More on the Diplomatic Row Between Hungary and The Netherlands

As we reported yesterday, Hungary has suspended top-level diplomatic relations with the Netherlands and withdrawn their ambassador from The Hague. The issue was an interview given to a Hungarian news outlet by the outgoing Dutch ambassador to Budapest, Gajus Scheltema, in which Mr. Scheltema likened the Hungarian government’s policies to those of the Islamic State.

Below is a report from Hungary’s English-language news channel:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “More on the Diplomatic Row Between Hungary and The Netherlands

  1. I really don’t understand why the UK is still going through the motions of negotiating the Brexit exercise as if it still had any relevance.

    The abomination that is the EU is now nothing more than an irrelevance – a ‘dead parrot’ as Monty would put it.

    Praise be.

  2. ” in which Mr. Scheltema likened the Dutch government’s policies to those of the Islamic State”

    Uhh… I suppose you meant to write “likened the Hungarian government’s policies to those of the Islamic State”?

      • I, you and Bismarck in his seventies also plead / . . .ed a senior moment, occasionally.

        Scheltema likened the Hungarian government’s policies to those of the Islamic State.

        For goodness sake . . what language are western politicians talking? You hear the same crap in New Zealand, Canada, USA, Aussie, Sweden, France, Denmark. . .

        What puzzles me is the fact that the ideas, ideology are so amazingly congruent – like congruent triangles, everyone in his ( don’t forget her) language ( Italiano, Danish, English, . . . ) no matter old or young, any language, they are the same as if an extraneous evil power has transformed them into devil spokespersons for the upcoming caliphate.
        Who has made them so mentally blind and subservient to islam.

        We can see and hear their ugly deeds promoting caliphate and we cannot stop them because we have real, tangible, unmatched, unparalleled, peerless, DEMOCRACY.

        People who choose their rulers are not stupid. Are they?

        Words of rage: 1. Why do they hate us so much.
        2. On 9/11 I learned everything about
        3. Islam is the religion of pieces.

        4. “Now we are all Hamas” oh to hell
        with such morons.

        5. We cannot stop the invasion of the
        west. They enrich our culture.
        6. Tell mama.

        7. we have to live with the new norms:
        terrorist attacks perpetrated by those only affiliated to ISIS but not islam. Yes, they cry Alluhu Akber

  3. Having a quick look at this ambassador’s Linkedin profile tells me he has been a career diplomat for most of his profesional life and used to weighing his words. I doubt it very much he “goofed” up.
    I think he was instructed by the Dutch State Department to make this damaging remark.
    The timing, the end of his tenure was a godsend oportunity.
    Why the State Department would want to instigate an international incident is beyond me. I see no purpose or benefit other than raking in some negative publicity for The Netherlands.

    • Well – either genuine stupidity of the ambassador or a carefully orchestrated statement attacking Hungary … as a prelude of something more ominous?

      I ceased to believe that all these West-European politicians are just plain dumb and do not know the ramifications of that deadly cult conquering Europe.

      Hence – orchestrated, approved and timely released.

      Qui bono?

      • Coincident or not,it happen the same day and time when Macron lunch attack on Poland..
        Dutch and French are particularly interested for introduction protectionist polices in EU..
        In my opinion it was arrange to put political pressure on Hungary and Poland. Regards

    • Ah yes, the career diplomat…a nice way of saying someone is a lifelong parasite on the taxpayers’ neck

  4. The Dutch – at least, those in power – should cut down on marijuana. It might feel nice, but it is incompatible with clear thinking.

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