Afghan Will Kill You!

In the following video from Munich you’ll hear some angry Afghan culture-enrichers declare their clear intention to kill Michael Stürzenberger because he said insulting things about Islam.

Remember: Mr. Stürzenberger is the man who was recently convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for posting a historical photo of a Nazi with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Notice that these culture-enrichers who threaten him with death are just a few feet away from police officers — in fact, they’re closer to the cops than they are to their interlocutor. They obviously have no fear of saying such things within earshot of the police. They know they can speak and act with impunity.

Unlike Michael Stürzenberger, who will have to go to prison if he loses his appeal. Six months for posting an authentic, clearly-identified historical photograph on Facebook.

Such is “justice” in Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So what’s going on? —What is it with Afghans? —Yes, yes.
00:05   What did Afghans do? [unintelligible]
00:10   Afghan will kill you! If an Afghan is alone with you he’ll kill you!
00:15   Now it’s becoming clear: when an Afghan sees me alone,
00:20   he will kill me! Yes? —Yes…
00:25   You too? You will also kill me?— Because you talk about Afghans.
00:30   Yes? Do you want to kill me? —Yes! —Yes!
00:35   So you’ll kill me, yes? You’ll kill me! —Yes [unintelligible]
00:40   I’m saying that this is not good [unintelligible] —You want to kill me as well?
00:47   —Yes, if you say something like that again, I will! —Then you will? —Yes! —Yes!
00:51   I will! Yes! —You too?! You want to kill me? —I will! Exactly!
00:56   The last time, when someone said it in front of a camera it was an Afghan.
01:01   Abdul [unintelligible] on the car-free zone in front of the camera,
01:06   he said he would cut my head off. Six months later he was in the Islamic State,
01:11   on jihad, in Syria with a Kalashnikov and with grenades,
01:16   he fought jihad. He was captured, and tried in Munich. — Yes, yes.
01:22   He got eleven years jail! Huh! Afghans!…
01:27   Afghans! All ready to kill! Strange! This is the
01:32   the peaceful society, this is our “welcoming culture”! That they,
01:37   those are “gold pieces” who are enriching us, huh? People, people, people!
01:42   Open your eyes to what is creeping in here from Islamic countries!

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8 thoughts on “Afghan Will Kill You!

  1. It would be good to know what the date of this video is. Is MS really speaking so provocatively in public, so soon after his conviction, while he legally undergoes an appeal process? This seems dumb under the circumstances. Is this an older video?

    • this one must be recent, but MS is a hothead with provocative rhetoric and this, time he choose his words wisely by quoting. What I do not understand is the passivity of the police.To wit: MS was sentenced for publishing a historic photograph, this scum here cries for murder and goes unharmed. I did show documents like that in my lessons.Is the statute of limitation fulfilled after 10 years?

  2. Germany and the EU that allow these gibbering monkeys into their cities must be mad.-literally insane.I am sick of the utter arrogance and stupidity. We need to overthrow the EU.

    This is not the Rule of Law must criminality.

  3. All of which is clear evidence of Europe’s willingness to disregard overt threats.

    So, what else is new?

  4. The EU must be overthrown!

    They are jailing us if we dare to speak even the truth,
    Who are the lying puppet judges, prosecutor traitors who did this to M. Sturznbeger?

    They need to found at their homes, and photographed and publicly shamed.

    M Schultz in EUSSR should be arrested. It’s clear what they have in store for us all, look at Catalonia!

    Bodybuilder thugs in blue outfits armed to the teeth, sent to smash us down;
    This is Germany 1939!!! Were back, the EU must must must be destroyed asap, by any and all means.

    Juncker, Schultz, Merkel, we must rise up and arrest the lot of these commie crooks. Along with their media propaganda gang, and judges.

    The game is over, fight now.

  5. Stefan Molyneux recently posted a video on YouTube about the Catalan referendum. In it he said something that rings true in all situations that involve those who rule over us. You can protest about most things but don’t try to protest for your freedom because they won’t let you. The government doesn’t rule by reasoned argument and persuasion, they rule by brute force. Everywhere. These immigrants are doing what the government wants done. This who object are not doing so, therefore they must be crushed; by using the law of possible or by using violence if necessary.

    • Of course.

      Native citizens are mere tax sheep to be shorn by the wise and benevolent government shepherds.

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