A Night at the Opera

We reported last night on a multicultural opera from London that was imported into the city of Cluj in Romania and foisted on the population as an enlightening cultural experience. The performance included a muezzin yodeling the Muslim call to prayer, including the notorious call, “Allahu Akhbar!”

A number of Romanian patriots in attendance were not impressed with all the cultural enrichment, and voiced their opposition by singing the national anthem and unfurling a flag as soon as Allah made his presence known onstage. Needless to say, they were ushered out of the opera house by police.

Below is a video of the patriots’ protest, followed by a brief commentary from one of the participants as he was on his way out of the venue.

Many thanks to Stefan Cel Mare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Allah is a demon, and Mohammed is the dog who invented his religion.
00:16   [Written on that band over the scene] God is the greatest.
00:29   I confess there is no god other than Allah.
00:52   I confess that Muhammad is sent by god.
01:12   [Romanians start singing national anthem] Wake up, Romania, from the sleep of death
01:23   Into which you have been sunk by the barbaric tyrants.
01:34   Now, or never, make a new fate for yourself,
01:45   To which even your cruel enemies will bow.
01:57   Now or never let us give proof to the world
02:07   That in these veins Roman blood still flows,
02:18   That in our chests we hold a name with pride,
02:29   Victorious in battle, the name of Trajan!
02:40   This is not peace that Islam brings to Romania.
02:45   Send a message to the mufti that on Brincoveanu’s soil
02:50   there will never be built a Mega-Mosque.
02:55   Shame on you, Mr. Director [of the opera] because you brought this simulacrum.
03:00   [From the public] Get out. You are cretins.
03:05   May God give minds to Romanians. Muhammad is a pedophile.
03:08   [From the public] Get out. You can do politics outside.
03:14   [The guy in the image] Here you have your brain washed.
03:40   From Bucharest a “mission for peace” came here to brainwash the people of Cluj.
03:45   And in this show there is muezzin telling us how great allah is and what he does with this world,
03:50   like we can’t see what is happening in this world and Europe,
03:55   The director of the opera received instructions
04:00   to show us what Multiculturalism means,
04:05   and how great it is for us,
04:10   and especially what a blessing all this is for us.
04:14   That muezzin said “Allahu Akhbar” a few times, and so we must remember that just today
04:18   a Muslim was screaming “Allahu Akhbar” in Marseille while he was killing two French citizens.
04:22   I salute you.

24 thoughts on “A Night at the Opera

  1. “a muezzin yodeling the Muslim call to prayer”

    “yodeling”! Aha! https://islamqa.info/en/5000 is a fatwa that rules on what kind of music and singing is haram, but you will not find the word “yodeling” anywhere in this fatwa. Yodeling, like rap and rock & roll, is a form of singing that the Prophet (cui sit pax) forgot to prohibit. So mountain music is perfectly fine in Islam, like this Kazakh country-music ditty:

    • Actually, that phrasing was an hommage to Anthony Burgess, who began 1985 with:

      “It was the week before Christmas, Monday midday, mild and muggy, and the muezzins of West London were yodelling about there being no God but Allah…”

      • I suppose that reading the Qur’an aloud to a 3/4 beat would sound like yodeling. Thank would get all the Muzzien dancing. It wouldn’t be haram because they were dancing to the word of Allah. Well, that’s Allah folks.

      • Actually, I read on one of the counter-jihad sites (perhaps here?) a few years ago that a court decision had halted yodeling in the Tyrol.

        One native Tyrolean yodeler had been sued in an Austrian court by a group of cultural enrichers who had moved into the area.

        It seems they regarded his vocal stylings as insulting to their religion, mocking their call to prayer, and their attorney got the court to agree. I don’t know if or when it were ever rescinded.

        Unfortunately, the court agreed with the enrichers, leading to a ban on yodeling.

        • So this is the fascism of the Arab. Nothing that disagrees with them will be allowed. The end of it will be a living hell on earth. The yodeler should have yodeled in Arabic.

          • Don’t forget the awful, banshee-like ululation of their women that goes hand in hand with every holiday and celebration.

      • I’ve read too little Burgess; only “Earthly Powers” and “Clockwork Orange” (and of course Kubrick’s film of the latter). I suspect future generations (if any) will hold him in high regard.

  2. Romanians better wake up fast! To this stinking islam poison, muslims are slipping into romania from turkey,
    There is a huge turkish population living in sth east romania, and new and renovated mosques are springing up at a fast pace.

    In constanta, a huge huge mosque, the carol mosque in the ovideo area is attracting large numbers mulims, and the area is being damaged suth constant loud speakers of muslim call to prayers.
    This mosque should be demolished, its not right that islam be allowed to spread in europe,miislam are the Nazis

  3. Multicultural?
    More the usual islamic call for world dominance in the name of Allah.

    Romania will soon be in need for another Vlad Tepes.

  4. Read the Bible out loud to muzzies–it drives ’em nuts! (Not a long drive, I know…)

  5. I wonder how well the so called “hit” Hamilton would go over in “fly-over” country.

  6. Nobody clapped after the national anthem. Of course it had to be a woman who complained about it.

    • Because the snobby gutmenschen of Cluj Napoca paid big money to see a display of “enlightened” dhimmitude – and not to be faced with a bunch of “backward” working-class nationalists…

  7. Magnificent action, but it underscores once again that the base among the larger population is frighteningly small.

    The wife of one of my employees works in some EU capacity in Brussels. One of her colleagues, a female, was on the metro at Maaltebeek station when a bomb went off, on March 22, 2016. Yesterday I heard, via my employee, that his wife’s colleague will probably never work again. She is still “unrecognizable”. She’s twice as huge (for want of a better word, because “fat” seems inappropriate) because of all the cortisone. She’s got arms like a dock worker, and where she once used to be a beautiful woman, her face is maimed now. We are now more than one and a half year past the attacks, but the victims still live with the consequences and are likely to do so for the rest of their lives.

    Enter my employee’s wife, Dominique. Nice enough lady, but just as completely brainwashed as the people in the public there in that opera who are exhorting sane Romanians ‘to get out and do politics outside’.

    To Dominique, “they are not all the same”. “It’s just a tiny minority of extremists.” “We shouldn’t generalize”.

    It’s thoroughly depressing.

  8. Its amazing how few people are awake today and speak of what they see and hear. Islam has been at war with western civilisation ever since it appeared, the koran itself documents mohammed’s paedophilia and sadism, even in 1938 British troops were fighting Islamic forces in India lead by a depraved Imam who kept a young caged boy in the baggage train for his sexual gratification.

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