Alessandro Meluzzi vs. Saif Eddine Abouabid

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. In the following video recorded last year, Dr. Meluzzi confronts a young Muslim named Saif Eddine Abouabid on a TV panel show.

The translator includes this note:

Instead of a professional credential, the title under the Moslem’s name reads “Young Muslim”. When I googled him I looked at his twitter, it doesn’t appear that he has any official group. I’m guessing he’s just an activist.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We must have the courage to tell it like it is, in spite of whatever sympathies
00:03   we may have for “our friend” who stands in front of me. It’ll be perfectly fine
00:07   with me to fill up Italy with mosques when someone
00:10   who has become Muslim considers mosques to be like any other temple of any other
00:15   religion. Which one is allowed to freely join and freely leave.
00:19   The moment Muslims are able to freely convert
00:23   to Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism without getting sanctioned
00:27   by a fatwa (something that our friend has
00:31   good knowledge of), it’ll mean that Islam has become a religion
00:34   like all others, and that it can be treated
00:37   like all other religions. Like Hinduism, Buddhism,
00:41   Christianity with all its denominations, and Jews.
00:44   The problem is that Islam is first and foremost (and our friend knows it well)
00:47   a major judicial system for which
00:50   adultery is not a SIN, but a CRIME. When adultery
00:54   ceases to be a crime and has become merely a sin
00:58   of the conscience, then I’ll want to fill up Italy with mosques!
01:02   The other principle is the one of reciprocity! My thoughts
01:05   can’t help but go out to my 700,000 Chaldean-Assyrian Christian brothers
01:10   who are victims of a genocide that is a hundred times
01:14   as great as Srebrenica (for which we prosecuted [Bosnian Serb Radovan] Karadžić)!
01:18   Who have been massacred in Northern Iraq and Syria.
01:21   Let’s see YOU go to one of those lands to build a Christian Church,
01:25   and you’ll see what’ll happen!
01:28   When all this is allowed, we will fill up Italy with mosques! When this is allowed.

5 thoughts on “Alessandro Meluzzi vs. Saif Eddine Abouabid

  1. Meluzzi got it right. When Islam adopts religious tenets instead of legal one, and becomes a belief system, then it will be accorded its place with the other religions in this world, BUT NOT UNTIL it does, and allows its adherents to leave it without fearing for their lives.

  2. The dripping arrogant condescension of the Moslem was obvious. He was hardly interested in his questioner. I had a similar experience with a Moslem group that I had to ‘dialogue’ with on the orders of my senior Bishop. I resented doing it against my conscience. It turned out as I predicted.

    They demanded to use our church facilities and that the congregation of Christians must be “respectful”. I refused the Church request as it was consecrated ground. They then targeted the local RC Church, that had a fully functioning Parish and congregation. They targeted the local Health Centre too. I made inquiries and found that the people complaining about the GPs surgery were one in the same. They had an entire “Islamic Practice” (firm of Doctors) ready to step in. This was conspiracy-indeed a criminal conspiracy. The areas of North London have succumbed through similar attempts.

    They tried to buy the Church but the Bishop sacked the priest and his Deacon who had colluded to hand the village over to Islam. This was an organised conspiracy. The local UKIP party assisted us to prevent this takeover. It would have destroyed the village. But true to Islam they are still trying to buy the Church. They do not take “No” for an answer.

    The Church property is now regarded as Islamic land as the stupid priest allowed the Moslems to pray in the Community Centre-a Christian meeting house built on the proceeds of a generous benefactor who stipulated that the Centre was only for the use of Christians in the community. The battle is not over yet.

  3. Spot on!!!

    Love this man, europe needs men like this, speak truth, using great analogys,
    That cannot be renuked, the truth hurts :)))

    Islam hascto be removed not only from europe, but the world,

    But i see war, a big big big war, because now its them v us, them are also u next door hippy leftie commie liberal trans loony brainwashed nieighbours who have bought the lies and propaganda of the utopian fairy tale.

    I used to be believe in santa claus, then i grew up,
    I used believe in marx, then i read books, traveled the world and thank god, grew up!

    The war has started, now its the commie sexual hsrrasement witch hunts,
    Now u need a lawyer to flirt with a woman,mor smile at a girl, or well be arrested for putting u arm around woman or giving a hug.

    [Expletive]!!! These commie nazis and this pc brainwashing is taking humanity into the fires of hell.
    Soon it be a crime to smile at someone, they be calling the thought police onto you.

    Lock and load!

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