A Peek Under Hillary’s Smelly Sheets

Thanks to our reader/commenter Bill Keezer we have a reasonable account from Forbes of Lady Macbeth’s machinations immediately after she lost the election. Forbes is pretty strict about using their news stories, so this is limited to the first paragraph and a following header and links are also omitted.

According to an insider account, the Clinton team put together the Russia Gate narrative within 24 hours of her defeat. The Clinton account explained that Russian hacking and election meddling caused her unexpected loss. Her opponent, Donald Trump, was a puppet of Putin. Trump, they said, “encourages espionage against our people.” The scurrilous Trump dossier, prepared by a London opposition research firm, Orbis, and paid for by unidentified Democrat donors, formed a key part of the Clinton narrative: Trump’s sexual and business escapades in Russia had made him a hostage of the Kremlin, ready to do its bidding. That was Hillary’s way to say that Trump is really not President of the United States—a siren call adopted by the Democratic party and media.

Hillary and the Orbis Dossier


You can read the dirty details here, but don’t expect CNNMSNBCFBI, et al to ever look under the sheets. They only do Republican laundry and much of that is airy-fairy gossamer material; it dissolves as soon as the dew dries.

I swan. That Hillary is definitely not a beta male. One has the urge to peek under her kilt… I never did see such a conniving, testicle-crunching woman. No wonder she married The Letch. (Whose old age is morphing him into The Lurch. Sad.)

6 thoughts on “A Peek Under Hillary’s Smelly Sheets

  1. It leaves out what is reported to happen after she sobered up enough to walk. She stormed into the locked room in the basement, the one with the pentagram, and summoned the devil. She demanded to know how she lost. The devil calmly replied that when they made their pact, she claimed to have a soul, and then vanished.

  2. The Clintons and Dems are reaching insane levels of projection with this hysterical smear campaign. If they are accusing Trump of something, you can be sure the Clintons already did it, and it was about a million times worse than the accusations.

  3. Well, the Clintons have a lot to hide don’t they. The scam that is the Clinton Foundation alone would put them all, and that includes that precious Chelsey, behind bars forever if it ever gets to court.

    As Madam POTUS, Hilary could have escaped whatever justice is now heading her way via at least two investigations that I am aware of – her emails, and her part in the Clinton Foundation when Secretary of State – there are other investigations which have yet to reach the serious level, but suffice it to say, there are too many who paid to play with the Clintons who have lost a lot of money and will now be only too happy to spill the beans on the Clintons when push comes to shove about their own part in that Clinton scam.

    The Russian red herring is fast unravelling and it is only the persistence of the lying Media and Obama’s left overs within the bureaucracy who are still pushing that treacherous lie – designed by the Deep State to also tie in with what is now happening in Syria and NATO and US military posturing on the Russian border.

    Trump needs a quick wake up call as to what is actually going on around him if he is to prevent confrontation with Russia in Syria or on the Russian border and possible all out war.

    • I just tried it. The page opens to the Forbes usual “home” page, which is a quote on the left side of the page and a countdown by seconds to let you know when the page you wanted will open.

      All of their page links are like that.

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