Jihad Attack at Manchester Arena

There was a terrorist attack tonight at an arena in the culturally enriched city of Manchester in Northern England. At least twenty people are reportedly dead, and an unknown number injured.

I’m going out on a limb to call this one jihad. Early reports spoke of “explosions”, and there was speculation that large balloons had popped, and the reported deaths were from panicked members of the audience who caused a stampede. There were also suggestions that one of the big speakers had exploded.

Later reports mentioned a nail bomb, and now there is confirmation that a suicide bomber was most likely involved. Nail bombs + suicide bombers = Jihad, as far as I’m concerned. If I’m wrong, I’ll correct and retract.

The Daily Mail was careful to quote a Muslim member of the audience in its report on the incident, as if to say: “It can’t be terrorism, Muslims are among the potential victims.”

Here’s a recent report from CNBC:

At Least 20 Killed in Possible Suicide Blast at Manchester Concert Featuring Ariana Grande

At least 20 people were killed and possibly “hundreds” of others were injured after one or more loud bangs were heard Monday night at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, multiple law enforcement told NBC News.

U.K. authorities suspect the incident was conducted by a suicide bomber, according to multiple U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

Preliminary reports indicated that a single explosion took place outside the arena on the southwest side opposite the Manchester Victoria transit station, which is part of the greater arena complex, the U.S. officials said.

The explosion occurred as the concert ended, catching people as they exited.

Law enforcement sources in both Britain and the United States stressed that the information was preliminary and subject to change.

Greater Manchester Police said only that there were “a number of confirmed fatalities and injuries” as hundreds of fans fled the arena. Emergency crews rushed to the scene after the possible blasts, which were first reported about 10:40 p.m. (5:40 p.m. ET).

Other news sources:

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61 thoughts on “Jihad Attack at Manchester Arena

  1. What a fraud! Shites kill Sunnis and vice versa. They’ve been at it for 1,350 years!

  2. What now? To use the quote on rape by muslim gangs: “When your govt and police don’t provide adequate protection, then the “fault lines” regarding [bomb attacks at concerts] have to change. A woman has to ask herself if it’s worth the risk, given the realities on the [concert hall].”

    Where are these ‘fault lines’? Going out at all? Being a concert goer? Living?

    I’m sorry, but we can’t allow our governments to have the monopoly of force but then neglect our safety. Neither in this bomb attack nor in rape cases.

    • I read recently that the Age of the Giant Mall is passing. The business article mentioned all the factors except terrorism. I think terrorism threats are keeping some people away.

      Gosh, where will kids congregate?

    • Did this sort of thing happen there 50 years ago? No, but now the Brits spend their time waiting for the next atrocity, and the next, and the next. As the mayor of London said a short time ago:
      “This is the new norm–get used to it”.
      While on all the TV channels the anchors wail: “We have no idea who is responsible, or their motives…” Naive, guileless twits!

      Well, I suppose it might be the Scots, those Presbyterians are a warlike lot…. Or maybe an upsurge in Welsh nationalism… or possibly the Irish have hit the Guiness too hard, and remember the exploits of their famous pirate Queen….

      It’s all so predictable, the weeping and the wailing, then the drowning of sorrows, then the teddy bears and candles. How long will this go on before people actually have the guts to name the perpetrator? And no, I don’t mean ‘islamists’ or ‘radical moslems’, let’s be honest here, the problem is islam–plain, ordinary islam.

      • Yes, the cynicism of modern politicians is unbelievable. Instead of doing something about terrorism they say it is new normal and invite the electorate to accept it.

        The stupidity of modern voters is even more unbelievable. They continue to vote for these politicians. This is a bitter truths, but Europeans deserve their Macrons, Merkels, Junkers and the rest of them.

        • Not Juncker — they didn’t vote for him. He is an apparatchik in the Appointed State.

          • To some extent that’s true. But over the past 40 years, the permanent structure of the EU — which is what does the appointing — has become detached from anything that people can vote for.

            An elected politician in a member state who has ambition and/or avarice will set his sights on the European Commission or other high bodies of the EU apparat. If he behaves himself, and shows that he is in line with all the globalist multicult purveyed by the mandarins in Brussels, he may be invited in by the Appointers and given a lucrative sinecure. Federica Mogherini comes to mind.

            Other upward trajectories pass through the UN, NATO, the IMF, and the World Bank. All of them have the same ultimate destination: The New World Order.

      • World class mosques or “immunity from the filthy infidel centres”, being built apace in Ireland. Lots of educated idiots believe that soon enough the Saudi madrassas will be churning out Christian and Jew hating racists galore. Not wait…….

    • I seem to recall one French official saying people should stop congregating in crowds, that provide targets for terrorists.
      You know, football matches, concerts, shopping malls, cinemas that kind of thing.
      We should all live interior lives so jihadists don’t have targets.
      Then the house invasions would start!

      More seriously this what happens when borders are not defended.

  3. And here we go again!

    Muslims murdering innocent people to promote islam, spread fear, and still our so called leaders do nothing!!!

    Muslims, islam, all must be removed from our shores, deported to muslim nations, the koran has to be banned, collected up and burned.

    Anyone who is supporting this death cult arrested, detained, deported to faraway places.

    Mosques shut down and bulldozed!

    • THAT’s been my dream after the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Massacres, and my dream after Al-andulus became Andalusia, and Constantinople became Istanbul. But dreams rarely come true when Traitors are involved.

      Just the opposite Traitors are helping jihadis’ dream come true after every atrocity.

  4. Soon we will be being told how it is a religion of peace, and that real muslims don’t do this sort of thing.

    There appears to be a news blackout, or else nothing is known, a complete surprise perhaps?

    This time they targeted children, and each time the cover-up gets more difficult. This was a REAL hate crime, we seriously need to start distinguishing between supposed ‘hate’ thoughts, ‘hate’ words and real hate actions. But somehow the two former appear to be more important than the latter……

    Maybe if that resource expended on checking social media for supposed hate speech were spent investigating hate actions then we might get some real protection.

    • Ha ha, its happening already. Lovely cuddly Muslims are the norm. Its those damned “lone wolves” we need to worry about. Um… there are so many “lone” wolves, they forms a huge multi million strong pack. When will people wake up!!!!! No Muslims -no problems. Or more realistically, No sharia, no “No go” Areas, no more mosques, no halal EVERYWHERE, no burkas/hajibs, no tolerance. If they find life here intolerable, well, you know what? There are lots of Muslim countries to go to.
      But, the aim is to islamisize the UK. this is just one small battle, in the war, aimed at stopping young women daring to go out and listen to music, unveiled with bare arms and maybe even legs!

    • The taqqiya artists are already all over social media bleating that Islam is all about peace and freedom of religion.

  5. I went to a careers fair at the concert arena in Leeds (city near Manchester) a few weeks ago and my bag was searched on entry.

    How did this bomber manage to get his bomb in?

    • His mates/friends/ co- religionists were working in security .They let him through with with a wink and a nod.

    • He triggered his bomb in the entry hall, not in the main hall. No security to get into the entry hall.

    • Are sixty per cent of the security personnel Muslim? They’re coming to take us away.

    • I too wondered this. Maybe the security guards were Muslims?

      Back in the IRA days, when I was a young whippersnapper, attending discoteques, my handbag was always searched before being allowed entry. I was glad, because it meant everyone else’s bag was also being searched. Why was a dusky man with a back pack, attending a teenyboppers concert which attracted mainly young girls? The security people should have had their antenae twitching, but they didn’t. Why? PC? Afraid to challenge a Muslim? Muslim themselves? We need to start challenging anyone who brings large bags into any populated venue.

    • He didn’t.

      He detonated himself on the sidewalk near the box office as concert goers were leaving.

      • PS Just heard from my sister, my niece was at a concert at the same venue last week. Too close for comfort.

    • Reports allege that security at the arena were more concerned about
      Preventing the youngsters taking their own water into the concert.
      Presumably to be ripped off at exorbitant prices when thirsty later.

      So an ISIS soldier massacres innocent children, a formerly useless
      Home Secretary gives a feeble Churchillian impression on the steps of number 10, the current Home Secretary yaps away too, The newly elected Mayor of Manchester is arranging a vigil because he believes
      It is important and meanwhile the islamic world is laughing up its
      Already the leftist usual cries of ” we must guard against a rise
      Of Islamaphobia” are deafening, ignoring the bereft families
      Whose children will either not becoming home at all or returning
      Traumatised and with life changing injuries.
      Enough with this mock solemnity, let’s have some affirmative action
      Bring back the Death Penalty for engaging, planning, or executing acts terrorism, find this deranged individual’s family, friends and associates and interrogate them thoroughly.
      God bless those who were killed in this terrible, depraved attack, may
      He watch over the maimed and injured and bring solace to those who
      Are grieving.
      Perhaps a few ethnomasachistic, self loathing, liberal minded, gender
      Fluid obsessed MP’s might consider resigning, having created this
      Poisonous messing the first place.

  6. We need to educate our populations about Muslim beliefs. All Muslims must be removed from society. If we don’t have enough men for the task then its all over.

  7. The worst thing these days about such atrocities is the clamour to talk nonsense by our politicians and media “we wont succumb to fear”, “it wont divide us”. Blah Blah Blah.

    How many atrocities before they understand what the normal citizens of every nation understand? Islam is at war with every non muslim person and nation. They will never stop doing what is instructed in the Koran and propagandised in their mosques. Nice words and herculean efforts by our intelligence services cannot stop this.

    How long do our governments think their populations will sit idly by whilst our nations are Islamised and crippled by guerrilla warfare? Lighting candles and appealing for pacifism really isn’t an adequate response.

  8. How convenient, the police already know it was a suicide attack, the bomber is dead, pieces of him all over the place but he’s been identified?
    Now they don’t have to waste resources on finding the culprit.
    How long did it take them to figure that one out, an hour maybe two?
    Darned fast working as British police goes.

  9. Latest news from Manchester.
    The Arndale Centre and surounding streets just south of the Arena is currently being evacuated and on total lockdown.
    Why? They have the perp, or parts of it, haven’t they?
    Or have they?

  10. I recall seeing Paki security staff at a metal concert in Sheffield a few months ago. I thought to myself: “are these people mad????” But then I know that a security company will hire anything and anyone who will accept low pay while they make the big bucks. When I left I made sure that I used a gate far from the one he was minding.
    I didn’t know the “singer” who was performing last night, so I looked it up: it’s not music, it’s part of a pre-fabricated marketing product, designed to make money whilst filling up kids’ minds with crass things, overloading the mind of the young with ugly noise and images to stop intelligent and poised thought processes.
    So called equality laws would make it difficult to stop moslems from getting employment, even in the most sensitive areas (such as a nuclear power plant if you remember the incident last year when one was caught looking up bomb-making pages online whilst at work). Equality laws mean well, but they will be the death of civilisation if they steamroll over common sense.

    • It’s almost like they need a new “post war” for population reduction and rebuilding?

  11. Islamic State claimed credit for the bomb attack in Manchester. When will the British Government and the NGOs claim their rightful share of the “credit” for the continuing slaughter of their citizens and the ongoing Islamization of their nation?

    • A no brainer. Like taking the machine guns away and removal of the Muslim sicko loser threat from populated areas. Do we want liberty or a slow painful long agonising demise. Liberty costs and nobody rides free. I mean it’s not as if Muslim crapola is difficult to work out.

      • No, closing mosques would be an idiot’s response, a complete waste of time with bad consequences. Do you really think that a cult that has survived 1,500 years, that has survived years of fighting the USSR and US high-tech weaponry, that still fights, that has proven itself virtually indestructible, is going to roll over because a few western countries ban mosques?

        I will tell you exactly what will happen if mosques are banned. There will be a proliferation of “underground” mosques–for a mosque can be a living room or a garden shed–and hordes and hordes of angry young Pakistanis, Kurds, Arabs etc furious that their religion has been banned while others are left in peace. They will cry discrimination and they will be supported by the spineless cretins that dominate public life in every western country. Gulf money will funneled to the extremists, the Islamic resistance.

        It doesn’t matter what you think about Islam, this will be the consequence of banning mosques. You will reinforce the faith with a power boost of rage, and make it better at hiding itself and more difficult to monitor.

        Doesn’t sound so clever now, does it?

        Tragic as the situation is, I think western nations have got to accept the consequences of their own unending cowardice and complacent stupidity. For 40 years, they have nurtured this viper at their bosom, and each year imported lots more vipers. Sometimes I think they deserve what they are getting. They are stuck with Islam. All that can be is a ban on further immigration from Islamic nations, and even that is highly problematic and will not stop the underlying dynamic of destruction. Demographics will finish the west. The only options now are escape or parrying for a few decades.

  12. England? Why not the entire western world; they’re in all our countries!

    And more to the point, when we’ve got moslems, we’ve got trouble! And we’re getting more moslems every day!
    It’s lunacy on steroids.

  13. Come on everybody just make heart shapes with your hands and everything will be fine. If that’s not enough, light a candle. Still not enough, type in #prayformanchester. See, we’ve got solutions to defeat the terrorists.

  14. In a sane society his family would be affected by his actions.

    This would send a hugely powerful message if the following were to happen-

    Parents charged as accomplices to 19 counts of murder and jailed for life.

    Imam charged as accomplice to 19 counts of murder and placed in solitary for life, the sole free hour being spent in the yard with all other radical preachers.

    Siblings to be evaluated; surly ones who refuse to integrate are immediately deported to parental country of origin. Easy going ones allowed to remain with patriotic British families looking to adopt.

    Of course none of this will happen. As the mayor of London stated, this is simply the price we pay for a vibrant, enriched society!

    • You’re right, that would cure things, but better I think to get rid of the rabble altogether; they do not and can never fit into our sane, civilized world.

  15. 22 years old? It amazes me how can a person can be so brainwashed and stupid to comit something like this. All his family and mentors should be deported. It is very clear that they played their roles in this atrocity. Human rights are for humans. They shouldn’t be allowed to live among people anymore.Trump is absolutely right. And yeah, ban islam for good.

  16. We will soon see some Ahmaddi Imam appear on TV and tell everyone that Islam is peace.

    • Ah, yes, the favorite numerically insignificant sect of globalists everywhere….

  17. We need to be as protective of our country as the people of Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and other similar nations that allow almost no Muslim immigration. That is the ONLY effective way to protect ourselves.

    • The UK has had a problem with Islam since around my original work days ie 1965…I alas worked in thes e areas…and could see what was coming…

  18. Allegiant (a noun) is definable as a person who displays constancy, duty, and faithfulness, especially to a ruling body.

    Allegiant (an adjective) is definable as having or displaying constancy, duty, and faithfulness, especially to a ruling body.

    Being allegiant to a foreign power violates the US Oath of Allegiance, which reads:

    I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

    The proper response to the pedestrian observation that “We can’t just throw them out because of their religion!”, is that we can throw them out because they are allegiants to a foreign potentate.

    And the pious Followers of the Purported Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah violate this Oath in every particular.

    Throw them out we must if the US Republic is to survive us to serve and protect our grandchildren’ grandchildren.

    Islamic Expulsion is Job Number One of any competent government.

  19. Hits home when you realise that your ex partner recently went to an event at the Arena and that both my two sons went to events there last year.

  20. Reports consistently state this act was done by a suicide bomber (shahid) which begs the question, were the shahid’s remains significantly intact so that the carcas was clearly male? Did he have any accomplices? Here is why I ask:

    Paul Joseph Watson asks: Was PC responsible for one of the accomplices in the attack escaping detection? (video cued up @ 3:54)
    This eye witness says she spotted a woman acting suspiciously and told security but they did nothing except lecture the informant for making the suspicious individual feel uncomfortable. One to two minutes before the end of the concert, this suspicious lady disappeared in the direct area where the bomb went off. With use of a veil as well as other clothing items, this shahid could have entered the concert unmolested, appearing as a female – aka searched like the average water bottle carrying tween – but let pass due to suicidal PC.

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