Pat Condell: A Brief Message to Third-World Predatory Scum

The latest video by Pat Condell is a hard-hitting message aimed at all the criminals and rapists who are now invading Europe disguised as “refugees”.

There’s no point in my embedding the YouTube version, however, because — surprise! — the video has been consigned to “YouTube Jail”: you can’t embed it, you can’t see the number of views, and it won’t be suggested on any YouTube sidebars. All you can do is pass the link around, which is here. But even that isn’t much use, since this clip is completely blocked in a number of countries, including Germany.

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this blatant YouTube suppression: Vlad Tepes has uploaded the video to BitChute, in which location it is quite embeddable:

YouTube’s heavy-handed squelching shows the truth of what Mr. Condell says in the last part of this video: Ordinary citizens in Europe are waking up to what’s been done to them. That’s why Google and Facebook and Twitter and European governments are doing their best to silence, suppress, intimidate, and censor their own citizens. But it won’t work — multiple samizdat channels in the alternate media are spreading information faster than the Powers That Be can squash it.

And there will be a reckoning.

35 thoughts on “Pat Condell: A Brief Message to Third-World Predatory Scum

  1. Pat, you’re a treasure. Thanks.

    Going out to you,
    ~ Happy Hanukkah,
    ~ Happy Festivus,
    ~ please understand that the following is sent to you as a sign of friendship and appreciation, and not as a means of attacking your choices of how to deal with the purpose of life, Merry Christmas,

  2. Speaking of “primitive throwbacks”, I have just watched the video of the large African (naked except for a clean pair of white Y-fronts – courtesy of the German taxpayer) punch a 73-year-old women in the face and, when floored, proceed to kick her violently in the head. All of this in broad daylight on a street somewhere in Germany.
    ….. and still they prattle on with their “Welcome Refugees”!!
    Surely the time must be rapidly approaching when those responsible are made to pay the piper, by brutal force!

  3. It is important you use Pat’s original title. It means that ‘hate speech” extends to condemning criminals. ” a word to the criminal migrant”.

    • You’re right. One of Mr Condell’s rules for sharing is to use his original title.

      I’ll let the Baron know when he gets back home. [He went to town to get organic chicken feet so I can make broth]

      • Using the original title applies to copies of the video itself. I always make up a different title for the post, for variety’s sake.

  4. Baron-

    You might also try a site called “Hooktube,” which I believe could be another tool for skipping out on YouTube jail.

  5. Actually, this video does not seem to be “newest”: Pat’s video of 10m 04s was uploaded to Youtube on 23.11.2016 according to Youtube in my country, so it is a year old.

    I checked the first few seconds of his spoken texts, they seem identical.

    Nor does Pat’s own website contain any new video of the last few days, the most recent being a couple of weeks old.

    NB: for some decades, the general murder rate in W. Europe was 1/100,000 but in the USA 5/100,000. So it could well be that the plan is to abrade EU citizens’ trust in their nations’ security forces so badly that they will be relieved to welcome a new superstate when the EU rate is like that of S Africa, for example: around 35/100,000.

    Because there is a German politician, ex finance minister Schäuble, who calls in effect for a united states of Europe ie abolition of nation states and told Greek finance minister Varoufakis in the Greece debt negotiations that (anti-austerity) democratic election results cannot be allowed to affect economic policy.

    Now this same fellow has also said in effect since 4.9.2015 that if white Indigenous EU citizens (not his precise words, of course) breed only among themselves, it is incest.

    The “Green” politician Cohn-Bendit also happily predicted 1/3 miscegenation in Germany in his official speech in Paulskirche in Frankfurt on German national day 3 October in a recent year.

    It occurs therefore that the import of criminal country shoppers is (also) aimed at creating chaos to which politicians, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Woolworths, Aldi and various residential construction firms, not to mention the ex-Christian churches and the asylum industry have the answer: the high-tech surveillance US of E.


        if you select DE for German, as the site also has English and French, and type in Paulskirche in the search box, up comes a video of the speech on which you can right-click and save as MP4. It is 828 MB.

        He, who allegedly retired as a politician in 2014, perpetrated it in October 2016.

        US readers may consider that inviting him to speak on the German national holiday in the location where German parliamentary democracy had/has its shrine (the 1848 revolution) is like the relevant branch of US government inviting Linda Sarsour, or maybe Jill Stein, to speak to Congress on 4 July, perhaps.

        I quote the allegation of his predicted 1/3 intermarriage German/EU women with Africa, West Asia etc. (adjusted I suppose for pack rape and so on) from memory: I don’t feel like trawling the video just now, I recently took a shower, you see.

        If you select English and type in Paulskirche you get no hits.

        His site has no Speech transcripts section.

        The blog of the courageous German harbi and non-dhimmi Michael Mannheimer attacks/discusses Cohn Bendit’s effluent on 5.10.2016. There are 63 comments there.

        • Good Lord. Thanks for posting this. I hadnt heard of this one. What a vile piece that man is.

        • Vielen Dank, reconquista. I will digest this later. The effort is really appreciated, because these monsters are flying under the radar outside Germany.


        The above local Frankfurt press report of Cohn Bendits speech on 4.10.2016 says in the penultimate para that Cohn Bendit hopes for more youth exchange programs in the EU to spread the European idea, as 1/3 to 1/2 of those youths will fall in love in the other EU country with a partner “with roots in other countries”.

        Now if this report is accurate, its meaning turns on what he means by “andere Länder”, other countries.

        But he then adds: “in this way, a new European population will arise,” so it is clear what sort of jungle fever he is after.

        Note his effete, effeminately indulgent Green rhetoric bar of any mention of marriage or long-term partnership, merely what amounts to the conception of various flavours of Afro-German, Arabo-Dutch, etc.

        So youth exchange programs are there to promote youth sex in his view, although historically such sex has never needed EU taxpayer funds in youth exchange programs for its furtherance.

        If the figure 1/3 to 1/2 is accurate one might expect such intermarriage at that rate to be occurring already between ethnic French and Germans on youth exchange, for example: but is it?

        Mit einem verstärkten Jugendaustausch könne die europäische Idee weiter verbreitet werden, lautet eine Idee des einstigen „roten Dany“. Ein Drittel bis die Hälfte der jungen Menschen werde sich im Austauschland in einen Partner mit Wurzeln aus anderen Ländern verlieben, so seine Prognose. Auf diese Weise entstehe eine „neue europäische Bevölkerung“.

        • Well, having participated in Erasmus student exchange program in Germany over a decade ago, I can attest to the fact that its purpose did not seem to be to study, or learn German. For most students, the year on Erasmus did not even count towards their final degree result. Only for me, and another student from an elite British university, did the grades count, so we needed to put the work in to get better grades.

          However as I recall about Cohn-Bendit, in the 80s he was a big fan of legalising paedophilia, having himself indulged in relationships with children. So not surprised to see that he also extends his sexual perversions to other spheres.

        • Btw, from my experience of Erasmus, the Finns tended to stick with Finns, Spanish with Spanish etc so not sure his dreams are realised by such programs – although since then perhaps things have changed, as the Cohn-Bendits of this world are taking over more and more institutions. You never know what new crazy ideas they may have up their sleeve.

    • It’s not new, what’s new is that YT – after one million views and 300.000 likes – decided to goolag it.

      Quote from his profile on Minds (

      “My video ‘A Word To The Criminal Migrant’ had a million hits, 300000 likes, and was translated into 19 languages before being restricted by YouTube’s political censors. Please spread it around.”

  6. I note that Condell, erudite as he is, has abrogated comedy. There’s simply no way to satirize the current crop of politicians and milquetoast European citizens. Straight news is self-satirizing, should news ever actually get reported.

    My own view is that Condell is being overly optimistic, first as to the capability of the European native to rise up, even using the vote. Second, is the possibility of solving the situation through the use of law. At the very least, the procedural guarantees associated with government derived from enlightenment philosophy will have to be effectively eliminated. Those rulers in Muslim countries who manage to suppress the natural Muslim inclination to violence are quite aware of the limitations of limited government and due process.

    Finally, I”m sad that the convenience and stimulation of the YouTube videos are going the way of the dodos and the convenience of flying on a plane without getting fluoroscoped or patted down. I believe that YouTube’s owner, Google, once had the project of digitizing and storing the world’s knowledge. Now, knowledge is subservient to the approval of sociopath politicians and the game of roping in ever more money.

    I have one further observation. Reading Spengler’s Decline of the West, I have come to a greater appreciation of the differences between cultures and the fact that what we consider obvious, might be anathema to another culture. So, the Muslim cultures like Pakistan or the Sub-Saharan culture, such as it is, might be perfectly self-sufficient. The problem is mixing them. We would not be, nor should we be, concerned with the habits of the Pakistani Muslims nor the sub-Saharan blacks, as long as they are in, respectively, Pakistan and the sub-Sahara.

    • @Ronald B:

      I would like to call out the phrase “natural Muslim inclination to violence”.

      SWJs are conspicuous on this blog by their absence, but given their farcical inflation of the word “racism” these last 30 years, I think it tactically unwise on the Poitiers-Lepanto-Vienna axis to hand them a genuine racist statement for them to fret about.

      After all, your sentence implies Nature not Nurture.

      Now it is true that e.g at Unz Review there are learned behavioral genetics debates on race-based differences in behaviour.

      But Islam is an ideology not a race.

      So whatever genes may drive (or not) e.g. the impulsive violence of urban US blacks, an important topic for Unz Review, it seems to me unlikely that violence from Morocco to Indonesia has a racial base.

      Instead, I refer you to “A History of Murder: Personal Violence in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present” by Pieter Spierenburg.

      Because some time series of court trial records from as long as 600 or 700 years ago show it took us White Indigenous 500 years to come down to the current 1-2/1000,000 from murder rates driven by extended family blood feuds, think Romeo and Juliet, and other factors.

      Those rates exceeded the current S African rate of ca. 35/100,000.

      The forensic psychologist Nicolai Sennels was interviewed in Frontpage Mag on the topic of Muslim felons. He does not mention any genetic base for their behaviour:
      Among Criminal Muslims
      May 5, 2010 by Jamie Glazov

      • Sennels is a rather poor source for calling me out on speaking of the “natural inclination of Muslims to violence”. Sennels cites chapter and verse of the Koranic teachings and the upbringing of Muslim children to show why Muslim children are violent, criminal and alien to Western society.

        I did use some hyperbole to imply there was a genetic (natural) basis to Muslim behavior, for which I have no justification. We do know the very high interbreeding among Muslims, which is associated with, again, low intelligence, low impulse control and, again, strong tendency to violence.

        But, of course, as Robert Spencer continually emphasizes, Islam is not a race. The many Koranic and Islamic law citations by Spencer, Coughlin and other experts on Islamic law who were purged from security briefings show very persuasively that anyone taking Islamic teachings seriously is at a risk for either violent actions, or knowingly supporting violent actions.

        So, in practical terms, speaking of the “natural inclination of Muslims to violence” will not lead to incorrect policy, although it might lead to incorrect genetics.

        As far as being labeled a racist by left-wingers using selective quotes, that ship has done left the dock. Trump is routinely labeled a racist, with no quotes involved whatsoever. I’m sure you’ve tried to explain the concept of differential intelligence to leftists. What is the result? Screaming, yelling, misinterpretation of what you said. What are you going to say to leftists when explaining the genetics of intelligence and behavior that will not set them off screaming? Nothing.

        Might as well stop looking over your shoulder, and speak on the basis of the truth you see, rather than worrying about the public relations that you’re not going to affect anyway.

        What I do watch very carefully in what I say, though, is any possible allusion to illegal violence. I believe gratuitous violence outside of the law is not only immoral and illegal, but counter-productive.

      • “But Islam is an ideology not a race.” Islam is an ideology spawned by a race – it is an expression of the Muslim soul.

    • I suppose that every culture, in its “natural habitat” reaches an equilibrium of some sort. In many cases, it is a poor, wretched, vicious and unfair equilibrium, but it is an equilibrium nevertheless.

      When you start to mix incompatible cultures in numbers greater than the ability to assimilate, you end up with the equilibrium broken, and a new one forming (eventually). That’s what’s going on in Europe now, and the end result will likely be worse than the current state of affairs in Europe. I suspect that it may well be worse than in many “source countries”, as well. Why? Because the factors that limit things *there* aren’t present in Europe. An example would be the heavy hand of the Moroccan state towards Islamists that threaten the state order.

  7. My comment did not appear on my first attempt and I forgot to attribute it to myself anyway, so I will risk repeating myself.

    If I recall correctly when Pat Condell began to depart from simply being a humorist and began making political commentary he was a liberal multiculturalist throwing out the racist label at those who disagreed and even spending some energy to throw the like of Pamela Geller under the bus for her views. Am I misrembering this?

    This was several years ago and as Condell himself states, Europeans are waking up. He certainly has and he has become one of my favorite commentators in the counter jihad. I hope his commentary is enough to sway many who are still benighted.

    • Pat Condell started out being an evangelising atheist. Along the way he has realised that while he may still hate most religions, he has good cause to hate one more than most of the others.

      I know that it is not fashionable in PC circles to allow someone to change their mind in the face of evidence. I think that here we have a more mature view.

      PS Pat’s Word to the Criminal Migrant is also blocked in the UK

      • Indeed, that was Pat Condell’s path to enlightenment. And we at GoV do have a more mature view.

  8. WOW!!! Thanks for the BEST commentary about the immigration problems in Europe I have ever heard!!Keep it up!!

  9. And thank you Vlad for ensuring the heavy jackboot of censorship, slips a little on the ice of freedom.
    A very Happy Christmas to you all.

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