Illegal Immigrant and Multiple Recidivist Remained in France For Twelve Years Before His Deadly Jihad

The mujahid who committed the terror attack in Marseille last weekend wasn’t just known to French police, he was a regular guest in various police station stations all across the south of France for twelve years. Despite the fact that he was in the country illegally, despite the fact that he committed numerous crimes, despite the fact that he had repeatedly used multiple identities, there was nothing the police could do about him until he stabbed two people to death — then and only then could they take care of the problem by shooting him dead.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this discussion from French TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   He had been arrested last Friday in a La Part Dieu mall
00:16   next to the train station in Lyon. He was leaving this store
00:20   trying to steal a jacket worth €39. The surveillance cameras
00:24   record it and he ends up arrested at this police station. There he presents
00:28   a Tunisian passport, but he is on French territory illegally.
00:32   Police officers take his fingerprints, and just like
00:36   every time that he is arrested, fingerprint records are never
00:40   consulted. If they had been, the police officers would have seen that it was
00:44   the eighth time that this man had been arrested since 2005. And almost every time
00:48   he gives a totally different identity. He is interrogated
00:52   for small infractions or for the lack of an ID, and in those cases police officers don’t
00:56   try to compare his fingerprints with the National Records. —It requires personnel;
01:00   it requires money, it requires many other means.
01:04   But there’s nothing that would justify an inquiry
01:08   and whatever would compare with the fingerprints of this individual,
01:12   since, I remind you, that we are talking, at the beginning, about a thief
01:16   in a mall. Something which is common occurrence in the police profession.
01:21   At the police station his arrest lasts until Saturday. Finally charges aren’t filed
01:25   for the theft of the jacket. From there he could have been sent to
01:29   prison, because he isn’t a legal resident. That’s what happens in most cases,
01:33   as this attorney explains to us. But that Saturday the prefecture
01:37   didn’t put him in the detention center. We know
01:41   that on a Saturday the prefecture services slow down. That’s the way it is;
01:45   they lack personnel in the prefecture and this
01:49   could be one of the reasons for detention measures
01:53   not being ordered against him, and
01:57   no placement in the detention center. What had happened at the prefecture on Saturday?
02:01   The Interior Minister decided to take control of the General Administration Inspectorate
02:05   in order to find out in what circumstances the man was released.
02:09   Good evening, George Brenier. —Good evening. —You are our specialist
02:13   on police, and I can imagine that viewers are asking themselves many obvious questions about that.
02:17   First, why wasn’t the Saint-Charles train station murderer — who
02:21   has been illegal for years — detained or deported
02:25   to his home country? —Well, we’ll go back to this precise case that is baffling, from Friday
02:30   You saw it — the man, who at that point was only a little thug, is arrested,
02:34   detained at the police station; on Saturday morning
02:38   the justice decides that this case isn’t of much interest in the end,
02:42   so they release him, and the suspect isn’t a resident, so he is supposed to be deported
02:46   to Tunisia; it’s there where the “machine” or the prefecture
02:50   will start working very painstakingly: no official is there to authorize
02:54   his placement in detention, and then nobody is able to say
02:58   if the welcoming center has enough space to take him in, either.
03:02   A surrealistic, Kafka-like situation, but the result is implacable: the thief,
03:06   the assassin-to-be, a little more that 24 hours later is
03:10   released without being bothered for one second. And that very man was,
03:14   during all those years, twelve years, caught at least eight times,
03:18   giving every time or almost every time a different identity. How could he go unnoticed?
03:22   By the police officers? This is what police officers call a “judicial black hole”
03:26   During every past arrest he had no ID, so
03:30   every time he had given a false name and a false birth date. Every time the police
03:35   took his fingerprints and compared them with the records.
03:39   Every time they found out his aliases that had been used with those
03:43   fingerprints; the officers saw that something was wrong, but without
03:47   those papers, and without [knowing] his home country at that point,
03:51   they couldn’t do anything at all, except — yet again — release this
03:55   29-year-old Tunisian, who was able to taunt French authorities for a total of 12 long years.

10 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant and Multiple Recidivist Remained in France For Twelve Years Before His Deadly Jihad

  1. The incompetent French police also have blood on their hands and should be held responsible for these murders.

  2. We in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…
    Here in the US we have heard of countless acts of violence by illegals known to the authorities and let back out of jail and prison to commit further crimes.
    The Kate Steinle murderer was deported 12 times or something absurd like that and managed to get a gun and shoot Kate down in cold blood.
    Everyone clucks about it while the sanctuary city politicians hold fast until it dies down.
    Rinse and repeat.
    The Republican politicians will have grossly misjudged their base if they continue to spin their wheels about illegal immigration. Some forward motion must be made. If you amnesty the DACAs and show no progress on the rest of the illegal immigration issue well, November 2018 is 13 short months away…

    • babs-

      Incompetent police, prosecutors, and judges in the US should be held accountable too!

      • ” nobody at the WELCOMING centre to receive him”
        Says it all really.

        Useless, banal officialdom is surely culpable in the
        Deaths of these poor young women. Hopefully a
        Few civil servants and police officials, at the top
        Level get shown the door over this debacle!

        • The worst part, and it could be a translation issue, is when they blame the Tunisians for being disorganized.

          If that’s a common attitude the French may as well surrender now.

  3. It’s routine for these economic immigrants to destroy their identity papers. The local courts in some cases, the European Court of Human Justice in others makes rulings that people in the country who cannot be deported to a specific country must be freed and allowed to remain.

    The police have become standard bureaucracies, more concerned with tenure, advancement and filling out paperwork than actually accomplishing the safety of the streets. No one is going to take initiative, partly because the positions attract drone types, and partly because any display of initiative outside the box is discouraged and possibly punished.

    Any country must develop a means to remove or separate those who have no right to be there. Israel has established barbed-wire camps for illegal immigrants. Eventually, the camp inhabitants get fed up and leave; potential immigrants are discouraged from entering the country because they have nothing to look forward to.

    It’s possible some of the migrants destroyed their identity so thoroughly, they will stay in the camps the rest of their lives. Their cases should be thoroughly publicized.

    So, countries like France and Italy would need to develop some means of removing illegals, even if their countries of origin are unknown or unwilling to accept them. Perhaps they could contract with the Israelis to intern them until they leave or are accepted or never, whichever it takes.

    Oh, and the sexes should be strictly segregated, unless they are willing to accept sterilization. They should not be allowed to breed while in interned status.

    Eventually, the EU will dissolve, perhaps the larger countries themselves, like Spain, will break up. This will allow more local law enforcement, less susceptible to bureaucratization, more responsive to the local needs. I would suggest declaring anyone affiliated with the European Court of Human Justice to be persona non grata.

  4. “Give me 10 men like Clouseau and I could destroy the World” (Charles Dreyfus, 1964)(A shot in the dark)

  5. On a sidenote (quoting state television ORF from Austria): Migrant influx from Tunesia has raised significantly over the last weeks in Italy.
    And even though Italy has an agreement with Tunesia that obliges them to take their own citizens back, this only applies for 30 persons a week.

    And Tunesia just recently has opened up its prisons because of a mass amnesty.
    Some of this former criminals already have found their way to Italy.

    • Oh, the Maghrebi countries love the current state of affairs – they get to offload their trash to Europe and trim their welfare rolls while their citizens in Europe remit billions to North Africa and get bonus Islam points for expanding their northern colonies.

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