No to Islam in the Czech Republic!

Elections are coming up in the Czech Republic. The poster below shows Tomio Okamura, the head of the SPD party (Freedom and Direct Democracy), a very influential man:


No to Islam
No to terrorists
A safe land for everyone

Thanks to Xanthippa for the translation. Hat tip: Green Infidel.

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  1. No to Islam
    No to terrorists
    A safe land for everyone

    Doncha just love it when a guy speaks the plain truth?

  2. Multiculturalism and crime
    The Ottawa Herald – Sep 19, 2017

    From chaos comes order, except if you live in England, Germany, France or a host of other Western European countries who have fallen victim to the progressive myth that by populating your country with semi-civilized refugees with whom you have nothing in common is a good idea.

    This utopian fallacy has driven peaceful Europe to the brink of chaos. Like most progressive disinformation, multiculturalism is a product of self-hating indoctrination based on a variation of “white guilt”.

    Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other Eastern bloc countries like most Muslim countries have restricted the influx of predominantly Muslim refugees. The result being healthy ethnic cohesion and century’s old cultural stability, minus the terrorism and high crime rates fostered by the virulent multiculturalism of Western Europe.

    The sad fact is that mass immigration over the past several decades has led to social and economic disintegration of the host countries as it has for states like California. — Gregory H. Bontrager USA


    I can’t find this part in the English- and German-language Wikipedia articles:

    オカムラは、「チェコがイスラム過激派から損傷を受けないように、われわれはなんらかの処置を講じなければいけない」として、自分たちの国を「イスラム化」から守るために、25のポイントで説明している。その内容は、「嫌がらせ」と呼ぶべきものであり、「モスクの周辺に、犬や豚を連れて散歩に行く」「ケバブを食べない」「イスラム教徒が運営する店舗で買わない」(20 Minuten.chより引用)などである。さらに、2014年には第二次世界大戦中、「ボヘミアのLetyにあった強制労働収容所は存在しなかった」という見解を示している。第二次世界大戦中、ロマ人はナチス・ドイツにより強制労働収容所での労働を強いられていた[8]。

    [My quick translation:]

    Political assertions
    Okamura, who holds that “we must take measures to prevent Czechia from being harmed by Islamic radicals,” explains 25 points for protecting our own country from “Islamification”. Its content, which must be called “harassment” [editorializing by the Wikipedia writer?], includes “walking dogs and pigs near mosques”, “not eating kebabs”, “not buying at Muslim-run shops” (quoted from 20 In addition, in 2014 he expressed the opinion that “there was no concentration camp in Lety, Bohemia” during the Second World War. During the Second World War, Roma people experienced forced labor in concentration camps under Nazi Germany [8] [Is this a quote from Okamura, or an assertion by the Wikipedia writer?].

    • There is a certain confusion regarding the camp in Lety. Some people here in CZE differentiate between “concentration camps” whose main goal was to murder the prisoners and “labour camps” aiming at, well, work.
      Generally no one questions the fact the conditions in those camps were terrible and many people die there – and therefore the “linguistic” aspect is not that important as it might seem. IMO it’s basically a political statements matter.
      BTW the camp is to be purchased by the state (decided a few months ago) so a “more proper” memorial could be built. Many people don’t understand this decision because there already is a memorial, just a bit sideways in what I believe is a nicer environment of a nearby forest, but whatever.

    • About the Lety camp speech – here’s the translation:

      In the Czech Republic this was not even a storm in a teapot, hardly anybody cares about this.

      Those 25 points was a blog where he called for economic boycott against muslims, to avoid them coming here. He added couple of funny quips, like walking with Vietnamese pigs. The blog was published just few days before first attacks in Paris.

  4. Hmm … let’s say he is akin to Gert Wilders – a Czech edition. Unlike Gert, he will – most likely – not be elected into the Parliament.

    On the plus side – as much as I think he will lose, the political situation in the Czech Republic is far from the welcoming culture in Germany or elsewhere in the Western Europe.

  5. Current polls predict he will enter the parliament. It is also suspected that he’ll get more than these numbers show, since people who are his voters do not trust institutions, including pollsters.

    • Agreed. I just checked the newest polls and they even predict that his party can be the third biggest in the Parliament.

  6. Islam has demonstrated that it is not a religion of peace or tolerance. While most religions of the world have matured large segments of Islam have receded into a barbaric dark age where any crime, from mass murder to pedophilia can be justified by yelling “Allahu akbar”.

    Coexistence is a cover for the ultimate subjugation of other cultures whose only choice will be to convert to Islam or be driven into extinction. Domination not assimilation is the objective of Islam.

    Not all Muslims are the same, but a substantial segment of the Muslim population are jihadist or jihady sympathizers which means a small number of these religious fanatics are capable of disrupting the entire fabric of western civilization.

    Are we going to stand up for our values or are we going to surrender to a culture of religious zealots who consider the murder of infidels (nonbelievers) to be a free ticket to heaven?

  7. Challenging the good of cultural diversity
    The Wichita Eagle – January 07, 2018

    The notion that cultural diversity necessarily makes us stronger or better is simply not true. In general, the more homogeneous a society, the better things tend to work.

    Like socialism, cultural diversity is a talking point of the progressive left. If you want proof, take a look at what this failed concept has done to western Europe.

    By contrast, Japan and eastern Europe have taken the best of western culture and discarded the liberal baggage to produced more stable, citizen-friendly societies

    Read more here:

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