“This is Africa. You know it’s Africa here, right?”

This is a harsh video, but it’s from a harsh place: Tor Pignattara, one of the most culturally enriched districts of Rome. In it you’ll hear Muslim migrants speak freely about their agreement with the Jihad, and you’ll hear ordinary Italians speak their frank opinions about those migrants — and their own treacherous political leaders.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   We’re in Tor Pignattara, one of the Roman districts with the highest Muslim presence.
00:08   Coexisting is very hard here.
00:14   Every Friday, this happens here…
00:20   They sit on their a** to pray; what the f*** do I know? I can’t enter my office
00:24   I have an office here at no. 70A and they won’t let me go in.
00:27   Because they pray on the streets?
00:30   I have to wait for them to pray first!
00:33   Try going to their countries with a cross; they’ll stick it up your a**!
00:37   All the shops are owned by Muslims by now.
00:41   What do you think about living near these people?
00:44   This is Africa. You know it’s Africa here, right?
00:49   Unfortunately, we have it bad.
00:52   What are the major issues you face? We have to kill all these niggers.
00:57   This seems a little too harsh…
01:00   Harsh? No, it’s weak. Can’t you see?
01:04   They’re cutting everyone’s throat, so we’ll do the same to them.
01:08   I am racist. A true racist. I loathe them.
01:12   I hate all of them because they’re wiping us out.
01:16   Do you think there are extremist cells here?
01:19   There could very well be. There have been. —You think so?
01:22   Without a doubt.
01:26   We’re scared, you know?
01:29   It’s unlivable. You can’t go out in the evening anymore. In just a while, I’ll be going home.
01:34   They need to leave! Do you not understand? They need to leave!
01:40   We’re the servants. —And they’re the masters? —Yes, of everything.
01:44   We’re full of mosques here, don’t you guys realize it?
01:49   “Cultural centers”, they say…but who’s staying inside those, huh?
01:56   There are quite a few of those here, right? —Yes, yes.
01:59   If they touch me or my family, I’ll do justice myself.
02:03   We’re not protected by anyone, anyway.
02:06   With our camera in full view, all Muslims condemn the terrorist attack.
02:10   What do you think of what happened in France? —It was a bad thing.
02:14   Have you seen what happened in France? —Yes. —Thoughts? —It’s not good.
02:22   But if we question them with a hidden camera…
02:25   What do you guys think of what happened in France? —No, no, no…
02:30   We can’t say anything. —Just a thought on whether it’s right or wrong?
02:36   —I don’t give a damn about it.
02:40   Do you consider the people who blew themselves up “martyrs”?
02:43   Dying for Allah, is it the right thing to do? —Dying for that is right, yes.
02:51   No, no, it’s anonymous, nameless. —Nah…
02:54   Who created ISIS? If someone assaults your mom, what do you do?
02:58   Slowly but surely, rage grows bigger inside of you.
03:05   Hatred has stayed with you guys because you’ve been attacked by the West?
03:09   For sure! —Do you understand ISIS? —Yeah, yeah they’re doing evil…
03:14   but I ask: who created them? —So you’re saying ISIS is the consequence of the West’s policies?
03:23   Surely! If you kill me today, you’ve already put your own death in your hand.
03:29   So if I kill you I’m already dead? —It’s for certain!
03:35   Those who rent homes to these migrants complain about them…
03:41   But they gave them the house under the counter.
03:46   “Ali Md. Liakat, Tarachieri, Khan Fuad Ali, Ali Mohammad…
03:57   Two…three…four…
04:01   There are another two rooms there —And three there?
04:04   Three spaces there that fit another two.
04:07   So 3 + 2 = 5, right? Plus 2 = 7…
04:11   And how do you get to 12? —I’ll show you.
04:16   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…
04:30   Go inside; go inside this building. —Here? —Yes, knock.
04:36   Hello, can I interview you? Can I? No?
04:43   What’s inside? What’s inside here?
04:47   200 live in there.
04:50   I just knocked…can get in?
04:56   Can we see how many of you there are? Just for one second —No, no, go away.
05:01   They’re all baboons.
05:04   Could it be some kind of illegal mosque? —Yes, yes.
05:09   They’re all refugees up in there, no one has documents, they’re occupying illegally.
05:16   Is it a hundred people? —200! —200 in how many square meters?
05:19   Phew, they sleep one on top of the other.
05:22   There’s no one checking them out? They could be whoever, we don’t know.
05:28   There are no inspections.
05:31   And if coexisting here was already difficult, now there’s a risk it may become impossible.
05:37   How do we solve this? —Get guns like they do and start eliminating the ones you need to.
05:41   So you’re basically saying we need to create an Italian ISIS? —Yes, I think so.
05:45   Have you seen those who blow themselves up? —Yes. —What do you think?
05:48   It’s not right that Muslims get mocked. —Are they martyrs?
05:54   —Yes. —But they also end up killing others in the process. —If it’s for Allah, it’s all right.
05:57   —If it’s for Allah, it’s all right…

19 thoughts on ““This is Africa. You know it’s Africa here, right?”

  1. I grew up with these people. I grew up in East New York (Brooklyn) which was an Italian neighborhood then. I know these people and I love them, warts and all. I have only one emotion and one hope. I HATE our betters, the ones that have done this to these people. I hope the world blows up.

    • No, not the world blowing up, just the arrest trial and execution of all those that have taken Satan’s gold and betrayed us.

    • Thye’re fighting back against those who want to eliminate Columbus Day. And they will prevail. Those who want to replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” will have to find another day on the calendar.

      When I lived in New England it was among Italians, Greeks, Armenians. Oh, the food! And they were willing to teach me how to make things like gnocchi, spanikopita, etc. I learned the difference between northern Italian and southern Italian dishes (former has more of a French accent).

      • Are the Gods messing with our brains? Britain and Ireland are investing heavily in a new “special relationship” with the people of the caliphate. Muslims I imagine will keep slamming away creating ever humbler kafirs until finally a concrete bottom is reached . Then all Hell will break loose. The Germans had the right ideas – in 1964.

        • Muslims I imagine will keep slamming away creating ever humbler kafirs until finally a concrete bottom is reached. Then all Hell will break loose.

          Too right, mate! That basement of the human soul has, throughout all recorded history, become nothing less than a “killing floor” when the elevator hits bottom.

          Woe-betide the poorly armed (and trained) Muslim-majority nations when an enraged nuclear West finally gets its back up about all of this incessant mayhem and mindless slaughter. There’ll be nothing pretty about it.

  2. Say what you will, I don’t see the Italians putting up with this much longer. There is NOTHING in Islam that is compatible with Italian life. From falling in love, to drinking wonderful wine, to opera, to beauty-it will all be destroyed under the Moslems. God, I hope some handsome Guy is running guns into the hands of the peasants.

  3. Where are the young folks? Seems as though the neighborhood is the Italian version of the “Golden Girls” meets “Going in Style” featured George Burns and Art Carney or maybe “Tough Guys”Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. These are two mafiosa movies about old made men going out with a blast. Which it seems these old men are determined to do. The Felliniesque take on the counter-jihad has definitely added a pleasant gelato to what was German plain vanilla misery.

    • Uh, I politely suggest you review European fertility rates for the last 50 years.

    • Governments choose wisely where to distribute their s0-called refugees.
      Placing them in towns where the old are passive and most by natural causes will die off in 10 years. No resistance is key, demographics incrementally turn for the worst.

      “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states.
      That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition it into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

      General Wesley Clark
      Supreme Allied European Commander NATO

  4. From falling in love, to drinking wonderful wine, to opera, to beauty-it will all be destroyed under the Moslems.

    Thank you. I could not put it better myself. Michangelo’s finest Carrara marble statues would be turned into gravel for back-country roadwork.

    • Turned into rubble may be, but used for back country roadwork – nah. Far too idle for that.

      • Correct.

        Maintaining a proper gravel country road is far too much work for the mujahids.

    • Don’t you know? Jan ’16 Rouhani visits Rome and Renzi has statues covered in the Capitoline and no wine is served…
      So what happened to the age old “When in Rome, do as the Romans”…..

      • So what happened to the age old “When in Rome, do as the Romans”…..

        The same thing that happened to, “When Rome sneezes the world catches a cold.”

  5. The Italian guy is cool.

    As for the immivaders, we see their street smarts in play.

    They may score 80 on a Western IQ test, but these guys are street Einsteins compared to the limousine liberal goodwhites that have thrown the doors open to this Third World crud.

  6. The revelation hidden in all this. HUGE numbers of illegals piled into tiny spaces and unaccountable to anyone. SCARY!!!

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