This is the Face of Canadian “Anti-Fascism”

As reported here over the weekend, opponents of the M-103 anti-blasphemy motion gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest the implementation of sharia in Canada and support free speech. The protesters were peaceful and law-abiding, but they were confronted by a group of about three times as many antifas who were violent and indifferent to legal niceties.

An anonymous reader sent in some photos of the “anti-fascists”, and Vlad Tepes has composited them to make the following educational video.

If you live in Ottawa, take a close look at the faces shown here, because you may want to keep a discreet distance from these worthies if you happen to encounter them in the street. In fact, everyone in Ontario and Quebec would do well to remain alert, because these droogs probably get bused to Toronto and Montreal to engage in a bit of ultra-violence at other free-speech events:

14 thoughts on “This is the Face of Canadian “Anti-Fascism”

  1. Love the picture of the guy with the huge four spiked hairdo who has a handkerchief around his face so he wont be easily recognised!

  2. I have the opposite opinion. Our side should wade into them, break their bones, crack their skulls, and cause them great pain and suffering. You come to give pain, you receive pain. And there’s plenty more where that came from.

    The root of the problem is George Soros, Inc., the World’s Most Evil Man. And seemingly untouchable, as he breaks laws everyday.

  3. I can see the Commissar Google already removed the YouTube video for “online harassment and bullying”. After all who would like to show their true face…

    • Baron what can be done now…I also wished to view this video but could not?

      • I particularly wanted to see this video because the presence of this London Bridge Muslim killer in Dublin raises big issues and there was a similar anti-Pegida terror type demo in Dublin on Feb 6 2016

        What I mean is that there is now a close connection to that Dublin anti-Pegida action which I am trying to investigate

        Many youtube videos of that Feb 2016 event remain on youtube but your video is removed. That suggests we are sleep walking into dictatorship

  4. Extremes meet. Extreme antifascism has become indistinguishable from fascism.

  5. I could not see the video because it said not available. Maybe it’s my android phone. Of course the Antifas promise to disrupt the Act for America ralley against SHARIA June 10 nation-wide so that will be interesting. I wish I could join the ralley against SHARIA in Phoenix 3 hours north but darn work. Oath keepers will be there for security and Arizona is open carry. I don’t worry at all about our side with guns but I do worry about the Antifas carrying guns. Their violent past actions does concern me. If I could go I’d video tape it for gates of Vienna. Hopefully Act for America will do this again in much closer Tucson

    • No, YouTube took the video down for “violation of community guidelines” or something similar.

      • Amazing! Blatant and unashamed terrorists can appear on prime-time TV and the authorities don’t touch them – with what results we see in London recently – ; and then the identities of some extreme Leftist agitators are seemingly being protected by the same authorities!

        I honestly do begin to wonder what is and who are really behind all the mayhem out there.

        I also find it extremely disturbing that the Marxist Left under Corbyn are now benefiting in the polls from the discomfiture which the intelligence services ‘oversight,’ in not heeding the presence of terrorists in plain sight, is causing for T. May, in her electoral bid for a stronger Brexit vote – – –

        Can you blame me ? After all, since the Referendum vote there has been an inordinate amount of subversive Leftist activism, that seems to have no problem raising money and gaining the ear of the media, that has an uncanny knack of throwing spanners in the constitutional mechanism, and that is emanating from some pretty influential quarters, like the activist judiciary of the Supreme Court, and all the opposition benches not only in the Commons, but also the Lords.

        Why do I get the distinctly creepy feeling that all the pressing matters this General Election was meant to facilitate – Brexit, immigration, and basically just who does run the country (is it the elected government or not?) – have already been arranged behind the scenes? And not arranged in favour of the at least seventeen-and-a-half million people who are now desperate to escape from the ‘EUSSR’, and whose battered hopes are now inextricably tied up with the fate of the increasingly shaky May’s Tory party.

        Is there a covert, insidious left-wing coup in stealthy progress?

        Why do I find myself more and more wishing the Army would leave its barracks and get a grip on this unstable slide of our democracy into disaster – – -?

        And why have the armed services been run down to levels that have compromised its operational strength?

        Why do I horripilate, as if some disaster is camouflaged and waiting in hidden places, where they watch for their moment – – -?

        If what seemed incredible until just recently – a Labour victory – does come to pass on Thursday, it will be proof positive that democracy had nothing whatever to do with that outcome: Because if the hopeless Corbyn does win, surely it will only be as the front man for much more effective, but shadowy, forces?

        I cannot shake this awful feeling. I pray it will prove to be only dyspepsia in the event!

  6. I certainly am not sure about this, but the grey haired guy in a suit, yes a suit at an antifa rally ….. with the dark rim glasses in the – Group shot # 11- photo could easily pass as Liberal MP Adam Vaughn’s doppelganger …..

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