“Allahu Akhbar” at the Opera in Romania

Now that Romania is a member of the EU, cultural enrichment is being forced down Romanian throats by the Gutmenschen from west of the Iron Curtain. The Mandarins of Multiculture recently sent an “inclusive”, “diverse” opera to Romania to enlighten the benighted locals, but the locals didn’t take too kindly to all the enrichment.

A reader named cxt sends this summary of a report published by ActiveNews.ro:

At the National Opera in Cluj Napoca, Romania, a concert that included an imam performing the Muslim call to prayer was interrupted by people singing the national anthem. Five people were peacefully escorted out and fined by the local police. Codrin Goia, one of the people escorted out, declared:

“Yesterday, October 1, 2017, a multicultural piece was held at the National Opera in Cluj. This concert was supposed to bring a message of peace, but I heard with a group of friends, a group of nationalists from here in Cluj, members of the New Right party, that a Muslim imam would scream “Allahu Akbar”, the same chant all the terrorists who commit attacks and murders scream. Ironically, on that same day, in Marseilles, France, two women were stabbed and killed by a terrorist who yelled out the same thing. We went to that piece to see what that was all about.

“It did not take ten minutes, and there was a character on the stage who started shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Obviously, in a Romanian city, a Christian city such as Cluj Napoca, that did not seem acceptable to us, and we started to sing the national anthem. Some waved the national flag. It was a reaction, because the national anthem is also a call to awaken, to rise up, to action. We see this as a play to brainwash viewers, so people might easily accept the Islamization of Romania. This is a problem not only for Romania, but for all of Europe, and the Romanians are being forced by the EU to take in as many refugees as possible. And these people will not come here to be hard workers and bring a benefit to society.”

Our Romanian correspondent Stefan Cel Mare sends these additional observations:

“The Armed Man” opera was brought in from London to culturally enrich the Romanians. It included a muezzin calling “Allahu Akhbar”. It was a multiculti event supported and financed by the European Left.

They first tried it at the national opera in Bucharest, and they were refused. Then, because the mayor of Cluj is a leftist, they succeeded in presenting the multicultural London opera in Cluj.

And then during the performance a few guys start singing the Romanian national anthem…

The special police were there during the show. I wonder why?

They knew it could turn bad; that’s why the police were there during the performance.

8 thoughts on ““Allahu Akhbar” at the Opera in Romania

  1. I pray to God that we are out of the EU come March 2019, and that our government doesn’t betray us, yet again, by using deceit to keep us in. If Spain’s response to the Catalan referendum hasn’t shown the countries of the EU what is planned for them, then nothing is going to awaken them. At least the Eastern European members, with their memories of totalitarianism still fresh in their minds and their history of the real islam, there is some hope that there will be a few havens of sanity, provided they keep their collectivists under control.

  2. Forget praying – get rid of May! She is either so far out of her depth in her position or she is an active part of the problem for why this exit from the fascist EU is taking so long.

  3. What , TAQUIA. I have never heard of Muslims believing in any singing or dancing . How can this Imman justify his participation.

    • Probably an actor, and a member of the theatrical cast – but essentially the same provocation anyway.

  4. Regarding the name of this ‘opera’ “The Armed Man”, I suppose it is the mass “The Armed Man; a Mass for Peace” by the British composer Karl Jenkins. This mass contains also the Islamic call for prayer and thus the shahada.
    Those Romanian protesters were quite right to show their aversion.

    Some information on this pc mass and the composer:




  5. I’ve written about this before at GOV but for those that are not old timers one of my teenage sons and I took a 3 week tour of Romania in 2002.
    While in Bucharest the guides went into great detail of the demolition of the Christian churches under Ceausescu. To the extent that they would point out spots in the city and explain what church used to be there. This mattered a lot to the guides.
    We took a boat tour down the Danube and into a canal that was built with Romanian slave labor to connect the Danube to the Black Sea. First Ceausescu emptied out the prisons for the labor and when he needed more labor due to deaths his gov’t started snatching young men off the streets. Many thousands of Romanians died through cave ins, drowning or just being worked to death.
    While transiting this canal, which took several hours, it was understood that we should all be quiet in remembrance of those that lost their lives to the tyranny. And BTW at various spots along the canal were monuments to the “Great Soviet”. I think it was smart of free Romania to keep the monuments as spitting at them was optional.
    Trying to think of something similar in the US I can only come up with the building of the transcontinental railroad during which thousands of Chinese immigrants died. But that was over one hundred years ago.
    The canal in Romania was built in the 1980’s!
    There are just plain too many Romanians alive that lived under the boot to allow Islam to infiltrate and degrade their society. Yes! Sing your anthem and express your displeasure of letting your homeland be overcome once again.

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