Cardinal Woelki: Good Christians Must Help Me Destroy European Civilization

Our old friend Cardinal Rainer “Man in the Boat” Woelki is back.

His Eminence is a cardinal in the Catholic Church (appointed by Pope Francis), the Archbishop of Cologne, and a high-minded member in good standing of the Gutmenschen. The great thing about being an archbishop in Modern Multicultural Germany is that you not only get to wear cool threads and hobnob with glittering celebrities, but you also get to promote the latest fashionable political trends with ample funding from the Vatican (see previous posts about Cardinal Woelki here, here, and here.

Cardinal Woelki’s most infamous stunt was to have a “refugee” boat hauled in from the Mediterranean to use as a prop at an outdoor altar when he was celebrating Mass in the square adjacent to Cologne Cathedral. He regularly hectors his flock with admonitions about their complicity in the suffering and death of all those poor, poor migrants who try to cross the Mediterranean in search of a better life in the fleshpots of Europe.

In his latest video, the archbishop puts on a life vest as a “stole” and uses a famous landmark bridge as a prop to once again berate German Catholics about their guilt in not helping those “refugees” and not making sure that all of them — every last thieving-and-raping one of them — is able to make it to the land of Milk and Honey and Welfare in Germany.

Make no mistake about it: despite his costume and his sonorous sermons, Cardinal Rainer Woelki is not a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. His mission is not to administer the sacraments and feed his flock, but to help the political establishment bring about a borderless Brave New World Order in Europe. The fact that, assuming he is successful in his hectoring, the Church in Europe will be utterly destroyed is of no significance to him. The destruction of European Civilization and the elimination of Christianity are such trivial matters in comparison with the glory of ushering in the Multicultural Millennium in the continent formerly known as Europe.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What I have here around my neck is a modern life vest.
00:04   In this way I want to raise attention to the fact that, in the Mediterranean,
00:08   far more than a thousand refugees have once again miserably drowned.
00:12   Drowned in that nice blue swimming water, where many of us just enjoyed our holidays.
00:18   In light of that, I can’t go back to business as usual.
00:22   Even though governmental and private initiatives
00:25   were able to save tens of thousands, I feel helpless.
00:29   Every single dead refugee drowns in our indifference.
00:34   “But Mister Cardinal, the number of refugees has markedly dropped!”
00:38   Yes, but only because those in distress are not wanted on European soil!
00:44   The people seeking shelter and help are now, for example,
00:47   taken back to the horror camps of Libya!
00:50   A country where refugees are betrayed again, persecuted, beaten and raped!
00:56   But we — yes, we have got a white vest and fewer refugees.
01:00   I think that is cynical! As a bishop, like all priests,
01:05   I wear a stole over my shoulders, almost like this life vest.
01:09   The stole is a symbol, it represents the burden of Christ, Christ’s mission:
01:15   “Whatever you did for the least of these sisters and brothers of mine, you did for me.”
01:20   This, among others, is a core mission of Christ!
01:23   And when I hear now that the private aid initiatives were hindering rescues,
01:28   or even aided human trafficking — then it makes me really angry.
01:32   After all, those many volunteers from “Jugend Rettet” or MOAS
01:36   only started their rescue ships when so many people were drowning!
01:41   They began their passionate rescue work
01:45   because our governmental, and European, aid was halfhearted, and often came way too late!
01:51   On the high seas, everyone is obliged to save whoever is drowning.
01:55   S.O.S. — save our souls. Every one of us
01:58   can do something for his own soul when he
02:01   helps refugees in need. No matter where and how, and not just in the Mediterranean.
02:06   Helping and saving — that is not just a mission of Christian seafaring.
02:10   Yours, Rainer Woelki, Archbishop of Cologne.

23 thoughts on “Cardinal Woelki: Good Christians Must Help Me Destroy European Civilization

  1. “Every single dead refugee drowns in our indifference.”

    The Passion of Kardinal Woelki is, indeed absurdist theater!

    His comportment and his sermonizing remind me of an observation about fin de siecle Vienna from the great novelist Robert Musil, in Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften/The Man without Qualities. Satirically:

    “[A]ny sentiment that isn’t boundless is worthless.”

    It’s at the core of the leftist moral ethics (a distortion of Judeo-Christian morality), where ‘injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’, infinite compassion and the absolute right of free movement of persons. No borders, no distinctions, no hierarchies…ad infinitum.

    Such propels…perpetual revolution–the sine qua non of Existence. Perhaps, Kardinal Woelki (and his patron Papa Francisco) are confusing it with their Christ?!

  2. This must be the most repugnant, hypocritical, virtue signaller of all time. I bet he hasn’t contributed 1 Euro of his own money or taken a single refugee into his own abode. The man makes one want to vomit.

    • He certainly does. The Christian gospels admonish us to look after our neighbour and our neighbours are the drunk down the street, the woman who doesn’t properly look after her children – not strangers in foreign lands. Missionaries used to cater to them in their own lands.

      The Cardinal Woelkis of this world are repulsive narcissistic virtue signalers, and this particular one is as un-Christian as Dope Francis.

  3. Ugly person. Inside and out. Not surprised he is an appointee by the so-called pope, Francis.

  4. This makes my blood boil. This man might as well put a pistol in his mouth and blow his head off — it would be a more useful, expedient use of his time, as the final outcome is the same given what he’s advocating politically.

    And I’m sorrry (contrary to R.R. Reno’s essay which I know Dymphna via personal communication to me recently took a liking) there is a certain solid truth in Nietzsche’s theory of ressentiment in his “Genealogy.” This bleeding-heartness actually has nothing to do with actual compassion for the refugees–or for anybody. It is revenge instinct full-blown.

    Or otherwise considered, it’s the “Christianity misinterpreted” — effeminate, simultaneously weak and cruel — about which Machiavelli spoke in in the beginning of Book II of his Discourses…

  5. Nobody stops him from taking in refugees and paying for them out of his own bankaccount.

    In Germany there is a difference between a “Gutmensch” (goodhuman, but it is a not nice term for leftwing people) and a “guter Mensch” (good human, positiv).

    A “Gutmensch” demands everything but paying for it, suffering, etc should be done by someone else.
    All leftwing people fit into this category.

    A “guter Mensch” does it himself, like the Holy Martin who divided his own cloak or the entertainer Frank Zander who pays a meal once a year for the homeless.

    This guy is a fraud. He should be forced to take a few refugees into his own (big) mansion. Who takes the bets about how long it will take before he is culturally enriched?

    This reminds of an article long ago in the leftwing taz newspaper which said:
    The first ones to leave a township after it turns multicultural are the ones who demanded it to be multicultural.

  6. Again, we see the leftoid agonizing that life is not, “fair” because crossing the Mediterranean is risky, and not some utopian “safe space.”

    Also, isn’t it racist to assume that these invaders are so incapable, and so lacking in agency that they are helpless to improve their own countries, thus we must take them in?

  7. He’s a fence sitter writ large. He supports moslems and lgbt. I would love to see him have afternoon tea and scones with both groups together.

  8. Thank God for a celibate clergy.

    Although fools such as this moron are doing plenty of damage without having heirs by blood to carry on the work of destroying Europe for them.

  9. Sorry, but after my family suffered from sexual abuse from this “church” and after being informed of this and sympathizing but then doing nothing, I realized what a sham the Catholic Church has become.
    I am a very happy, believing Christian who needs the Catholic Church for my belief as much as I need the Koran. This lunatic is just the tip of the iceberg.

  10. Interesting how he uses the quote “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

    It implies that the refugees are automatically brethren of Jesus Christ – even though they are predominantly muslim?

    In my little world view – it will be the forgotten Christians of the middle east who will be counted as Jesus’ brethren, after all they are being prosecuted for their faith arn’t they?

    • Yes, what irritates me, is that the good Bishop’s charity does not extend to those who need it most: Christians of Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt and other countries like that. Charity should begin at home.

  11. I greatly respect Christianity.

    I have far less respect for many of those who imagine themselves to be Christian leaders, or many of those modern institutions that they represent.

    We do not have time to try to repair those institutions. I think it best to ignore them entirely and to use our own best skepticism and judgement.

    • Unfortunately, there is too much fake Christianity in the world. And it goes out of its way to attract attention.

  12. The Roman Catholic Church is turning into an ordinary NGO. She has replaced her theology with a sickeningly sentimental ‘progressive’ ideology. It seems that the only authentically Christian denomination in the world is the Orthodox Church. Though attempts are being made to poison her too.

  13. As a Bishop myself I am deeply embarrassed by religious hypocrites like this. If he were one of mine I would sack him then Excommunicate according to canon law. These people are not fit to wear “the cloth”.

    Biblical exhortation “Vanity! All is vanity!” Ecclesiastes, or “Render unto Caesar” or “Fulfill the Law not break it!”

  14. The good cardinal overlooks the fact that the Biblical ” Good Samaritan ” provided aid and comfort to a needy person in that person’s venue. No need to change one’s culture in older to do good to a fellow human being. Of much greater importance are the truisms ; ” God helps those that help themselves ” as well as ” Charity begins at home “……. The so called Refugees certainly don’t seem to be looking after each other….What gives them the right to demand that we look after them. Jesus spoke about weeds in the garden. He was referring to Human weeds. Should we consider using ” Round up instead of Fertilizer .

  15. The predictable spawn of Pope Marx.
    If people don’t hear sirens and see red flashing lights warning of impending disaster, they are willfully blind.

  16. Bo-effing hoo. The human traffickers going rate is 4,500 Euros last that I heard. That is more disposable income than I, a ‘middle class American’ (ha ha) has had in the bank in twenty years.

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