Say Hello to the Sultanate of France

Emmanuel Macron has defeated Marine Le Pen to win the French presidency. Early estimates indicate that he received about 65% of the vote.

Source: Twitter                    Hat tip: WRSA

This is further confirmation that things are going to have to get much worse in Europe (and the rest of the West) before they get better.

It’s time for les citoyens to sew the yellow fleur-de-lis on their clothes, and making a habit of tugging their forelocks whenever a beard and a beanie pass by.

Allons enfants de la Khilafah!

8 thoughts on “Say Hello to the Sultanate of France

  1. You are quite right. It will have to get worse before people wake up.

  2. The French have committed a collective suicide. I pity the third of the French who have found enough courage and common sense to vote against Macron. The rest deserve their future.

  3. I wonder what the percentage of indigenous white French voted for Le Pen? If Muslims are 15% of the French population then Le Pen had over 40% of indigenous French support, something FN could only have dreamed about. The Assembly Elections will see great gains for FN too.

    Yes, how much worse to things have to get for this problem to hit critical mass?

  4. “Islam in a man, is like rabies in a dog.”
    –Winston Churchill

  5. Hi Mr Baron,

    I disagree with this image Europe After the Hudna of Lausanne (2067).

    If Western Europe becomes captured by the enemies of Europe and the free western civilization, then the rest of Europe is danger and will fall to enemies’ hands.

    What are Demilitarized Dhimmi Zones? How did Russian Protectorates come about?

    Thank You.

    • My projection into the future was not comprehensive, nor was it meant to be taken as a serious prediction. It was more of the nature of bitter irony — as if to say, “See, this is the sort of future we are creating for ourselves.

      I wrote a spoof “future” article to go with the map when I first made it, back in 2005: Russia and the Caliphate Sign Non-Aggression Pact

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