Tommy Robinson to HM Government: You’re Going to Create a Monster

The following video by Tommy Robinson was evidently recorded for before the latest jihad massacre, but is just as appropriate now as it was in the wake of the Manchester bombing and the earlier London massacre:

Hat tip: Henrik Clausen.

8 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson to HM Government: You’re Going to Create a Monster

  1. So now we’re supporting internment of ISIS supporters. Is this a government tar baby? Are they pleading with us not to throw them into the briar patch? After all who is going to determine who is an isn’t a dangerous extremist? We all know the government will make that determination, and what happens when they declare us violent extremists, and use the very same internment tools, we’ve demanded they create, against us?

    The EU knew Qaddafi was holding back a wave of African immigrants, and they were even rumored to be paying him to do it, so they knew what would happen when they over turned his government. I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut, but I would be very careful what I demanded the government do in the name of safety, because it won’t be long before they’re doing it to you.

    • The EU didn’t overturn his government. The U.S. interfered with Libyan affairs, culminating in the death of Americans stationed there, and the death of Qaddafi. It was caused by our inept Sec State, Cruella de Ville. Our NOT-president, thank heavens.

      I remain grateful to my fellow Americans who voted for Trump. Say what you will about his foibles, he’s not Hillary. And that will make a world of difference to us all. She’s planning to run in 2020. Imagine the spectacle.

      • If I remember correctly all we supplied was air power. Europe did the rest, but yes it was all arranged by Hillary, but that doesn’t change the fact that they knew what would happen. It’s as if they wanted this “refugee” crisis to occur.

    • As Katie Hopkins put it, or words to that effect, ‘If they want to go and fight for ISIS, then let them, then take their passports on the way out and throw it in the incinerator’.

      I notice May is now headlining her intention to tear up the Human Rights Act that has been instrumental in causing much of the problem that is now so evident – as it was always intended to do – well, I say that is great Mrs May, but, your intended action is about two decades too late!

      • Good points! If terrorists commit crimes and are living with family members not born in their host country, deport everyone in the household! Israel destroys homes of terrorists. They ended the policy because of human rights -UN influence. However, the attacks increased. So the home destruction policy was re-instated after the heinous murders of Jewish teens who became lost in a Palestinian inhabited area. They were killed for being Jews. Once again, the terrorist homes are being destroyed as a deterrent and punishment! Perhaps family members & Mosque leaders would think twice about harboring, supporting terrorists if they lost their passports and ability to remain in a host country that gave them 1000% more than the hellholes, wastelands from which they came.

  2. Does Tommy know about the Deep State/Globalists and their intended consequences, consequences for which is he is now warning us all about? Does he understand that what he is warning us of has already been predicted by those who have organized this very scenario to come about?

    Does he realize that MI5 and MI6 are also part of the Deep State? If anyone denies this then I would suggest you take in the evidence that is all around Britain, especially in the form of 23,000 ‘known’ would be Muslim fanatical fundamentalists and the laws still in place to protect them against ‘extremist’ xenophobic/racist/hate-crime filled British Patriots.

    There is not enough police and there definitely is not enough soldiers with which to deploy that could adequately, let alone effectively, guard against those ‘known’ 23,000 soldiers of Allah who are only too willing to die for their Moon god.

    Self-defence is an inalienable right that no government can take away, no matter how totalitarian that government has become. If the government and its authorities, such as the police cannot protect you, then you as an individual must take measures to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.

    Best get about doing that right now.

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