“Only the French Can Still Save the French”

The following speech was given by Christine Tasin of Riposte Laïque and Résistance Républicaine on Septemeber 2 at the event held to honor the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   In the beginning
00:04   was the word. At the beginning
00:08   of Riposte Laïque was the word of Pierre Cassen.
00:12   Ten years ago,
00:16   August 2007,
00:20   I received a phone call from a certain
00:24   (Evariste ?) who managed the Journal
00:28   “Respublica” and who told me
00:32   “I will start a new online journal
00:36   that will be called Riposte Laïque.
00:40   I would like you to join the editorial staff; I like your style.”
00:44   And I asked him what it was about.
00:48   He spoke to me about the affaire of Fanny Truchelut, whom you saw this morning.
00:52   I told him: “Banco!” I asked him: where are we politically?
00:56   He told me “I’m for the alliance of the Republicans
01:00   of both sides: people of the left or right against Islam.
01:04   Again I said: “Banco!” And this is the way that this adventure
01:09   which has lasted for ten years started. Full of
01:13   happiness, full of surprises, full of very strong moments.
01:17   And well, among the very strong moments
01:21   there is, of course, the creation of Résistance Républicaine
01:25   in 2010, the “armed wing” of Riposte Laïque,
01:29   because Résistance Républicaine allowed us to
01:33   establish networks throughout France,
01:37   networks of people who know each other, who can support each other,
01:41   who can demand meetings with mayors, and who have developed
01:45   thanks to this many friendships,
01:49   and have formed a big family of which you are
01:53   part, because you are here. We are all happy to meet again,
01:57   and that is Résistance Républicaine as well.
02:01   Résistance Républicaine are also
02:06   the volunteers who enable you to be here. Yesterday afternoon
02:10   it was RR that spent the afternoon preparing the room, setting up
02:14   the chairs, etc. It’s the activists of RR
02:18   who manned the entrance, who were at the bar, etc.
02:22   So it’s a whole militant network on which Riposte Laïque relies.
02:26   We have three major dates that founded the
02:30   alliance between Riposte Laïque, which is a media organization, and Résistance Républicaine,
02:34   which is a “Law 1901” association in addition
02:38   to being media: It is, of course, the “Aperitif Sausage & Pinard”
02:42   that was I believe the real beginning of
02:46   what we wanted, a form of Reconquista, we
02:50   wanted to sound the alarm bell. You had the
02:54   “Assises de l’Islamisation” in December of the same year,
02:58   2010, which also showed our alliance with the “Bloc Identitaire”.
03:02   At that time we were the “nice ones”, having come from the Left,
03:07   and we were told: “but what are you doing with
03:11   these people from the extreme Right?” We responded: “Really, extreme Right?
03:15   Whom have they killed? They have called for the murder of whom? They have
03:19   committed terrorist attacks? Que nenni! And we continued
03:23   on our little path with this Bloc Identitaire,
03:27   with whom we are proud to have realised these two major
03:31   initiatives, and by the way we continue to work with the Identitaires
03:35   of Richard Roudier with the “Ligue du Midi”. It has never stopped,
03:39   and I can reassure you: there is no extreme Right, no assassins, no fascists
03:43   in this bunch. And our third major
03:47   date is November 10
03:51   2012, the great demonstration against the Islamisation
03:55   of our country. We were 3,000 on the streets, it was a first, it was an extraordinary
03:59   success. Many of you were there and
04:03   it was a very grand moment. Since then things
04:08   have broken up a little, meaning
04:12   people are increasingly fearful to participate in demonstrations, to be outside, to be filmed
04:16   to be seen, and this, of course is due to the political situation,
04:20   which you know. However, all
04:24   this is linked to the work of a certain
04:28   Pierre Cassen, who, in 2007 had
04:32   a vision of an Islamised France,
04:36   a France that should not be permitted, and who launched with
04:40   all his talent, all his intelligence, all the force of his work
04:44   Riposte Laïque. And, before we speak of graver things, I would like
04:48   it if you could stand up in order to applaud.
04:52   [Applause]
05:21   Thank you for him, thank you for us. He did not expect
05:25   this, I will have lots of problems at the exit.
05:29   And so, to the serious things.
05:33   It’s been ten years since we started (unclear)
05:37   this fight, and today we have to say
05:41   that it will be very difficult, perhaps even impossible to celebrate
05:45   the 20th anniversary of Riposte Laïque. Because the situation is becoming
05:49   Catastrophic, and because in ten years there will be so many Muslims
05:53   in France, so many converts, so many migrants in France,
05:57   that we will be no longer a majority in our country.
06:01   If I say that the situation is catastrophic, that is what I am talking about.
06:05   Why, for whom. Of course everyone has heard of
06:09   (Rabia Batiola ?) wrote about it: from
06:13   1974 they sold immigration and the Islamisation
06:17   of our country for cheap petrol. This is
06:22   the European Union, these are our “elites”,
06:26   but there is another date that very few people know.
06:30   And I would like those who say that the Muslims
06:34   are not responsible, it’s our elites who are responsible
06:38   the others have done nothing, they only benefit; I would like you
06:42   to consider this element: on January 5
06:46   1986 a meeting took place in Libya
06:50   of several executives of the Secret Service from
06:54   Muslim countries. Five Muslim countries:
06:58   were represented: Iraq, Egypt,
07:02   Saudi Arabia,
07:06   Libya and (I mentioned Egypt already)
07:10   and Algeria. Five countries. And what
07:14   was decided at this ultra-secret meeting?
07:18   That there would be a deliberate invasion
07:23   of Europe, and above all of France,
07:27   to Islamise us. This meeting,
07:31   our leaders know about it;
07:35   a few days afterwards it was at the Elysee, everyone knew about it.
07:39   And so, what have our leaders done to fight
07:43   against this? They opened the doors wide.
07:47   And they opened the doors to people that they knew
07:51   wanted to invade us;
07:55   they wanted to replace us.
07:59   And these people that wanted to replace us are the Muslims
08:03   of these countries.
08:07   And so both are responsible, our
08:11   collabos, the Islamo-collabos, but it is also
08:15   the Muslims, they are not five-year-old children
08:19   who don’t know what they are doing. They are also responsible for their actions.
08:23   If among those here today are those who believe that the migrants come merely
08:27   for a change of air, perhaps; but let them enquire.
08:31   They are being manipulated. And if WE are condemned
08:36   for denouncing this invasion, it is because
08:40   our elites are more than complicit. This week
08:44   once again, I was called to the police station.
08:48   There is a Paris Prosecutor, an Attorney! It’s not even
08:52   The LDH (Human Rights League) nor even the CCIF (French Muslim Brotherhood) that lodged
08:56   a complaint against me for the book I wrote with Rene d’Armor
09:00   “Les assassins obeissent au Coran” (The assassins obey the Koran). So I am being prosecuted
09:04   for “incitement to hatred” for
09:08   simply writing what is in the Koran.
09:12   That is how they are killing us. And so
09:16   what do, faced with that, what can we do?
09:20   There is only one answer left because the political response from the state is zero;
09:24   we cannot count on it, at least not now.
09:29   The fact is that it is only WE who can change the situation.
09:33   We will propose to you — you will find leaflets —
09:37   and we ask you to put them into mailboxes, to disseminate them
09:41   that (unclear?) take 1,000, 2,000, 3,000. That those who do not dare
09:45   take one or two which they may put into envelopes and send out.
09:49   It is our last chance. It is a letter
09:53   to all French people. This little tract you will find
09:57   this afternoon on every table. We called it:
10:01   “Only the French can still save the French.”
10:05   Ten years ago, when we created the site “Riposte Laïque”, we
10:09   sounded the alarm. Today, everything
10:13   we predicted has happened: The multiple deadly terror attacks
10:17   in France and all over Europe are only the visible face of
10:21   the galloping Islamisation of our countries. The veil is advancing,
10:25   the mosques are thriving, the halal butchers are replacing the traditional shops,
10:29   etc. You will read it, I do not want to take time which we don’t have
10:34   I only want to read you the last paragraph.
10:38   Engage yourself in the resistance at our side
10:42   insofar as you can. “Engage yourselves”
10:46   means “doing something”. If you do not know us,
10:50   (which may not be the case here), read our sites.
10:54   Circulate the information that is on our sites,
10:58   on “Resistance” as well as on “Riposte”, continue
11:02   more than ever to inform, do not tire of it. Help us
11:06   to exist, to pay for our computer scientists, our lawyers,
11:10   our demonstrations, our leaflets. Prepare yourselves,
11:14   with our advice, to face the
11:19   inevitable acts of war which will multiply against
11:23   our country and its inhabitants. Remember
11:27   that a dead resistant is useless. Our first duty is
11:31   to stay alive and to keep
11:35   our people alive. And for that, we do not improvise,
11:39   we do not do anything silly. Finally,
11:43   if you would like to join a network of even more active resistants,
11:47   report to us, at Résistance Républicaine,
11:51   and we will put you in contact. There it is, young people.
11:55   I am sorry to begin this afternoon with a speech
11:59   that is alarmist and grave, but the future of our country,
12:03   the future of our children, is in our hands, and
12:07   only in our hands: we will win or we shall die.

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  1. How many times did Our Lady appear in France? How many places bare her name & house her miracles? & still they fall back upon their ‘enlightened’ emptiness. Only God save them.

    • God does not directly interfere in the affairs of us mere mortals. God may send messengers or even his Son in order to alert us to our own human failings, but in the end, it is all down to us to sort life out for ourselves.

  2. France may have to show a very ugly face to reverse their Islamic incursions, but this resolve was there in the past, and, as Islam, itself frozen still in time, testifies, the passage of a mere couple of centuries changes nothing.

    • I don’t believe Russia wants another Yugoslavia on its borders or an European Islamic Caliphate. The V4 countries, now with Israel, show a path to independent Nationhood, the kind of national independence that the EU has been systematically trying to destroy.

      The two major players in that destruction are France and Germany – they are the only European countries that have been ‘allowed’ to keep their industrial/manufacturing base. Control those two countries and the rest of Europe is also controlled.

      And therein is where lies the key to the de-establishing of the Globalist system of dominance if just one other problem can be unmasked, and that is the influence of the British Establishment in all that is now happening.

      All the Western ‘intelligence’ agencies dance to the British Establishment’s tune who in turn, control the ‘foreign policies’ of all Western governments, and that system needs to change.

  3. I have always thought that good ‘ol Civil Disobedience MLK-style would have worked in the past–and I still think it would stand a good chance if employed with enough strength and vigor.
    Again–they can always go after the single leaders, (i.e. Tommy) but dealing with the thousands WHOM WE KNOW oppose islam en mass–is NOT POSSIBLE.

    ESPECIALLY for EUroweenies. They attack only singles whom they can be sure to outnumber–kinda like muzzies………….

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    This is a fairly long, but very incisively written piece about the Chinese perception of the relationship between the Hindu Indians and the Muslim Indians at this time.
    Please note the difference between the reaction of India’s Hindu citizens to Muslim atrocities and the reaction of European citizens (in fact European governments) to Muslim atrocities.
    And note carefully the author’s conclusions regarding the behaviour of the Hindus, and its effect on India’s Muslim citizens.
    There’s a very obvious lesson to be learned from the above comparison.

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