Counselor for refugees stabbed to death by a “refugee”, but it’s NOT “terror” — what a relief!

A counselor for refugees in Saarbrücken was stabbed to death by one of his clients. The authorities are at pains to emphasize that this was not an act of terror. Just an ordinary, common-or-garden knife murder, where two people have a disagreement and one of them settles the matter with a blade. Happens all the time among ordinary Germans, right?


Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Saarbrücker Zeitung:

Saarbrücken. Deadly Knife attack at German Red Cross refugee counseling facility.

A 27-year-old Syrian is suspected of stabbing a counselor to death today at the counseling facility for refugees in Saarbrücken.

Allegedly the refugee got into an argument with the Red Cross counselor and then proceeded to stab the man to death, a spokesperson for the police told the Saarbrücker Zeitung. The counselor died on the site from his injuries. The 27-year-old was able to be arrested a short time thereafter near the facility. This was a verbal argument that escalated, said the spokesperson. “Terror is in no way even a factor here.”

Tweet from the Saarland Police:

Deadly #knifeattack against counselor towards 10 in counseling facility in #Burbach, 27-year-old suspected attacker arrested near facility.

At first there was no more detailed information about the victim available. According to the police, the Syrian man came to the Red Cross counseling facility for refugees and migrants that morning. The facility treats traumatized refugees and migrants in need. The alleged offender lives in Saarbrücken.

The Red Cross Facebook site says among other things:

Red Cross President Michael Burkert visited the place where it happened. He spoke with co-workers and answered questions by journalists. He expressed deep shock over the incident, and he also expressed his deepest condolences. The Red Cross is now looking after coworkers and family to help them deal with the incident. The crisis intervention team and the emergency pastoral services are offering their help. The Red Cross did not give any more detailed information, and they direct attention to the official police report.

12 thoughts on “Counselor for refugees stabbed to death by a “refugee”, but it’s NOT “terror” — what a relief!

  1. I’m so glad it had nothing to do with terrorism and it was just a difference of opinion.

    • [sarcasm on]
      “We must show all our love to those poor individuals which overreacted.”
      ” And shame the experiencer, he should have known it is Ramadan.”
      [\sarcasm off]

      Bonus Points if you can identify the two womanInnen which I am emulating

      • German women? Perhaps Margot “We should meet the terrorists with Love and Prayer”-Käßmann, and Renate “Why did the police not simply shoot the axe attacker immobile?!” Künast?

        • First part: Absolutely correct, I have missed a Statement from Margot Käßmann as her very temporal Motivation of apologizing the asylum industry might be endangered. “Refugees” are a very good income regarding the acceleration of church leaving. Maybe she submerged a little after she either insulted every German, or those who wish to have children and guarantee the survival of the german peoples. Which could be interpreted as calling for genocide. But don’t expect the lawsuits against her (§130 Sedition) to be prosecuted.

          Nr 2 is supposed to be the interlectual reverse logic genius SJW Mithu Sanyal. She uttered the Proposal to call “rape victims” as “experiencing Person/ experiencer” as the former term alledgedly stigmatizes both perpetrator and victim.

          (German article by the most prominent Feminist of Germany, who is under attack by SJWs after this article)

  2. I am sure the victim would have forgiven his murderer.
    – I no longer feel sorry for these people. All I ask is the Germans do not force other countries to take their precious refugees.

  3. I wonder if he left any children behind? Kids don’t “get over” a father’s death, even more so when it’s sudden, violent, and senseless.

    • More important is the question what will those children be like in ten or fifteen years time. Will they grow up to be avenging Breiviks?

    • Well, his death is awful and tragic, but it would be better all around if he didn’t leave behind children. Better for the children to not grow up without a father and experience the trauma of his untimely death, and better from the standpoint of permanently removing his genes from being passed on.

      Such altruism and naivete is just as damaging to society as the violent impulses of his killer. I would prevent the violent impulsive tendencies of the murderer from further contaminating the gene pool by executing the murderer, and the fact that he will not be executed just illustrates how altruism and naivete can be just as damaging to society.

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