Prostitute Murdered by an Asylum Seeker in Regensburg

An asylum seeker from Mali murdered a prostitute in Regensburg. The following report by Egri Nök was originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Rejected Asylum Seeker Kills Prostitute

by Egri Nök

An original translation from the German newspaper Bild.

Rejected Asylum Seeker Strangles Prostitute

Why was the murderer of Lica (33) not deported?

The Prostitute Lica L. (33) was strangled to death in her apartment in Regensburg. She had been living in Germany for four years.

by J. Völkerling
September 6, 2017

Regensburg — It is difficult to take. Another asylum seeker, who should long have been deported, killed a woman in Germany!

Only Wednesday, Bild reported on the murder trial of Hussein K. (according to expert assessment, older than 22), who raped and murdered the student Maria L. (19). K. should never have received asylum procedures in Germany: he had already applied for asylum in Greece, and had spent time in jail for attempted murder.

Now, the next case surfaces

In the night of August 29-30, Souleymane T. (21) from Mali sees the prostitute Lica L. (33) in Regensburg. They have sex; he pays €50. Then the man presses a pillow on the Romanian woman’s mouth, strangles her to death, flees with his victim’s money and phone.

Monday, police manage to arrest the African in Weiden in Upper Palatinate, after they were able to geolocate his phone. He has been in custody for murder since then.

His motive? Greed! “He killed the woman for financial reasons”, announces Franz Schimpel of the Regensburg criminal investigation department.

The man from Mali should not even have been here anymore in the first place — two months ago, his asylum application was rejected!

The proceedings: Souleymane T. entered Germany on March 30, asked for asylum one day later in Heidelberg, and was transferred to Regensburg, where he filed his application officially. His accommodation is opposite the apartment of his eventual victim. In May, T. committed battery in the accommodation.

A housemate tells Bild: “He came from the town of Bamako. I went to the welfare agency with him, I had to pay for the taxi, as he refused. I did not want to share a room with him anymore.”

By June 20 — only three months after entry — his application for asylum is rejected. The authorities were quick! But T. is not deported: “As the man did not possess a valid passport, the aliens registration authority requested substitute papers from the Republic of Mali.”

The photo of his birth certificate that he produced on entry was not sufficient for the authorities.

“It is not proven whether this is the photo of a genuine document,” a speaker of the government Upper Palatinate says to Bild. As several authorities are involved in the acquisition of a substitute passport, one had no influence “on the timeline of the consular proceedings.”

Why was T. not in custody pending deportation? A police spokesman says to Bild: “A substitute document was requested from the Republic of Mali, and for the time being, a suspension of deportation is extended, time and again. The battery offense in May was not sufficient reason for custody.”

Translator’s Note:

This case is particularly sad, as a Romanian woman is the victim. Since an alliance of Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals, and Die Linke completely legalized prostitution in 2002, Germany has become the center of human trafficking of women from impoverished families in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. These women barely make a living, and send the little money they can save home to their families; many of them were even forced into prostitution.

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  1. Just a “normal” muslim does what a normal muslim do… Nothing to see here, integration works, everything is beautiful… everyone is running together hand in hand in a field with rainbow above them, all colors and creeds hugging each other like a Benetton ad…

      • ………..and not tooooooooo to many funerals. Only ‘sex workers’ –and not ‘real Germans’ after all.

        • Excellent point you made…poor young Romanian girl from untermensch race was killed..If that was a German prostitute ….o man..
          But there is almost non German prostitutes in Germany..
          German Superior Being people are in no needs to sale theirs bodies in the order to survive…

  2. Prostitute Murdered by an Asylum Seeker in Regensburg

    So, we go from Benedict’s, “There is no compulsion in religion” (Quran 2:256) over to. “There is no impulse control in Islam” (Quran X:LBGTQ@#$%^&*)

  3. European type justice. Since prostitution is legal the way to curb prostitution is to facilitate the murder of prostitutes by legalized immigration of potential murderers, rapists, arsonists, thieves and welfare artists. Wonderful.

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