In Detroit: “Allahu Akhbar” and Then a Knife to the Neck

Detroit. Another day, another inexplicable act of violent extremism by an unfortunate individual, a lone wolf with a history of mental problems, who was radicalized online to commit violence in the name of an evil ideology. Unfortunately, we may never fully know the motives that led to this tragic incident of workplace violence.

Yes, the above paragraph is sarcasm. And no, I don’t know whether any of it is true. However, if Hussein were still president, I guarantee you that we’d hear something very similar from the Justice Department and the White House.

With President Trump in charge, things may be different. It’s too early to tell. As far as I can remember, this is the first successful domestic Islamic terrorist attack on his watch.

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This morning, when I read the first breaking-news reports out of Detroit, I thought, “Hmm… a police officer stabbed in the neck at an international airport. The FBI and ATF are involved. The airport has been evacuated and closed. Could ‘Allahu Akhbar’ be far behind?”

And it wasn’t — reports on the invocation of the chief idol of Mecca at the scene of the crime emerged soon afterwards.

And now the incident “is being investigated by the FBI as a possible terror attack”.

No, really? D’ya think? Isn’t that making an unwarranted and Islamophobic assumption?

This is still breaking news. The Detroit TV station WDIV is posting live updates online, and that’s where I saw the first report on “Allahu Akhbar”. And also the fact that the alleged perp is a “Canadian”:

FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich.— Police say an airport officer was stabbed in the neck Wednesday morning at Bishop International Airport in Flint.

The officer was taken to the hospital. Michigan State Police said the officer was in critical condition. He has since been upgraded to stable condition.

Police identified the injured officer as Lt. Jeff Neville.

Bishop International Airport was evacuated and is closed.

Police said a suspect has been taken into custody.

The airport released the following statement:

The stabbing incident at the airport remains under FBI led investigation. Local, state, and federal agencies are on scene. The airport remains closed until further notice. The police officer assaulted is in stable condition. The suspect is in custody and is currently being questioned. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates including when the airport will reopen.

NBC’s News’ investigative journalist Tom Winter reports that the Canadian-born suspect shouted “Allahu Akbar” before stabbing Neville multiple times.

The Flint City Hall began operating under heightened security in an abundance of caution after the incident.

“Right now we are still awaiting more information about the situation at Bishop Airport this morning,” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said. “My thoughts and prayers are with all of our law enforcement officers who work to service and protect us each and every day. I want the public to know that several agencies are involved and working to ensure the situation is under control. However, at this time we are taking extra precautions just to be safe.”

Keep refreshing the WDIV page to see the latest updates.

The report from Fox News has more details, but less in the way of useful information:

Flint Airport: Officer Stabbed in Stable Condition, Being Investigated as ‘Possible’ Act of Terrorism

The stabbing of a police officer at a Michigan airport on Wednesday is being investigated by the FBI as a possible terror attack, officials said.

Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, was evacuated after a Officer Jeff Neville was stabbed in the neck. He’s currently listed as being in stable condition, according to Michigan State Police.

Ken Brown tells The Flint Journal he was dropping off his daughter at the airport and saw the officer bleeding from his neck. He says he saw a man detained by police and a knife on the ground.

“The cop was on his hands and knees bleeding from his neck,” Brown said. “I said they need to get him a towel.”

Cherie Carpenter, who was awaiting a flight to Texas to see her new grandchild, tells Flint TV station WJRT she saw the attacker being led away in handcuffs. She described the man in custody as appearing “blank, just totally blank.”

Genesee County Commissioner Mark Young, a friend of Neville, called him “an honorable man” whom he worked with at the county Sheriff’s Department, according to MLive.

Neville was a lieutenant with the airport’s police department, said Young, who met with the victim’s family and at the hospital today.

“As expected, they are shook up. They are concerned,” he told MLive.

6 thoughts on “In Detroit: “Allahu Akhbar” and Then a Knife to the Neck

  1. “Another day, another inexplicable act of violent extremism by an unfortunate individual [also goes by the name of “Muslim”] . . .”

    Getting harder and harder for Rachael Madow and all her leftist friends to keep coming up with excuses for Muslims. They of course will continue to soldier on.

    This press release just issued, “The citizens of Michigan should rest easy. We here in the State Police HQ have determined that this act had nothing, repeat, nothing, to do with Islam.”

  2. For the sake of clarity, Flint is a good hour and a half north of Detroit.

  3. You failed to mention gun violence, poverty, islamophobia, bracing for backlash, or that the “evil ideology” has nothing to do with Islam. Just as “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” wasn’t originally the perfect country/western song so your first paragraph fails as the perfect Obama (PBUH) WH/DNC hogwash, sorry I mean sing-a-long, without the addition of at least another verse.
    Also it seems the perp was taken alive so we won’t be humming “Thank God and Smith&Wesson your gone”, one of my favorites.
    Some will say it isn’t funny but when we encounter genuine drooling insanity we must either laugh or cry, to do neither is to accept it as normal. By insanity I mean the chattering class; the perp is demonstrably on rock solid ideological ground and so utterly sane by comparison.
    Mohammedism can be dealt with: it’s the Nabobs that are truly killing us.

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