Stabbed to Death in a Dortmund School

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Deadly Stabbing in German School: Attacker Says Victim Had Looked at His Mother “Provocatively”

by Egri Nök

An original translation of a press release by the Dortmund Police.

Dortmund (ots) — Joint Press Release of Dortmund Prosecution and Dortmund Police

As announced in press releases no. 0141, 0142 and 0144, Dortmund police formed a Kap commission to investigate after a homicide in a school at Dammwiese in Lünen.

According to the current state of investigations, the accused and his mother had an appointment with the school’s community worker. According to the community worker, the 15-year-old has a police record for violence, and was deemed aggressive and unfit for school, and had, for these reasons, temporarily attended a different school. But this measure failed, which was why he was to now attend Käthe Kollwitz school again.

While they were waiting for their appointment, the future victim encountered the attacker. According to the suspect, the victim looked at his mother repeatedly in a provocative manner. This angered the 15-year-old so much that he stabbed a knife into his schoolmate’s neck.

Before the deed, there were already confrontations between the later victim and the suspect. Investigations will have to probe whether this was the ultimate motive.

The postmortem confirmed that the violence was cause of the death. The weapon was seized at the scene of the crime.

The police records on the accused are meagre, and do not show earlier relations with the victim.

The victim’s family is being taken care of by Dortmund police’s office for the protection of victims.

The 15-year-old will appear before the committing magistrate tomorrow.

Translator’s note:

According to Dortmund police, the victim is a 14-year-old German boy from Lünen; the perpetrator is a 15-year-old boy, born in Germany, but with Kazakh and German nationality.

An article from FOCUS translated by Anton:

Police Operation in Dortmund: High School Crime Scene

Dortmund, Lünen: Boy kills classmate

January 23, 2018

At a school in Lünen a pupil is said to have been killed by a classmate. A minor, underage suspect was arrested as part of a manhunt, police and prosecutors said on Tuesday morning.

The background of the crime at the Käthe Kollwitz Comprehensive School in the district of Unna was initially unclear. A murder commission has taken over the investigation. According to initial unconfirmed information, the crime was perpetrated using a knife. However, according to the AFP news agency, the police were initially unable to provide any details about the weapon used, the crime, or the identity and age of the adolescents.

Apparently the crime occurred on Tuesday morning shortly after 8 o’clock. Both the victim and the suspect are said to be pupils of the school. Priests are comforting relatives, pupils and teachers. The Kollwitz School is one of two comprehensive schools in Lünen, a city on the edge of the Ruhr area and Münsterland.

Recently the fight against child and juvenile crime had been driving regional political policy. The former NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger (SPD) described it as “one of the most important tasks for the NRW police”. After all, in 2016, every fifth offender was younger than 21 years old. The number has increased the second year running.

Translator’s note:

Apparently, this was an empty school which was used to house refugees.

Note: The photo at the top of this post shows a group shot taken at the Käthe Kollwitz School. There’s no indication that either the perpetrator or the victim is one of the people in the picture.

30 thoughts on “Stabbed to Death in a Dortmund School

  1. This photo above looks worse than the average American high school class. Is this the revered German gymnasium now? Of course, we had a much worse high school incident in Kentucky today.

    Also, the white, native German male nurse who has murdered dozens of people–that has been all over
    German news the last day or two, I heard. So the natives are not angels either. They have white serial killers there just like we do in the US. There was a young white man last year killing many, and don’t forget the Lufthansa copilot who killed
    everyone in his plane on purpose. Everyone has the propensity to violence, some more than others, and the more you mix up people who are very different, the
    more misunderstandings and negative incidents there will be- whatever the setting: family, school, workplace, etc.

      • Exactly, that’s why I don’t think there is any reversing the current trend. What has to occur is that the whole rotten core of the hedonistic, Nihilistic, west has to first collapse before any of this can be corrected. A bunch of pot smoking, sexually ambiguous, hedonistic beta types offer absolutely no resistance to a strong belief system. Too many people have totally bought into the highly destructive self critical polemic of the news, entertainment industry, and education system. It’s too late to reverse this, so it all needs to collapse.

        • I haven’t smoked pot for years, but used to enjoy it; it’s arguably less harmful (to oneself and others) than alcohol.

          Of course, there are side effects; short term memory loss, paranoia, and… erm… oh yes, short term memory loss.

    • That photograph horrifies me.

      Where are the white males? Is this an example of a determined effort on the part of those who govern Europe to mongrelise us out of existence, to reduce the collective IQ of our continent to the same level as that of Africa so that we will more easily submit to the draconian rule of the self-anointed masters of the New World Order?

      There will be blood, because there will have to be, or we will cease to exist.

      Time is running very short.

      • I hear you, my friend.

        I’ve been checking out a couple of UK locations for the Easter holidays. I came across some tourist sites with info on the Malvern Hills. We’ve been in many places in the UK, but not yet there. (Cotswolds neither). As I looked at the map, I noticed that Birmingham is but a mere 50 kloms or so north of the Malvern Hills. And I was thinking about islands of countryside where everything still looks more or less normal while the cities turn into foreign territory.

        It’s all sad, it’s terribly sad. I am absolutely certain that the EU elites envisage just such a policy of population replacement to counter the depopulation. It doesn’t occur to them that maybe people ought to be encouraged to have more children again (instead of the paltry 1.3 or so in my native Belgium).

        But a policy like that, of course, would run contrary to all their efforts of the past decades to have LESS children, to break up traditional marriage and families. It would run contrary to their enthusiastic promotion of all kinds of lifestyles where all kinds of kinky sex are OK, as long as it’s not the kind of sex that might actually lead to offspring. It would run contrary to feminist’s ‘official’ policy to denounce the ‘condition’ (for want of a better word) of MOTHERHOOD, which seems to have become something undesirable (at least for autochton women).

        And because of all that, encourage the locals to crank up the population by their own efforts is VERBOTEN. Ergo, the gaps have to be filled by others. As a bonus, their cultures are superior to ours, and if we are reduced to second rank citizens well that’s just atonement for our horrible sins of the past and present (colonization, raaaaacism, white chauvinism)…

        • Mike, despite their proximity to Islambad West the Malverns are virtually unenriched, quite rural Middle England with some some lovely little towns and villages up on the high ground, although I can’t guarantee the weather for this is England :-).

          I shoot there every so often and whilst not so for the last two seasons I can’t imagine them being infested in that short time but I will call some friends and check that out for you and let you know via the Baron if anything has deteriorated.

          As for the Cotswolds they are much closer to me and I travel through them often. They are both far more ‘twee’ and gentrified than the Malverns, with many large private estates and lots of expensive properties established and occupied by luvies and slebs mostly up from Londonistan at weekends (white flight). Prices of everything are sky high as many partss of it also tend to be tourist traps. They do have an excellent book festival every summer, or did have until it was predominantly ‘politically corrected’, and again all prices are horrendous.

          If you do make it over this side let me know through the Baron and I will see if I can arrange for us to meet up for a pint or two. S III

          • Seneca III, allright. We’ll probably head your way around Easter.

            Baron, Dymphna, can you get us in touch please? I mailed before, but the mail got ‘lost in the post’ perhaps?

            Seneca, I can’t decide what my favorite spot is along the A82. The village of Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond, the unimposing majesty of bleak Rannoch Moor and the sight of Buachaille Etive Mor, or Fort William itself. So you are half Irish? Man, we spent until now a glorious three holidays in Eire, first in Kerry (climbed Carauntoohil), then in the Wicklow Mts (where I did Lugnaquilla), and lastly on Achill Island. Marvellous! I climbed Croagh Patrick on that last occasion. The weather was perfect, from the top I had a glorious view of the Bay of Clew with its many green islets. Ha! Fond memories!

        • Scotland is still lovely…if you leave out Glasgow. And all of Ireland is still Christian and traditional. Well worth a trip.. the rest: sorry but it is gone. Well the Western part. Krakov is still the way it was. And Prague still welcomes tourists. Dont write all of it off, just yet

          • No, all of Ireland is not still Christian, and they’ll tell you how glad they are to be rid of that yoke. Much of it is now loudly atheist and culturally enriched. They were among the first to install Middle Eastern plumbing into public places like hospitals.

          • middle eastern plumbing??
            Somehow that was left out of my formal education, so I’m clueless; oh well, some things a better left a mystery.
            Ireland voted in gay marriage years ago, and all the Catholics jumped for joy.

          • Indeed, Ethel, Scotland is. Pass through Glasgow and head north on the A82 along the shores pf Loch Lomond grabbing a wonderful locally sourced seafood lunch on the way before hanging a left at Tarbet onto the A83 and the continuing south to Loch Gilphead.

            There you must turn and head north again, up through Kilmartin, stopping at the pub there for another bite if you have the time and if you do, do not fail to visit the small museum directly across the road – it is a gem.

            Beyond there, about 30 miles, lies the Port of Oban – find time to stand with your back to the sea and look at the architecture on the ridge ahead of you if you can; then if you have the journey time and the stamina, carefully cross the one-way bridge at Connel and head north for Fort William – and on that road you will be coming towards the end of a journey through some of the most striking countryside in the UK – not, of course, discounting the far shorter journey from Inverness to Ullapool.

            And, in case you’re wondering, I am not a Scot but, yes, I do have Celtic blood in me being half Irish and half English. That blood runs deep and wide and this is why I have such an abiding love for this my Island home in all of its manifest incarnations.

        • Let me recommend the Muir of Ord near Inverness ,you can be sure of a warm Highland welcome .

  2. The fundamental difference is that in Western Culture it is a
    qualifies no one to be praised, whereas a murder for presumed honor
    family of a cazaque that makes him a hero for the community … cazaque.
    Import third world people and get their values.

  3. It was obviously just a young (balding) scientist, a surgeon trying to practice his profession, but the racist xenophobic white supremacist patient resisted! I expect from the German government to declare, every local natives must allow to serve as objects of scientific curiousity or they go to prison.

  4. @Gretel: you last sentence is accurate but all the text before it has nothing to do with it. And who has ever claimed that any German or West European is an “angel”?

    Because serial killers are quite rare whereas the male honour codes of West Asian shame societies such as killed Leon at the age of 14 in Lünen are uniform or widespread in those countries.

    Leon did not die from a misunderstanding but from the same sort of mentality that we had up to ca. 500 years ago, which survives in US urban gangs and which eventually led to the death of Mercutio and Tybalt in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet: the sword fight started when the servants of the one Verona family felt slighted in their male honour by the thumb-biting of the other servants.

    Note all involved in Verona were carrying edged weapons in the city precinct, as do male welfare migrants in Germany.

    Given the utterly different histories of the countries in which they grew up, the welfare-shoppers have not delegated their personal violence to any State (police, army), in German: staatliches Gewaltmonopol.

    Which leads to the truth of your last sentence.

    • different codes of honor= misunderstandings between different people/cultures same thing.

      Re angels– If you go on some German populist blogs like I do daily, it won’t take too long to get the feeling, any and every new crime is committed by a non white. They never admit their own people are regularly raping, abusing, killing etc. When they go onto these blogs, they are in a fantasy bubble.

      • Germans are less violent than Muslim African and Middle Eastern men.

        That is a fact.

        My father and my grandfather fought in World War 2 and World War 1 respectively, against the Germans.I am not German and I have no reason to be prejudiced in their favor.If anything quite the reverse.

        But I do not believe that all cultures are equal because, as the grateful recipient of a truly sound education, I am capable of logic, critical thought, and analysis of the relevant statistics.

        The only possible conclusion (unless one is willfully blind and hellbent on virtue signaling) is that German men are kinder, less violent and more civilized than the savage aliens you are so anxious to equate with them. Don’t tar German men with the same brush as the hostile invading adherents of a hostile misogynistic, backward, barbaric totalitarian cult masquerading as a religion.

        It is grossly unfair.

        • To this I would only add, that the german pilot who crashed the plane from Barcelona to Köln by purpose, was a jihadist who frequently visited a mosque in Hannover (where are more mosques nowadays than churches, as in most western-European towns. He ‘missed’ a nuclear plant – his mass suicide target – by the way on 900 metres. Of course the media kept these proven facts secret.

        • I never said all cultures are equal. You obviously don’t know much about me, maybe you are new here. Yes whites in general commit less crimes than certain minorities, but whites also commit very violent crimes, Germans included.

  5. I count four, five at the most, ‘Biodeutsche’ in that photo. Amazing! It’s not as bad as I thought. Clearly, that photo has not been taken in Antwerp!

    • No. Antwerp is hell on Earth for Jews. They are leaving in droves. Belgistan will be the first European country to submit wholesale.

      • Brussels is worse. I live in Brussels and see no Jews, but the moment I walked out of the train station in Antwerp on a day visit I saw several Hasidic Jewish mothers with two or three kids each. The little boys had the long curls on the sides of their head and wore their yamakas, this is something I have never seen in my six years of living in Brussels.

        I have to agree, Belgium is a dump. But I’d MUCH rather live in Antwerp than here in Brussels; Antwerp is far more attractive and peaceful city than Brussels.

        P.S. The Jewish children’s school down the street from my apartment has two soldiers with machine-guns there to guard the Jewish kids from our own local, home-grown, Moroccan-Belgians. These soldiers replaced the two cops with pistols that used to be there for the school children’s protection. The switch to soldiers happened after a French-Moroccan murdered four Jews at the Brussels Jewish Museum a few weeks after he returned from his ISIS jihad holiday in Syria. The Belgian government felt the school’s security needed beefing up.

  6. “Note: The photo at the top of this post shows a group shot taken at the Käthe Kollwitz School. There’s no indication that either the perpetrator or the victim is one of the people in the picture.”

    At least be honest enough to also mention, that it is a photo of a theatre group from Nairobi, Kenya, that visited the school to perform a play. But sure, this wouldn’t “proof” the point, that everybody ist trying to make here.

    Greetings from a happy German with a lot of nice neighbours from all around the world.

    • Actually, I didn’t know that fact. So I couldn’t be “honest enough” to include it.

      All I had was a link to the photo, which had the name of the school and nothing else.

      I thank you for making that information available to us.

    • @Alex:

      you insinuate that an incorrect photo caption (what about the girl in the hijab at far right, by the way?) disproves (“proof” does not mean in English what you think it means, alles klar? vgl. bitte prüfen/prove) ” a point that everybody is trying to make”.

      And you write you are a happy German (one who threatens and bashes AfD people, maybe, and spits hate against PEGIDA, such as I have witnessed?) with a lot of nice neighbours from around the world.

      Yes,one can be lucky, it is true, for a while, in one’s neighbours. Further, they will typically be long-established foreigners in Germany and not new arrivals of one language and ideology AKA “religion” only.

      But possibly you hate and despise low-income Germans (Versager, Verlierer, Asoziale) as well, and so see yourself as a liberal cosmopolitan ?

      Because on the one hand there is rising assault and battery and other violence against identifiable Whites on German streets (consult official police statistics).

      On the other there are 5 reasons why precisely low-income people are terribly and badly affected by your Virtuous Cosmo Goodness in the interests of maximizing, via illegal Open Borders since 4.09.2015, the number of fiat currency, Black and Arab, mortgage and consumer credit debt slaves for German banks:

      1. crowded and dangerous public transport 2. lower education level due to remedial teaching needs in public schools. 3. increased competition for increasingly dirty and unhygienic public housing 4. increased demand for public medical care. 5. low-wage job sector.

      But as people who write like you, Alex, are incapable of seeing any type of Big Picture – did your ancestors have a nice quiet World War Two as well? – I might hope that you will one day prove the old saying “a conservative is a liberal who got mugged” .

      However, as even the fathers of the 2 murdered women in Freiburg and Kandel, Maria and Mia, are still “pro-refugee” (sic) I am not holding my breath.

      • “as even the fathers of the 2 murdered women in Freiburg and Kandel, Maria and Mia, are still “pro-refugee” (sic) I am not holding my breath.”

        Please tell me that’s not true.

  7. “The perpetrator is a 15-year-old boy, born in Germany, but with Kazakh and German nationality.”
    Did I miss something here? “Kazakh” – as in Kazakhstan? According to my World map that would indicate someone who looked more like Attila, or Genghis than Muhammed, or Kunta Kinte. Although surely there is some Islamic infiltration into Kazakhstan, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that it is not out of the ordinary for someone with family roots from there to carry a knife, or to act in a rather “barbarian” manner – regardless of where he was born, and raised – or his religion.
    Perhaps you might start another “Mohammed factor” category for individuals who may be offended by the stereotyping associated with those from the non-islam infested areas of the World which Europeans so fervently demand must be termed as “Asian” ?(ie. Oriental, Indian, Mid-Eastern, Persian, Eskimo, Mongol, etc.) I’m not knocking here, I just hate when “people” are stereotyped because of their heritage; particularly when it is done incorrectly.

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