“Allahu Akhbar” and then BOOM! In Brussels — Again

An Islamic terrorist (or would-be terrorist; I’m not sure if he’ll be allowed his 72 virgins for this botched job) blew himself up in a Brussels train station when soldiers began shooting at him. He had first detonated his luggage, apparently in an attempt to cause mass panic, and was then planning to cause casualties with his bomb belt. The actions of the alert soldiers prevented anyone besides the mujahid from being harmed.

Authorities still haven’t established a motive for the attack. According to the eyewitness report below, however, the terrorist shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” just before he detonated.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Media reports on the failed attack in Brussels:

Video transcript:

00:00   I was going down the staircase to return to the platform
00:04   where I wanted to go, and there I heard
00:08   someone screaming , someone who was screaming; and then at some point he
00:12   yelled “Allahu Akhbar!” and he made his luggage explode.
00:16   From there I continued descending, all while alerting people to evacuate as many
00:20   people as possible, and there he was just behind me, six feet behind me on the staircase
00:24   going down, and he still had an explosive vest on.

Hat tips for articles: Reader from Chicago.

11 thoughts on ““Allahu Akhbar” and then BOOM! In Brussels — Again

  1. Main world news story in Biased BC is of the King Of Saudi’s Nephew;
    Main world news story in Telegraph: Gay couple recreate their Pride photo after 24 years together and capture hearts.

    All British citizens under the age of 75 are forced to pay around $190.00 to the BBC for the privilege of watching news that literally omits pertinent facts of a story if it shows Muslims in a negative light.

    • Same here. Yesterday or the day before the BIG news here was about twelve year old schoolgirl Savannah who admitted proudly from behind a pulpit in a mormon church in Utah that she was lesbian, and those nasty mormons cut her off by switching off the mic: http://www.hln.be/hln/nl/960/Buitenland/article/detail/3185709/2017/06/18/Dit-is-geen-bevlieging-Savannah-12-vertelt-dapper-in-de-kerk-dat-ze-lesbisch-is-maar-dan-wordt-ze-plots-de-mond-gesnoerd.dhtml

      Big news, big, big news. There’s a word in French, it’s called ‘teneur’ and ‘teneur’ means, well, I dunno what the correct translation in English is, but ‘gist’ comes perhaps closest?

      Anyway, the implicit message of the article was that every sensible human being should right away laud that girl’s ‘courage’. A heroine!!! While in reality, teens can be confused to some extent when they’re 12, 13 or even 14 but that don’t have to mean they are really, truly gay. That girl cannot possibly know ‘for certain’ that she is never going to marry a decent XY and raise a family. Yet somehow our moral betters who wrote the article were ABSOLUTELY certain she was gay and practically cheering for it, “hurrah, another lesbian!”

      And those who don’t think that’s the biggest thing since the landings in Normandy, well, they are just sour old-fashioned coots who’d do better to die right away.

      I’m sick of the times we live in. Just sick. Disclaimer: I don’t hate nor even loathe gay persons. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends is homosexual. But the propaganda barrage pro the gay lifestyle is so enormous that it’s become nauseating.

  2. Europe should permit Muslims only if they forsake Islam. But that is not such easy especially in a religion like Islam as if ever their fellow religionists come to know about their intention they would slaughter them. Hence the Muslims must be first shown a safe path so that they renounce Islam but does not arouse suspicion among their fellow Muslims. See http://sanatanadharmatheuniversalreligion.blogspot.in/

    • Sorry. Not our problem to provide a safe path for everyone on earth. Someone born a Muslim will have to take their chances. Muslims, even within sharia law, would have no problem claiming to have left Islam if the result would be to allow them to travel to where they could advance the spread of Islam.

      • Muslims, even within sharia law, would have no problem claiming to have left Islam if the result would be to allow them to travel to where they could advance the spread of Islam.

        Too right!

    • Europe should permit Muslims only if they forsake Islam.

      Please consider abandoning such a futile position. Due to taqiyya and kitman, there is no reliable way of determining whether a Muslim has forsaken Islam. Not EVER.

      The advent of inexpensive fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) might make it possible to quantitatively assess the veracity of someone claiming to have given up their belief in Islam. But until that time, allowing such an unreliable criteria to serve as a metric for admission of “immigrants” and “refugees” into the EU (or America) is merely a recipe for disaster.

      Islam has made its own bed. Please allow Muslims to enjoy in full measure what they have wrought through so much bloodshed.

  3. Another mystery explosion.
    As in:
    Nothing to see here.
    Move ON NOW!! Nothing to see, nothing AT ALL!!

    (What? Are we STILL supposed to listen to all this {redacted noun/expletive}?)

  4. It seems intuitive to me that a lot of the driving force behind these incidents is dynamic of immigration. Lots of these military-age males did not actually lead a horrible life where they were, but tribal culture being what is was, these guys were thoroughly undistinguished and not competitive for the tribal women, who gravitated towards being one of the multiple wives of the wealthy poobahs.

    So, being young males of military age, they took a risk and took great risks to travel to a place they imagined they could be a big shot, with cargo cult wealth raining down on them by the beneficient-god government. They then find themselves in a muddy camp or tenement with even fewer available women than in their dusty villages, if that were possible. So, these guys not being the brightest who ever lived, go for the hail Mary pass and get the women in heaven by blowing themselves up.

    Now, of course, this doesn’t account for jihadis like Muhammad Atta, the architectural masters holder who led the 9/11 hijacker team. Or, maybe it does, as a picture of the guy shows he was not exactly a lady killer…or, most likely, not even a man killer in that sense.

    The feeling must be somewhat like the black affirmative action student who, having gained admission to a prestigious university, finds himself hopelessly outclassed in any field but black studies.

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