7 thoughts on “What a relief to hear. This will speed my recovery.

  1. I believe Mrs May has changed her position on what she said back in 2014. The dear Lady is now threatening to tear up the Human Rights Act – an Act that should never have been adopted and would not have been if the people had been given a vote on it – but is anyone in that craven place of cowards, crooks and Traitors called the Parliament, willing to tell her she is decades too late with her latest vote catching promise?

    • We should be careful what we wish for, Nemesis. The Act (passed in 1998) shortened the often lengthy legal appeal process under the European Convention on Human Rights, which was pioneered by the UK following the abuses of WW2. It protects all UK citizens from government tyranny, not just those we dislike.

      I believe Mrs May has in mind the “right to family life” provision, which prevents the deportation of undesirables who have dependents here; if so, I’d have no problem with that- they should have thought of it in the first place.

      • All Human Rights Laws are based in the concept of Humanism that rejects outright God given inalienable Human Rights and replaces those rights with what a ‘government’ gets to determine everyone’s rights should be.

        But, there is only one source that grants an absolute guarantee for my own individual rights that can never be violated by any government, and that is from God.

        You cannot appreciate how the Godless concept of Humanism opens the door to Totalitarianism which is where Britain is today?

        In my opinion Mark, what you describe is a retrogressive giant backward leap into why Britain now has the kind of problems we are only too familiar with. What changed in Britain after the ending of WW2 that has caused such a calamity to come about today and that hundreds of years of previous British history show was not required?

        Britain was the first of the Anglo nations to import the problem from the Middle East and the Sub-Continent (Pakistan) that is now so evident, and the only way that could have been achieved without civil unrest, was via the concept of multiculturalism with a pseudo-legal enforcement set of laws disguised as Human Rights to counter any opposition to such an imposition on the native Briton.

        None of that concept would have been accepted by the British public at the time if it had been fully explained to them of the intended consequences that we are now all witness to.

        And you are being far too nice to Mrs May.

        • We see the world differently, Nemesis. I see no sign of God having intervened to protect the victims of Fascism in WW2; this is why we need laws to protect the citizenry from oppressive governments.

          And how dare you accuse me of being nice to Mrs May! Mind you, she’s just fallen over her own feet.

          • Mrs May has just had a big wake up call, I wonder if that shock will cause some reflection on her part, or will it be business as usual until all the knives come out?

            Yes, you and I do think differently and that is part of the process of being an individual Human. Have you ever considered that if God took to intervening in Human affairs, we as Humans, would never get to learn anything?

  2. As an American who is ignorant of anything outside the US Constitution, I have to admit I know nothing about the functioning of the political system in England, or Britan, Northern Ireland, Scotland, whatever.
    I can’t even spell that B-word correctly, and frankly I don’t care to.
    We Americans tossed off all that Socialism/God save the King crap when we threw you out of our country, and I don’t want any part of your political system back, EVER.
    The Magna-Carta is possibly the worst document ever to be held up as a good thing in the history of mankind.
    The US Constitution is the GREATEST document ever recorded by the hand of man.
    BTW, it seems impossible, and later I’ll find out, but what good will it do if May actually wins? Wasn’t she just the person assigned after the last “leader” quit? What difference does it make?

    • Ric, rejecting what is now occurring in Britain as somehow being attributable to the entire population is denying that it is but a small number of Brits who have done this thing to their country and people.

      Think about this; where do you think the U.S. would be today if Hilary had been elected President? Oh but for the Grace of God, eh?

      And you should acknowledge that the American Constitution did not come about simply because some thinkers got together and decided it should be so, the Constitution came about through an evolutionary process that first started with the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights 1688, as well as the concept of English Common Law precedents and Christian-Judeo morality inherited from England.

      Everything has a beginning somewhere.

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