Nicolaus Fest on the Issue of Jerusalem

Nicolaus Fest is a journalist and a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following clip, Mr. Fest discusses the issue of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the reaction of the decision by President Trump to do so.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good Day ! What was this week’s topic?
00:04   Domestically: the SPD (Socialist Party) plays with itself.
00:08   It sells denial of reality as a government concept.
00:12   In front of all Christmas markets “Merkel Legos”, sexual assaults
00:16   every day, mass brawls, rioting. In short:
00:20   a total loss of public safety. But the SPD thinks
00:24   that “Citizens’ Insurance” is the big issue.
00:28   How blind can you be? At the moment the SPD is not even
00:33   capable of opposition, let alone participation in government.
00:37   Politics is conducted elsewhere, for example in Washington.
00:41   President Trump has recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
00:45   I regard some things Trump does critically, but this
00:49   decision is correct. The two-state solution was always a
00:53   joke. One lied to oneself and each other, because
00:57   the Palestinians have never accepted the two-state solution.
01:01   Hamas, which rules in the Gaza strip, wants
01:06   to kill all Jews worldwide, according to their founding manifesto. Al Fatah,
01:10   which has been successfully ruining the West Bank for years, sees it similarly.
01:14   So here then you have two organisations
01:18   that both deny not only the right of Israel to exist, but of all Jews in general.
01:22   And with those organisations Israel should talk about a
01:26   two-state solution? Amazingly, Israel
01:30   has done so for decades. But again and again, the Palestinians
01:34   have broken the peace. And they never distanced themselves from
01:38   their plan to destroy Israel. Therefore
01:43   the Palestinian authorities pay pensions to the widows of suicide bombers,
01:47   and therefore they name schools and kindergartens after terrorist
01:51   killers. Fifty years of stubbornness, treachery,
01:55   intifada, kidnappings, bomb attacks,
01:59   daily rocket fire. The simple truth has always been that
02:03   if the Palestinians lay down their arms, peace will prevail,
02:07   but if the Israelis do that, they will be exterminated.
02:11   So, Trump does what has long been overdue:
02:16   he names the reality, he recognises it.
02:20   Trump speaks out loud what Merkel, Juncker, Macron
02:24   etc. are in their cowardice avoiding to say: With people who want to destroy you,
02:28   you cannot make peace.
02:32   Now the Left, including Mrs. Merkel, are outraged.
02:36   because Trump wipes out their “one-world-we-all-love-each-other” ideology,
02:40   because he stops the drivel about
02:44   peaceful coexistence. Trump takes seriously
02:48   what the Koran proclaims: That there can be no peace
02:52   with “infidels”, that is, with Christians, Jews, Buddhists.
02:57   If that is so, you don’t have to find a two-state-solution
03:01   because the enemy remains the enemy.
03:05   Trump sees clearly, Europe does not. Instead of
03:09   fighting Islam, it opens the doors to it and creates
03:13   a two-state solution in its own countries: with Muslim
03:17   no-go areas, with lawless, almost autonomous “special”
03:21   areas such as Molenbeek, Neukoelln (Berlin), Duisburg-Marxloh.
03:26   High time to end this nonsense
03:30   and to acknowledge the realities here as well.
03:34   With the AfD there is now a party that is finally doing just that.
03:38   Therefore, be in good spirits. Trump
03:42   shows us: if the political will is there,
03:46   you can change everything!

5 thoughts on “Nicolaus Fest on the Issue of Jerusalem

  1. It’s funny isn’t it: once people start to see the reality of Islam in the West, eg the late Orianna Falacci, they inevitably turn and look at the Middle East and begin to realize that Israel is not the evil usurper of the lands of the poor “Palestinians” as they once believed, but simply the victim of unquenchable Islamic aggression defending itself. Just as the AfD fellow grasped, they understand if the “Palestinians” put down their guns, there would be peace and if Israel put down its guns, the Israelis would be exterminated. Then they take the next step and come to appreciate: if Jerusalem falls to Islam it will be merely the first domino.

    It is in every European’s, American’s and other Western countries’ interests that Israel remains a strong, resilient, outpost of Western civilization, yet the media and the academy for the past half-century (yup, since 1967) have been successfully brainwashing them in the opposite direction. One can be personally indifferent or even hostile towards Jews, however wrong-headed that may be, but still grasp the significance of why Israel has to be supported.

  2. Respectfully disagree with some of this.

    The west is creating a one state solution that is inclusive of migrants and Islam, which actually looks two state at ground level in certain ways for now, including migrant privilege.

    Israeli two state solution is ultimately a segregation of Arab and Israeli control. That would mean ejection of Arabs. A one state solution means being outnumbered eventually by Arabs inside that state. If Arabs are ejected, and a single defined Israeli state is declared, even incorporating all occupied territory, it will still be a two state solution – Israel predominantly for Jewish Israelis, surrounding countries for the virtual Palestine/Arab state . Two states, with only whatever legitimacy of recognition can be found to define each.

    I dont see a wider solution there, maybe I am pessimistic, or maybe history has taught me realism on this topic…who is to say… not me obviously, I only comment on my observation.

  3. I don’t know if there’s going to be a post forthcoming about the UN resolution regarding Jerusalem, but if not, I need to ask something here as being the most relevant existing post.

    I haven’t seen the text of this Security Council resolution except one small piece that supposedly comes from it, to the effect that any decision that “purports to alter the status or demographic composition of Jerusalem” is without legal force, something like that. I wish one of my regular news sites would tell us the exact text in full. Given this reading, I don’t see that we had anything actually to worry about from the resolution as written, since Trump’s decision to move the embassy specifically did not alter the status of Jerusalem – quite the contrary, it simply acknowledged its already existing status as the capital of Israel.

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