Islamic Terror in Europe: The Statistics

The following analysis from Denmark uses statistics published by the European Union to demonstrate which political or religious group is responsible for most deadly terrorist attacks in Europe. The conclusion is no surprise to Gates of Vienna readers, but perhaps the average Danish viewer is not as aware of the magnitude of Islamic terrorism in the West.

One statistic presented in this video made me curious: the fact that 95% of those killed in terror attacks in 2016 were killed by Muslim terrorists. Five percent of 142 is seven, so seven people were killed in non-Muslim terror attacks in 2016. I’m not doubting the authenticity of this figure, but do you remember those attacks? Because I don’t. The Finsbury Park Mosque attack didn’t occur until this year. I can’t remember any other recent deadly non-Muslim attacks. Did the Black Block, Antifa, or UAF actually manage to kill someone in 2016 during their looting and burning? Or is some of the violence in Ukraine perhaps included in these numbers?

Many thanks to Ghost Norse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Each year the EU (European Union) publishes a sort of “Terrorism Last Year”.
00:04   The latest edition, which looks at the terror threat in the year 2016,
00:08   has just been published, and we’re going to have a closer look.
00:16   These EU reports are called TE-SET reports, or
00:20   “know your enemy”, as I call them. And they split terrorism into four main groups:
00:24   the Islamist terror, right-wing extremist, left-wing extremist
00:28   and finally separatist terror. The question is, which of these
00:32   four main groups represents the biggest terror threat against EU’s citizens.
00:37   If we look only at the number of attacks,
00:41   it’s clear that separatist terror generates by far most of the attacks.
00:45   If on the other hand we look at the number of dead and wounded
00:49   these attacks have caused, the picture becomes a bit different.
00:53   In 2016, 142 people were killed in terror attacks in the EU.
00:57   95 percent of those were killed in Islamist attacks.
01:01   379 people were wounded,
01:05   and as many as 99 percent of them were wounded in Islamist attacks!
01:09   The relatively low number of attacks, with a very high number of dead
01:13   and wounded, tells us something about the very specific nature of Islamist terrorism.
01:17   Here the main objective is to kill, wound and maim
01:21   as many people as absolutely possible, and thereby it is differentiated
01:25   from the other terrorism we normally find in the EU. They also make use of bombs,
01:30   killing and other horrific methods, but it is the exception
01:34   rather than the rule that the main goal is to kill as many as possible.
01:38   That is on the other hand a central criterion for success in Islamist terrorism.
01:42   In 2016 a man took a truck and
01:46   chose to celebrate the French National Day in his own special way, namely by
01:50   driving this truck and plowing it through the French Riviera in Nice,
01:54   killing as many as possible. More than 80 people were killed.
01:58   It was also in 2016 that terrorists stormed the Belgian airport,
02:02   shooting and detonating suicide-bombs, killing 32 people
02:06   and wounding about 200. Terrorists who by the way were
02:10   wanted by the authorities for fighting in Syria, but despite that,
02:14   could freely travel back and forth, between France, Belgium and Syria, multiple times.
02:18   *Sigh*
02:22   Another relevant criterion one can look at is the number of arrests.
02:26   In 2016, 1002 people were arrested
02:30   for terror-related activities in the EU. 718 of those,
02:35   or 72 percent, were arrested for Islamist terror activity.
02:39   That number has been increasing, basically for as long as the EU been measuring it.
02:43   And from 2012 to 2016 the number rose explosively.
02:47   In short: it’s Islamist terror which is responsible for
02:51   by far the majority of the terror-related death and destruction we have seen
02:55   on the European continent since 2001. It’s without comparison
02:59   Islamist terror which by far constitutes the biggest threat of terrorism
03:03   for the citizens of the EU. And if anyone tries to tell you differently,
03:07   then you know they either don’t know what they’re talking about, or they’re lying right to your face.