Viktor Orbán: Whoever Supports the Migration is Acting Against Our People

Ever since 2011, when the Hungarian constitution was being redrafted, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has held an annual event called the National Consultation. The video below shows excerpts from Mr. Orbán’s speech in Parliament at the closing of this year’s event.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For a contrary point of view on Viktor Orbán and the National Consultation, see this English-language article.

Video transcript:

10:00   Respected House, the majority of Hungarians think that
10:04   nowadays Brussels is sitting backwards on the horse.
10:08   The majority of Hungarians believe we cannot allow
10:12   Brussels to take control away from us.
10:16   We cannot allow any settlement programs
10:20   to be forced on Hungary, nor should we allow
10:24   The EU to horn in and set rates for
10:28   taxes, incomes and utility fees in Hungary.
10:32   Respected ladies and gentlemen… I must also report
10:36   there are numerous people in Brussels who are outraged
10:40   about why we say: “Let’s stop Brussels!”.
10:44   The answer is simple: because we do not want
10:48   give greater authority to Brussels.
10:52   The European Union is not Brussels, but
10:56   a voluntary alliance of sovereign European nations.
11:00   That is the European thought; that is the shared plan of
11:04   the European people for peace and progress.
11:08   Hungary is not against Europe. It never was.
11:12   Just the opposite: we represent a truly European
11:16   point of view, in accordance with the current law.
11:20   We defend the existing European treaty,
11:24   and in the original agreement the member states and Brussels
11:28   agreed on the division of responsibilities. It’s not the Hungarians’ point of view that has changed.
11:32   We are still committed followers of the European Union
11:36   and the original European plan.
11:40   As we see it, Brussels has switched cloaks.
11:44   In Hungary, using common sense, we can’t comprehend
11:48   that Brussels openly sides with terrorists.
11:52   Ahmed H. and his obviously nonsensical lies
[Ahmed H. is an Arab, a citizen of Cyprus. In Sept 2015 he stirred up the crowd at the Hungarian border (Röszke) using a bullhorn. He led an attack against police in which multiple officers were injured, and he attempted to break into Hungary. When arrested he had 7 different passports on his person.]
11:56   are more important [to Brussels] than the safety of the Hungarian people,
12:00   and for us this is unacceptable.
12:04   Respected ladies and gentlemen, I cannot
12:08   keep quiet about the absurd situation
12:12   that in Brussels today, a financial speculator
12:16   — who ruined the lives of millions of European citizens —
12:20   decides which is the way forward.
12:24   European leaders bow obsequiously to George Soros,
12:28   who tells them what Europe must do. And for some reason
12:32   this seems completely “natural” for Brussels.
12:36   If someone really wanted to help
12:40   the miserable millions in the Middle East and Africa,
12:44   then he would not spends millions of dollars to fund
12:48   his network of organizations — who disguise themselves as political activists —
12:52   but would create employment, schools and build hospitals there,
12:56   where its really needed.
13:04   If someone really wanted to help, then he would send the help
13:08   there, instead of bringing the problems here for us.
13:12   Respected ladies and gentlemen,
13:16   I ask the representatives of the Hungarian Parliament,
13:20   in the arguments between the Hungarian Government and Brussels, not to side
13:24   with Brussels, but with Hungary.
13:28   I ask the representatives of the Hungarian Parliament,
13:32   that in the arguments between Soros’ mafia and Hungary,
13:36   please side with Hungarian people. [opposition screaming in the background]
13:40   No representative should cut off the branch from under himself.
13:44   Because whoever supports the migration, whoever would take down the fence,
13:48   Whoever would let in people with an unknown past,
13:52   with an unknown identity, and let in migrants with an unknown purpose,
13:56   to be settled into Hungary, they are acting against our people,
14:00   our nation and our homeland.
14:12   So on the occasion of the closing of our National Consultation, I would like to state
14:16   and make it clear that as long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary,
14:20   and can stand in front of you, for that long the fence
14:24   in our Southern border will also stand!
14:32   As long as the Fidesz and the Christian Democrats govern the country
14:36   we will not yield to Brussels’ blackmail, and
14:40   we will refuse the mandatory settlement quota.
14:44   As long… As long as the Civilian-National side provides the majority,
14:48   the homeland will be defended and we will defend the fruits of our
14:52   hard work and our successes. As long as Hungary stands on democratic
14:56   foundations, we will never accept that Brussels
15:00   may stealthily take away our sovereign rights.
15:04   Because Hungary is a proud and strong European nation.

11 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: Whoever Supports the Migration is Acting Against Our People

  1. Orban is definitely the man of the moment. I hope someone is showing these speeches or transcripts to Trump and his staff. Trump is old enough to remember what the USSR did not only to Eastern Europe but to the world. The EUSSR isn’t much different.

    • Unfortunately Trump is not helping right now the Hungarians. The US Embassy in Budapest still loaded with Obama’s people, the US State Department also, all of them fiercely defending Soros’ organizations. while the local Soros jugend and liberals are laughingly point out that see even Trump’s government is condemn any moves against Soros!!!

  2. With the EU now using ‘legal’ action in an attempt to force those member countries who now refuse to take in their own Islamic Trojan Horses, the tipping point has now arrived within that fascist edifice, that Janus organization that is now being outed for what it truly represents and Victor Orban, Man for the time, is leading the way in exposing it.

  3. Very fine speech that gives us Mr Orban. We think that in the next years, we will see many other politicians emerging from the crowd, with the same determination, and especeially through out Europe. That is a natural law that will certainly bring us to war ; but we still prefer war as slavery.


  4. It all boils down to love….or lack of it.

    Orban loves his people. Because they are BLOOD.

    Every step away from blood is a step away from love and a step toward indifference.

    And no act of will, no conjuring act can nullify that fundamental fact.

  5. Hungary and the US have dual citizenship. Soros is a citizen of both Hungary and the US.

    The most immediate step that should be taken is to end dual citizenships. The US, unfortunately, doesn’t seem inclined to do so, so Hungary should. Make Soros choose. I doubt that he would subject himself to Hungarian law, so Hungary should revoke the citizenship of all Hungarians who hold dual passports. Soros will then be scrutinized as a foreigner, rather than as a Hungarian.

    It should be noted that Orban early put Hungary on a sound, fiscal basis. It is by definition impossible for a country that engages in deficit spending to be independent. Any country wishing to assert its independence and to advance the interests of its citizens has got to spend only what its revenues take in. In Greece, riots occur whenever subsidies are cut, or benefits are lowered, or the bloated bureaucracies are trimmed. And the EU barely makes a pretense of treating Greece as a sovereign state.

    Finally, if it has not done so already, Hungary should expand intelligence operations in Brussels and the other influential West European countries. The rapidly-hardening totalitarian EU government will sooner or later get around to a false flag operation to justify military intervention into Hungary and Poland. I think patriotic Hungarian nationals will run rings around EU bureaucratic time servers, even if the EU has more money and manpower.

    And again, thanks to CrossWare, who made the translation as exciting and stirring as the original.

    • I am a dual citizen… So what should I do?
      How many other you want to punish to reach your goal? Would that even be effective?

      • I don’t intend it as a punishment. I have held this position for a long time. I think that one’s primary loyalty should go to one country. One can be sympathetic to other countries, but when it comes to a hard conflict, one should choose one side or another.

        The US has been abused by dual citizens with Mexican, Iranian, and, yes, Israeli citizenship. I don’t oppose these people if present legally, but they should either identify as American, or else their other citizenship.

        I don’t want US foreign policy decisions for the Middle East made by dual US-Israeli citizens. I don’t want dual Mexican-US citizens voting on US representation. Each country has its legitimate interests, and sometimes they conflict.

  6. Good stuff! I think there’s a lot of sense in what he said & that there’s also a bit of a fact-resistant/anti-reality trend going around- in Western Europe & in what’s called “the Anglosphere,” especially.

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