Blasphemy Law Abolished in Denmark

A while back the Danish authorities brought a charge against a Dane for burning a Koran, which allegedly violated Denmark’s blasphemy law. As it turns out, the charge was engineered to be a test case, to see if a blasphemy statute could survive the scrutiny of the courts in the 21st century.

And now the Danish parliament has simply abolished the blasphemy law, rather than relying on the courts. The man who burned a Koran is now absolved of any further legal burden, and Danes are free to burn their Korans whenever they like.

Rasmus Paludan is the lawyer who represented the defendant in the recent Koran-burning case. In the following interview he discusses the implications of the Danish parliament’s decision.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

11 thoughts on “Blasphemy Law Abolished in Denmark

  1. Well done the Danes! A shaft of reason in a smoke filled room. I hope the walls are demolished and light floods in.

  2. “Danes are free to burn their Korans whenever they like.”

    Are they? They cannot be charged with blasphemy, but I’ll bet that Denmark still has hate crime laws that could be applied.

    • Good point. They do; the infamous paragraph 266b. It would be very interesting though, methinks, if someone were to be hit by that law for burning a koran, precisely because that same law was not used to go after people who have burned the bible. Would that not effectively amount to legal proof that islam is violent?
      Would it be a precedent that could be used to claim extrenuating circumstances for future mohammedans in Denmark who attack koran burners? After all, in this scenario it would already be legally established that they were actively set upon by someone inciting violence and hate against them.

  3. Ok, now lets all start burning some korans :))

    In denmark, burn the korans, burn all of them in the streets!

    Lets burn burn burn and burn korans in every town, street, city, then u will see the religeon of peace, really is religeon of death, hate and satan.

    Isnt it funny how there covering up the london tower block arson?

    That is fir sure islam attack, that whole area is full of stinking dirty muslims, all living on the dole, rents paid, by pc traitors using british tax money!

    There will be more of these tower block jihad fires now, u bet!

    Why is the bbc cnn, not even mention the cause of this giant fire??

    Smels all very very fishy.

  4. What a distinctive, memorable face this lawyer has! If he ever gives up his career in law, he has a future as a character actor who could play both heroes and villains. There must be a story about how his shirt got so wrinkled, but that only adds to his mystique.
    By the way, he speaks with an American rather than British accent. Is this unusual for a Dane who speaks English?

    • Yes. Most have British accents. But you can meet some who studied in the USA, and then they have American accents.

      Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is unusual for an Austrian in that she speaks fluent American English. But that’s because her high school education was in the USA.

  5. This is encouraging.

    Interesting how Denmark was one of the most “resistant” nations against the nazis in WWII, overrun as they were.

    I suspect that we’ll see some similar patterns this time around. These cultural traits seem to go extremely deep.

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