Fjordman: One Week in Sweden

Fjordman’s latest essay has been published by the Gatestone Institute. Below are some excerpts:

One Week in Sweden

by Fjordman

On October 18, a police station in the southern city of Helsingborg was hit by an explosion. No one was injured, but a large part of the building, as well as the windows on the building opposite, were damaged by the blast. “This is very serious. An attack on the police is not just an attack against society, but on everyone’s safety,” said Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson.

On October 28, in the middle of the night, someone fired roughly 20 bullets into the private home of a police officer in Västerås. The policeman and his family were asleep at the time. The shots went straight through the house and into the neighbor’s house. According to the regional police chief Carin Götblad, only luck prevented anyone from being hit.

Despite many such incidents, Johanna Skinnari, a researcher at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, claims that it is not possible to determine whether or not attacks on the police are becoming more common. She did add, however, that “ordinary threats and harassment” are on the rise. Her research, she explained, found that these attacks tend to reinforce the “intimidation capital” of the perpetrators, “to show they’re tough and not afraid of the police.”

A Swedish policewoman described how criminals have published photographs of her, her husband and her 2-year-old son, whom they threatened to murder. She said that similar stories about police officers in Sweden are now common. Some policemen have begun checking for bombs under their cars before starting them. As one violent criminal told the Swedish police: “You are no longer hunting us. We are hunting you. We will hunt you and your families.”

Swedes pay some of the world’s highest taxes. Despite this burden, parts of the country suffer from a chronic lack of police resources. Many crimes go unsolved. Witnesses are sometimes afraid of talking to the police. At other times, the police lack the capacity to investigate even serious crimes such as murder or rape.

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12 thoughts on “Fjordman: One Week in Sweden

  1. Ah yes, Diversity is our Strength. Except it isn’t. I keep hoping to hear stories of everyday, normal, REAL Swedes storming government offices with rifles and bayonets-but it is all dreaming. This nightmare called Cultural Enrichment will continue until civil war starts.

    • I think the story of Lot offering his daughters is closer to the reaction that native Swedes will give when confronted by hordes of barbaric Africans demanding liberties.

  2. All the Viking ancestors in Walhalla are spitting back their drink, seeing how their descendants are squandered their heritage!

  3. In any normal country Dan eliasson would have been fired years ago. Shootings. Hand grenades , and blowing up police stations are now as common as the daily carbeque!!
    I can only hope he retires at 65 and doesn’t work onto 70 years of age!!
    He will probably only be replace by a feminist who know everything.

  4. This is all just insanity. If Sweden does not take a serious look at its internal security, then the whole damn nation is going to slide into chaos.

  5. Off the cuff, how many ethnic Swedes do you think there are? I would have guessed thirty or forty million. There are only ten million. A third of these are not ethnically Swedish. It is SO too late.

  6. Erl- Too late. They are already there.

    No-go zones – wholes neighborhoods and soon cities.

    Carbeques. Now threatening the the police?

    Previews of coming attractions, America.

  7. The West does not understand one thing clearly yet: when it comes to gangster methods, NO ONE can beat Islam. Islam’s foundation was through gangster methods. Intimidation, threats, violence, creating terror—these are Islam’s calling cards.

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