’s a college kid who gives the impression that he knows more than the average shopper in his check out line.)

    I thought – OK, two can play this game and merely asked if he had noticed a lot of Muslims when he was there. He said he didn’t really notice because he never looks at things in that way and that Germany was wonderful and beautiful…sort of pretended he didn’t really understand what I was talking about. Therefore instead of mentioning people (Muslims), I said the name of the religion…..”…you know…ISLAM. Did you see a lot of indications of ISLAM in Germany when you were there fours years ago?”

    He kept his eyes on the cash register and icily said, “I don’t know. That sort of thing doesn’t bother me.”

    By that time I was disgusted with him (after all he mentioned Germany first). So I said in return, “I bet it would bother you if they were STABBING you.”

    Along with the receipt he gave me a below zero cold stare and as I walked away and the next person came up to his register, I heard him say to her, “Some people!”

    He has no clue!

  2. Do any other reports give an indication of the victim’s background? I believe earlier reports said the per was a Turkvader.

  3. In WWII in the UK, when the V2 ballistic missiles were first dropped, the government said it was “gas explosions” that flattened streets of houses. They didn’t wan’t to alarm the citizens. Eh? Heavens to Bettsy!!! ? Governments want stability, yet, yet, yet, they seem not to have grasped what is required, in order to establish this stability. Lies, and propaganda is the currency of those in power, it has always been thus. The wise citizen developes an antibody to such bilge. A lot of people today do not seem to have that protection.

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