Statue of Jan III Sobieski Desecrated on the Kahlenberg

Austria is about to celebrate the 334th anniversary of the breaking of the Siege of Vienna, which took place on September 11-12, 1683. The force that rode to the relief of Vienna was led by King Jan (John) III Sobieski of Poland, who later became known as the “Hero of Vienna”.

On the night of September 11 the king arrived with his troops at the summit of the Kahlenberg, the wooded hill that overlooks Vienna. Early the following morning he led his men in a charge down the hill and routed the Turks before the Gates of Vienna, saving the city.

Last night the statue of King Jan III Sobieski on the Kahlenberg was vandalized and damaged. Below is the report from the Polish news site Wirtualna Polska . Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Polish monument was damaged in Vienna. The intelligence services are expecting something more serious.

September 9, 2017
by Anna Kozińska and Grzegorz Łakomski

A lot of police, a helicopter circling above — that’s how Kahlenberg Hill in Vienna looks right now, reports Grzegorz Łakomski, Wirtualna Polska. At night, before the celebrations of the 334th anniversary of the Vienna siege at Kahlenberg, two monuments were damaged. Now the police services are waiting in place for the participants in two demonstrations. They fear that there will be an escalation of hatred.

Judge of the State Tribunal and former Speaker of the Sejm [Polish Parliament] Józef Zych was invited to the celebration of the 334th anniversary of the Vienna relief in Kahlenberg. “It’s terrible what happened” — in these words he referred to the destruction of two monuments in Vienna in a conversation with the reporter Grzegorz Łakomski for Wirtualna Polska.

The Jan III Sobieski monument was damaged. It was painted black, and “sh***y” was written on it. Another monument, a Ukrainian one, has also been profaned. The perpetrators are unknown. Rallies by two radical groups were planned for today at exactly this spot.

Will it get worse?

In the evening, at 6 pm, there will be two demonstrations on the Kahlenberg Hill — leftists and neo-Nazis. The reason? The issue of welcoming refugees. One group is for it, others are against it. Both rallies were authorized, the first one for 700 people, the second for 200.

The police secured the area, set the barriers and are keeping guard. The Church of St. Joseph is also being protected.

A large number of officers will be deployed. They are prepared for fights.

25 thoughts on “Statue of Jan III Sobieski Desecrated on the Kahlenberg

  1. Statue of Jan III Sobieski Desecrated on the Kahlenberg

    P’raps a little retaliatory desecration is in order?

  2. If only we had men of his quality and commitment today – but the Poles will NOT be afraid to protect themselves come the crunch. The curse of Islam and their barbarian acts perpetrated throughout history will be subdued – but this time it must be the LAST time.

    • The greater the consistency and firmness of the Polish government in taking care of national interests, the greater are the attacks from across the Oder River. Germany can not stand opposition. We have seen it many times. History has shown that they can be ruthless. It is only a pity that, by formulating further blackmail and threats against Poland, they do not remember the consequences of such attitudes.

      Obedient,obeyed, and blindly looking on the West Poland was a very useful EU. The status of our country, established by the Third Republic of Poland, was very much in line with the rich EU countries. The Germans had us a cheap and well-functioning commercial and service facilities, which politely listen to what is aspect from EU and Germany.Last two years Poland has recovered its subjectivity. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo’s government puts on the Polish economy and definitely defends our national interest. She has the courage to oppose the Union’s preposterous migration policy and to block excessive interference in the internal affairs of our country. By gaining a stronger position on the international scene, it organizes a block of Central and Eastern Europe into real strength, rejecting the ill-conceived solutions coming from the EU. This attitude leads Germany to white fever. They did not foresee such obstacles in creating a multicultural superstate project. They also count the specific losses they suffered after the change of power in Poland. When the Law and Justice was at the helm, it was about rebuilding Polish interests, which severely hurt the Germans. From a long list you can list some of the most important ones:

      refusal of forced relocation of refugees

      reconstruction of Polish shipbuilding industry

      resuscitation of mines Industry

      The announcement of the repolonisation of the media, which in the vast majority belong in Poland to German corporations

      unequivocally raise the issue of war reparations

      It is only part of German interests that have been violated by the Polish government’s national policy. And yet recently the PO-PSL government has assuredly joined the eurozone, agreed to accept refugees, liquidated its own industry at the expense of letting foreign giants into the market. These times have been lucky. Hence these growing threats and blackmail.

      “Countries wishing to preserve national homogeneity should immediately leave the EU”

      – wrote one of the German newspapers 3 days ago.

      There was also the idea of the head of the German Ministry of Interior to impose a common rate of refugee allowance on all EU states, so that they would not want to settle in Germany alone. This shows that the insolence of Germany is out of control. The use of EU institutions to blackmail smaller states with financial penalties and other forms of coercion far exceeds that of state partnerships. They are unaware of how much the Union has changed and how much national potential has emerged in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland have their own goals. We have struggled for sovereignty for too long to succumb to pressure to destroy the security of our own country.

  3. Ya gotta admit that in spite of our wealth education and advanced civilization we must appear to be a little bit thick to the savages with common scents in general and particular. We had better choose God’s will over a monkey’s – soon. Critical mass approaches the approaches. You

  4. Rather surprising the statue hasn’t been targeted before now. It was probably vandalized by Antifa types, the choice of epitaph “Sh…y” is more in keeping with their low brow politics. But it won’t be long before the jihadists realize who King Sobieski was, and how his leadership knocked back Islam’s European aspirations for 300 years.

  5. Is there any further information on this?

    I’m outraged and appalled as a proud Polish-Australian. I learnt alot about Jan III Sobieski and his heroism which was so honoured by both the lords of the land and the messengers of God.

  6. King Jan III Sobieski and his glorious heroes, the Winged Hussars of the Polish Cavalry, saved Western Europe at the Battle of Vienna. We must revere their courage for ever. The ignorant savages who desecrated the king’s statue are beneath contempt.

  7. King Jan III Sobieski won the Battle of Vienna, in order that it have today more Muslim (32.000) than Catholics (30.000) pupils in the public schools?


  8. God you guys are dumb. There is no such statue on the Kahlenberg–in fact a simple Google search shows there is no such statue in Vienna.

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