More on Julia Ebner, Quilliam, and Tommy Robinson

Last night we posted an essay about Tommy Robinson, the Quilliam Foundation, and a young woman named Julia Ebner who wrote an article for The Guardian sounding the alarm about “right-wing extremism”.

A commenter named Itinerant left some useful links for videos of Tommy Robinson engaging Haras Rafiq, the CEO of Quilliam, and confronting Julia Ebner in Quilliam’s offices. Below are two of the relevant videos.

You’ll notice that Miss Ebner defends herself by asserting that she never actually said that Tommy was a white supremacist. It was her attempt to make a Jesuitical distinction, but not even a Jesuit could have successfully argued that no connection was made between white supremacists and Tommy Robinson. Here’s what she actually wrote, with the relevant parts highlighted:

That the far right has moved from the fringe into the mainstream demonstrates the massive support that white supremacist movements have attracted from digital natives. Their online followership often exceeds that of mainstream political parties: with over 200,000 followers, Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account has almost the same number of followers as Theresa May’s.

The word “Their” at the beginning of the second sentence clearly refers to “white supremacist movements” in the previous sentence. The second sentence is compounded with an independent clause set off by a colon (“:”), whose subject is “Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account”.

If young Miss Ebner had wanted to preserve plausible deniability, she should have partitioned that second clause into a separate sentence using a period or full stop (“.”). Then a Jesuit lawyer might have been forced to agree that yes, it’s true she did not associate Tommy Robinson with white supremacy. As it stands, the association is a grammatical certainty.

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The first video is an excerpt from a BBC program in which Haras Rafiq and Tommy Robinson talk about the latter’s visit to Quilliam’s offices in an attempt to talk to Julia Ebner and defend himself against slurs that he is a white supremacist:

And here is the full video report from, excerpts from which were shown in the first video:

A reminder: Tommy’s book Enemy of the State is available in a Kindle version from Amazon USA.

2 thoughts on “More on Julia Ebner, Quilliam, and Tommy Robinson

  1. Jihad Watch for 8th May has a revealing item on Adam Deen, who confronts Tommy in the video.

  2. ‘comments for those posts are gone’

    Was it something I said?
    I jest, I’ve always found the moderation here at GoV to be very fair and the debate, civil.
    I wish GoV all the best with the upgrade.
    I hope you don’t mind Baron, if I post a summary of some of my comments under those two pieces about Tommy, along with a few other thoughts.

    This comment below the line in an anti-EDL two-minute hate piece in the Guardian, exemplifies the self-loathing and scorn of an element of middle-class liberals.
    “The English lower classes are an embarrassment to our progressive, tolerant country the sooner they have disappeared for good the better for society.”

    Because the violent Islamists and Salafist jihadis of al-Muhajiroun, of whom the EDL originally protested against, are such an improvement but of course they’re rarely to never mentioned, no context is provided.
    That members of al-Muhajiroun were offered police protection, after getting a slap on the wrist for burning poppies, while the forces of the state and supposed antifas were turned on the EDL instead, is never mentioned either.
    Quilliam and the British state’s ‘anti-extremism’ Prevent programme make an utterly fatuous (and convenient) cultural relativism, wherein opposition to Salafist jihad and supremacist Islam, is painted as merely the other side of that ‘extremist’ coin and has meant the state getting involved, in what are effectively playground rants, which as Mark Steyn might say, is no small thing.
    Various luvvies, Labour MPs and assorted virtue-signalers claim the EDL are closer to al Qeada and ISIS that “us”.

    This is how Quilliam represented Tommy visiting their office to confront Julia Ebner about her piece in the Guardian;
    ‘Extremists Storm Quilliam Office……Quilliam was victim to extremist Tommy Robinson and alt-right Rebel media’s George Llewelyn-John’.

    More ”victims’ of extremism.

    An Arab saying comes to mind, ‘I cry and hit you, then in tears say why did you hit me?’

    In comparison and only to reveal just how fatuous the other side of the ‘extremist’ coin notion is- some of those ‘extremists’ in al-Muhajiroun, have been implemented in numerous acts of terror and some are apparently now in Syria, sending death threats to British MPs and instructions on how to avoid detection while plotting vehicular&knife jihad, (which the Telegraph kindly reprinted), this is also never mentioned.

    Tommy and those like him, are presented as acting out of sheer bigotry, and that any grassroots resistance to Salafist jihad, is racist, white supremacism or at the very least the other side of the ‘extremist’ coin.

    Let’s not forget Quilliam’s position, according to their Wiki-page is that “Islam is just a religion, not a political religion or an ideology”
    “Socio-political Jihads are needed to achieve the goals of noble causes such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”
    Such wishful-thinking and claims about Islam are debunked here:
    Never-mind the OIC has signed up to the Declaration of Cairo, the Islamic human rights ‘subject to the Sharia’.

    All of this slots into the wider progressive/Islamist convergence, where any resistance to the EU, replacement migration from MENA&Africa and the Islamisation of Europe is also vilified as ‘white nationalism’ and racism.
    (Brexit is a start in a fight against this but with progressive globalist Tories in charge, it will be an uphill struggle).
    Legitimate criticism of Islam is being slowly and incrementally criminalised.
    Readers here at the GoV, thanks to it coverage, will be well aware of this process.

    That vague term ‘Islamophobia’ is being conflated with ‘anti-Muslim’ and that’s being conflated with ‘racism’; blasphemy laws in all but name, albeit without Sharia punishments (we have de-facto Sharia executions like that of the Hebdo staff for that).
    In other words:
    “Islamophobia Is Racism”

    How might this all play out? well, look at what happened when Tommy is subject to a kangaroo court by liberal media.
    Muslims and ineffably smug middle-class liberals repeatedly shout ‘racist’.
    Critics of Sharia law are already called racists and Islamophobes.
    Anne Marie Waters was called the other side of the pro-Sharia extremist coin by the BBC and Baroness Cox, was repeatedly interrupted and called a right-wing racist and Islamophobe by Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadan Foundation.
    Baroness Cox is campaigning on the behalf of Muslim women, who had contacted her because they had suffered ill-treatment at the hands of Sharia councils in the UK.

    Not only are Europeans being primed to accept violent Salafist jihad as ‘part and parcel’ of urban living but pointing out violent jihad along with notions of demographic and cultural imperialism, draws from mainstream Islamic doctrine, is also being incrementally criminalised as ‘extremism’ and ‘racism’.

    Tommy Robinson is at the fore-front of this process and the ongoing vilification of Tommy as a ‘racist’ and an ‘extremist’, is part of the reason why certain people, feel they can incite violence against him without recrimination. whether Muslim or virtue-signaling progressive.
    It’s hard to tell them apart sometimes.

    I had given Quilliam the benefit of doubt on numerous occasions but no longer, they are just yet more apologists for Islam, who obfuscate mainstream Islamic doctrine and who wouldn’t exist if Islam itself wasn’t ‘extremist’.
    In another bitter irony, Quilliam are said to be widely despised in the Muslim community, where they are perceived as government stooges.
    Frankly I’m past caring, the video clip of Tommy Robinson facing a hostile liberal crowd, is a troubling snapshot of where things are going and it’s that type of audience Quilliam have provided, by way of half-truths,smears and guilt by association, plenty more ammunition.

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