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    • Like all lefties she is solidly into the “we love our moslem countrymen, they are just like us” gang, and while these latest attacks are proving her very wrong, like most people she doesn’t want to lose face and admit she/they made one hell of a mistake.

  1. When I fled UK in 2008, UK had already lost ‘IT’, the IT being the things that make a country a ‘free country’ rather than a tyranny.

    In a few days time the people of Bratain (and half of Pakistan) will vote in a full and free general election to bring the same old, same old people back as their rulers in a farce of pseudo-democracy that is old and tired beyond belief.

    The Conservative party is now well left of centre, the Labour party is once more full blown Marxist and where the Lib-Dems are neither liberal nor democratic. UKIP no longer has a role and the real conservative parties do not even have a platform. Air time is strictly controlled, and only ‘big’ parties get a turn before the cameras.

    This is what 70 years of socialism and the welfare state has achieved, soon the taxation required to support the welfare burden will be 120% of per capita income, this of course wll be hidden because the employers will have to pick up much of the tab, so it will be even more profitable to move jobs offshore, and create yet another turn of the downwards spiral.

    No real issues will ever be addressed because it all has to be PC and nobody has the guts to break free. Oh for a Margaret, an Enoch or a Winston…..

    • Israel, where you live, probably seems pretty “normal” by comparison.

      Imagine that 25 years ago, anyone would have said that.

      • The difference is that WE know we are at war and we know exactly who the enemy is.

        The unfortunate fact is, however, that the enemy’s breakfast, lunch and dinner are paid for by the Ms. Mays of the world who will happily support terrorism against <<>> whilst bleating about it at home.

        Brexit is NOW, and NOW is the time to discard malicious EU globalism, ECHR insanity and thanatoid Marxist immigration stupidity. Get them locked up NOW and out of the country ASAP.

    • Like many I was delighted to see the Brits vote for Brexit. For a second, I even allowed myself to believe that maybe they had saved their country. But no, just days later this stupid moslem-pandering headbag-wearing fool stepped into 10 Downing Street. I knew then that Brexit meant nothing. It was a hollow victory.

      • This is one of those instances when I can see the point of Lenin’s maxim: “The worse, the better”.

        Corbyn would drive Britain over the precipice very rapidly, possibly while there are still enough white natives left to save at least a portion of their homeland.

        It’s like with Schulz and the SPD in Germany — should they win (very unlikely, we will see four more years of Mutti), they would accelerate the lemming rush, ushering in the dénouement much earlier than would otherwise have occurred.

        But whether it comes slowly or quickly, it will most likely be curtains for both countries in any case. I’m not at all optimistic.

        • I thought that about a Hillary victory. An economic crash will be hung on Trump as is our way with assigning blame. Far better for Hillary to have had to deal with spending caps, implosion of Obongocare, drain of tax dollars in Syria (and the tar baby it is).

          Still, Trump has only begun to fight. The voters get it that he’s a last chance of sorts. Would that there were more visible understanding of the junction point we have reached but I’ll take visceral patriotism.

  2. Well, Peter35 and MC, from where I’m sitting, Theresa May is a leftist like Churchill was a member of the Adolf Hitler Fan Club.

    Fortunately (?) my decision on Thursday is not too difficult; this is a marginal seat, but the Conservatives barely figure (the local council has been Labour since time immemorial); long-standing Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes was defeated in 2015 by Labour’s Neil Coyle. Hughes is standing again; I used to like him, but he’s far too cosy with the Muslim population (“My dear brothers and sisters…”), although gay (I did point out this inconsistency in an email, but got no reply). So Labour it is…

    • Mark, I’m tempted to say ‘you can’t mean that, Labour?’
      But I do see the problem, what serious choice do you have?
      As MC said, “Oh for a Margaret, an Enoch or a Winston”, but I doubt you would vote for them…

      • Only UKIP in its manifesto calls for keeping out travelers returning from Muslim countries and is open to interning/deporting suspected jihadis. All 25,000 of them. I know they have only four percent in the polls but they offer the only true choice for real change.

        • Read British National Party manifesto or listen to Paul Weston. Also support Britain First.

      • I would for a Winston. As you say, voting tactically under a first-past-the-post system, I don’t have much choice.

        • If you wouldn’t vote for an Enoch aren’t you then part of the problem of multiculturalism and mass immigration? Britain die as a result of an armed invasion or by immigration plus demographic explosion. Which death do you prefer for your nation?

  3. IMHO this Hag whose’ party is running so close in the coming elections is in fear of making a strong statement. She needs the Muslim vote.

  4. She does not and her government does not “celebrate” different ways of life.

    To her own people she seeks to criminalize their just and RIGHTEOUS objection to being invaded by hostile Muslim hordes — many of them KNOWN to British intelligence as Jihadis. What kind of celebration of DIFFERENT WAYS OF LIFE IS THAT?

    Will SHE round them up — these slow-fuses ready to ignite and wreak Jihadi carnage?
    She vomits up palliatives in order to DEFLECT attention from her thinly veiled contempt for her own Anglo-Saxon citizens.

  5. Paul Weston is right. Theresa May is a traitor. She’s not stupid, she’s not mistaken, she’s not unwilling to admit she was wrong — she’s a traitor. May is a traitor and a member of the traitor class. Not the ruling class, the traitor class. The awash in Saudi money traitor class. Which has a death grip on the levers of power in Great Britain and a near death grip on the levers of power here in the States.

    For a long time I conned myself that a truly Godawful Muslim atrocity, the slaughter of a whole stadium of people or the setting off of a dirty nuclear bomb, that such an event would change the equation. Not with the traitor class in the saddle. That last illusion has crumbled.

    • Two other institutions need to be heard from.

      1. HRH, who has proved to be useless and quite content to see her realm turned into a third-world glop. Her silence is deafening. “What, me worry?”

      2. The Army.

      1 and 2 would be terrific but 2 will suffice. Britain needs a time out from fake electoral politics. As I think the Z Man has observed, democracy is only good for pulling the nation off the cliff, not for solving problems. The cliff is a 91.44 cm. away but people can’t see it.

      Maybe the Foreign (sic) Office could borrow Hillary’s “reset” button. It needs a good hard whack.

  6. Whoever is elected to run the crumbling United Kingdom will be the last rider on the tired old horse that will usher in massive civil unrest, at first in London, and then it will spread to all parts of Britain unless the Islamic elephant in the room is decisively dealt with.

  7. The collapse of England is slow and depressing and resembles a wedding cake left out in the rain.

    • MacArthur Park? But that was a different kind of cake.
      As for the cake however, Ms. May certainly takes it.

  8. So we value diversity, do we ? I am all for it too. My first wife was a green eyed redhead and my second wife a blue eyed blonde. My first mother in law was Welsh and my second was Scottish. Furthermore, I am a Leicestershire man living in Norfolk. How more diverse can you get ?

    As for voting on Thursday, what do I do ? I will not vote for Liz Truss (Con) although she needs my support. I cannot vote for a party that has Corbyn as a member let alone a leader. The LibDems ? Who ? UKIP ? Hardly (Farage never did understand mass immigration or the muslim problem, although without him, no Brexit). Round here the Monster Raving Loony Party has the most sensible policies although I suspect that the inevitable “None of the above” will once again be elected.

    • From your own perspective it is not much of a choice. From what I can measure, living in Oz, about UK politics, it seems to me that the political process has almost run its course in your country – as Churchill once intimated.

      Oliver Cromwell knew how to treat those who had ‘soiled’ their office while fleecing those they were put in place to protect – they were much like those today who pretend to be your ‘parliamentarians’ and who completely ignore the folk that they were elected to represent due to their own individual endeavour to satiate their greedy wants.

      If I were you, I simply would not bother attending one of those pretend democracy polling stations just to cast what is now obvious to many. And that voting in the UK is still used as some kind of legitimacy to elect the same rider on the same horse heading in the same direction when really, you the voter, no longer matters, is now way past being seen as a democratic duty and should be seen for the absurdity it has now become.

      • Just like the Hunger Games’ Quadquell which gave everybody an opportunity to shout with a voice that was roundly ignored by those in charge. You also saw the results of the people’s voice being ignored. I do agree that it is high time for these ‘leaders’ for whom power and prerogative is everything to have their heads adorn pikestaffs as a standing reminder to those who would serve in public office that the operative term is “Serve” and that an accounting of their stewardship of the public trust will be demanded of them on a routine basis.

        • I generally agree, however in some ‘democracies’ the political process is still adhered to, probably not as one knowledgeable on politics would have it, but overall, the process is still working.

          In Oz, our system has federal and state governments who all vie for that ‘vote’ knowing all the while that the astute voter is now deserting the major parties for the other political parties that have sprung up over the past two decades.

          Last federal election, the majors could count on nearly two thirds of the electorate to throw away their votes on them. However, with what is now occurring around the world, the next federal election will be very telling indeed, especially with One Nation on the rise.

          The problem with the British system is that it is now heavily centralized and has become immovable as a result of that intended agenda. Any change via the political process that once upon a time did occur is now unattainable as the system is keeping the people out and the elite in.

      • There is always somewhere on the ballot the option of voting for the Monster Raving Loony Party representative, to borrow from Mr. Warden.

        Alternatively, one could show up at the polls disguised as a kangaroo, which conveys a certain attitude of contempt.

  9. Timeless Words

    Note to Baron: “Clue” is spelled c-l-u-e, not t-i-m-e.

  10. The groveling,apologizing,pandering, and patronizing of the political class in the UK is sickening.

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