“Nobody Wants the Foreigners”

In the following video, residents of Rome express their opinions on the eviction of Italians from public housing to make room for migrants.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   [Unintelligible] to give the house to your wife who is a foreigner.
00:07   I tell you one thing. You better take her away because here nobody enters and nobody leaves.
00:11   I swear on all of my four sons, no(body) enters, no(body) leaves.
00:18   Not only me, but nobody wants the foreigners, because there was an Italian inside.
00:26   Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!
00:31   Good, Good you’re not getting into this house.
00:39   This morning they kicked out a girl with a very small boy from an apartment,
00:45   to put in others with no children in my opinion.
00:51   —from Bangladesh, blacks, yellow, what do you think? —Well, they weren’t Italian.
00:56   What is it that you don’t think is right about it, that public housing was assigned?
00:59   No, no. Public housing was assigned out of kindness, but in our opinion,
01:04   if there is really need, there is the right…
01:08   If it had been an Italian who came in, but given that
01:12   they take homes from Italians to let them in, we are not…
01:17   When did you apply for public housing? —In ’86.
01:20   And they never assigned you a house? —No they gave me two points at the time.
01:25   We were eight persons in the house, my children,
01:28   I had to raise them together with grandparents and uncles.
01:32   They gave one to them immediately, they are already in another house — Egyptians.
01:36   There are billions of closed houses here, the people are in shacks,
01:40   and houses are empty and sealed and it is not known why.
01:45   They are public housing units that are not assigned.
01:49   There are people who have been waiting for a house thirty years.
01:53   My mother has waited 38 years, I (waited ) 7 with a 7-year-old girl, and I didn’t want to occupy…
01:58   Do you want to get this family in? It’s not important to us. Good.
02:06   But take a set of keys and give them to the Italian girl they threw in the middle of the street.

2 thoughts on ““Nobody Wants the Foreigners”

  1. It makes you think there is some interest group backing housing for the immigrants.

    It might be as simple as a special-interest group. You can have a volunteer group monitoring the house assignments. Any bureaucrat under scrutiny will act more efficiently.

    You can have a paid group making sure things go smoothly for immigrants. The immigration-for-profit groups in the US such as the HIAS get hundreds of millions of dollars from the government, and have an interest in not receiving negative publicity for immigration.

    Or, you can have actual bribery of government officials to make things go smoothly for immigrants.

    I think my point is that a bureaucracy is generally stodgy, unresponsive, inefficient and expensive. But, it is susceptible to certain types of pressure, in particular pressure related to identity-group politics. So, the more migrants who come in, the more our governments deteriorate into identity politics, where the interests of the group are put ahead of the interests of the country.

  2. They have migrants in high positions. I see this in London, They eject natives and then bring in the migrants. Grenfell was one result. Illegal sub lettings.

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