Viennese Woman Assaulted by Somali — For Owning Dogs

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

Woman launched attack

Vienna: Dispute over dogs ended in the hospital

A shocking attack occurred in broad daylight in Vienna: Ingrid T. (54) lies in the hospital after a brutal attack. Motive: her two dogs! “The animals are unclean,” as asserted by the attacker, a Somali asylum seeker.

She was talking with the neighbors at the garden gate — the deaf, almost blind, three-legged Collie mix “Panda” sat peacefully; the ten-month-old “Poco” walked along the alley towards Ingrid T.’s parents’ house. “I saw a pretty veiled woman approaching slowly. I knew some people from these countries do not like dogs, so I went to Poco and wanted to pull him back,” says Ingrid T. from her hospital bed.

“She grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me”

Then, as the Viennese said, the Somali woman (18 years old, a legal resident of Austria) attacked her. “She grabbed me, spun me around, scratched me” — until both fell to the ground. It took three men to pull the woman off the 54-year-old. “I couldn’t feel my legs,” recalls Ingrid T.

“We do not want dogs: they are dirty”

She was then operated on twice in the Wilhelminen Hospital — her knee was smashed; an artificial knee was surgically implanted. Why did all that happen? Because this is about culture; the Somali husband supposedly told Ingrid T in the hospital: “We don’t want dogs, they are filthy!”

Ingrid T. is expecting a long recovery. Who will pay for all this? Her lawyer, Manfred Ainedter, doesn’t know. The Somali woman does not have liability insurance: “This will probably be a precedent.”

— Sandra Ramsauer, Kronen Zeitung

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  1. She was talking with the neighbors at the garden gate — the deaf, almost blind, three-legged Collie mix “Panda” sat peacefully; the ten-month-old “Poco” walked along the alley towards Ingrid T.’s parents’ house.

    Let that be a warning to you all! [/Dennis Moore]

    Walking a deaf, almost blind, three-legged Collie mix named “Panda” and whatever ten-month-old “Poco” pup, just doesn’t cut the mustard if there’s Muslims around.

    From now on, it’s overgrown Alsatians, slobbering St. Bernards, and whatever other +5o kilo specimen of canine ferocity that can take €2.39 worth of hamburger out of an assailant’s left gluteal protuberance.

    That 18 year-old Somali woman wouldn’t have had anywhere near the time to make such a ruckus if she was obliged to busy herself prying apart a set or two of jaws that were applying over +200 PSI of clamping force.

    Leave Fifi to a professional dog-walker and make sure your go-to beast is one that poses serious issues for uppity Somali Muslimas with anger management issues.

    • I’m a cat person. I think a mountain lion would make a nice “impression.”

      • I’m a cat person. I think a mountain lion would make a nice “impression.”

        I think the word you were looking for was, “indentation”.

    • As always, we are our own worst enemy. Any dog exhibiting any aggression at all is picked up by the authorities and likely will be euthanized. And any complaint at all about a pet gives the owner almost no legal recourse. I don’t know if it’s the same in Germany, but I would give odds the laws are equivalent or worse.

      Given the aptitude of Muslims to use victimhood, or anything, to their benefit, I am quite certain the Somali woman would have filed a complaint against the offending dog and the owner, although a pensioner of small means, would have to hire a lawyer to have any hope of getting her dog back alive.

      As always, it’s not difficult to imagine a mechanism to eject the invaders or at least compel them to conform to (some) civilized norms. The real barrier is our own government every time.

      • if this is the case, which i believe it could be, the european officials loathing of individual liberty and self protection of citizens rights will be their own undoing. at some point in time the fed up citizen en mass, being disarmed on all counts will take matters into their own hands. the left thinks what they have built is unshakeable but they obviously dont understand that revolutionary thinking is cyclical and is not just a leftist invention. just like what happened in America with President Trump. they should remember Nicolae Ceaușescu.

    • its so so sad to read this actually happened in Vienna!
      Does nobody care about preserving our culture and way of life? Can these people strike with such impunity while we turn the other cheek? They are a horrible blot in the landscape and should be sent back to Somalia with great speed.
      Hoping for a full recovery in hospital.

  2. I have a suspicion that being attacked by a dog was plan B, in which case they would sue the dog owner for “pocket money” added to their welfare.

  3. The stealth jihad in a rather dramatic way. Islam has no respect for the existing Kafir culture. One more reason I don’t want mass Muslim refugee migration into America. They will not accept our culture or way of life. This is something the bleeding heart liberals don’t understand even though what is happening in Europe is clear.

  4. Ingrid T. needs to upgrade to a couple Rottweilers, or just adopt a couple Pit Bulls from the local shelter if money is tight.

    One of the coolest things about Argentina is that there are stray dogs *everywhere*, and the locals love them!!!

    • Stray dogs go hungry and may carry disease. Having large numbers is a sign of a primitive, backward country. All dogs need a warm, loving, caring home. This is a very foolish, ignorant, insensitive comment.

  5. “I saw a pretty veiled woman approaching slowly.”

    The word “pretty” here is ambiguous. Is it an adverb describing the degree of the woman’s state of enveilment, or an adjective describing her beauty? The original text (“Da hab ich eine hübsche Frau mit Schleier heranspazieren gesehen.”) says that it is the latter, which could be conveyed in English by inserting a comma: “a pretty, veiled woman”. But if the woman was veiled, how could her prettiness be verified?

  6. Step one in removing an attacker from on top of someone else.

    Kick them in the side of the head hard, do not use your hands which could put yourself in danger.

    If people wish to attack others in public then getting kicked in the head should be an occupational hazard.

    • I should add that this is a hate crime and should be charged as such though the [idiots] in power would likely balk at such a use of the law.

  7. The Austrian government will usually arrest an Austrian for assault and battery and Ingrid’s lawyer is about as useful as the potted plants occupying the EU parliament.

  8. The Austrian “authorities” who allow this nonsense ought to be ashamed. Do the Austrian people elect these mollusks? I am shocked at the impunity with which Islamic intruders continually affront their hosts, & at the local governments’ continual dereliction of their duties.
    And what was the attacker’s owner, oops, husband doing in the victim’s hospital room?

  9. Does anyone know of a follow up to this incomplete story? We’re the police called? If so, did they take witness statements? Did the police send it to the prosecutor?

    15 years ago there was an English joke that the average English person would finally rebel not when Muslims raped their women but when Muslims banned alcholol and their beloved dogs.

      • Except that, by and large, the young male members of the Ummah simply LOVE them some football…

        • Not quite true. Look more closely into the rulings.

          Football is OK for martial training, i.e. for jihad prep, and also for humiliating the kuffar. But that’s it.

          Enjoying it as a sport is haram.

  10. A small walther or remington in a pocket would probably be advisable in Vienna when walking a dog, wouldn’t it?

  11. You ask: Who will pay for all this?
    I’m ask: do Smomali’s women is arested?

    And: do Ingrid is in own country?

  12. For those people expressing shock at the injustice of this incident.

    I no longer view European security and legal systems as matters of right and wrong. It’s more like Lenin’s “who…whom” question. Meaning, that everything is a matter of power. Who has the power to influence the police, courts, and city officials and who has to rely on their own resources?

    In Europe, there is a vested, organized interest in importing invaders, and preventing any public resistance to mass immigration. This builds a natural resistance in bureaucracy, including the police, in taking any action against immigrants. You’ve got to deal with the family, the neighborhood Muslim or African group, the reporters and city officials. In addition, you could always have a violent reaction to any charges of Africans, so if you’re a bureaucrat just looking for a quiet day and effortless promotions, you take the path of least resistance. The native Germans are certainly not going to cause trouble, so your course of action is pretty obvious. Ignore feeble pensioners and avoid young African Muslims. It’s more than obvious.

    There is no concept of justice in the system. The magnitude of government, remoteness, and anonymity of bureaucrats has absolutely removed any vestige of accountability. Acting according to justice or even law is a lose-lose proposition for any official. It brings trouble from the bottom, and absolutely no support from the top. The police faced with violent Muslims and thuggish, violent leftists every day know that if they shoot someone in self-defense, or crack a head, they will be charged with murder and will be abandoned and thrown to the wolves by their commanders. This is exactly what the Obama administration was pushing for eight years in the US: absolutely no justice, political and identity pull is everything.

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