8 thoughts on “There’s Hate, and Then There’s “Hate”

  1. And if someone argues that a monument is not a holy place like a mosque…

    Think again, in islam a mosque is just a place were muslims meet and were islam gets proclaimed (to muslims and nonmuslims alike!).
    It`s not a holy or consecrated site like a church (or the kaaba), just like an imam is not a priest or cleric.
    He is just a kind of islamic theologian.

    • How can anyone teach their children “well” when fewer couples are forming families? Lots of fatherless children, though, and the mothers are starting to vacate the premises.

      See ACEs Too High – you can take the test.


      One of the things I like about their format is the way they leave room for counter-influences who help kids learn resilience. One of our readers has a foster son who will be on his way to community college this Fall. That’s a real way to make a difference – and our reader has already raised his own family.

      But it takes great serenity to take on a boy, esp one entering adolescence. I am in awe of those who do it and especially do I admire those who succeed.

  2. Your logic is impeccable…I have thought the same thing many times. Gentle Muslims become violent Muslims after being brainwashed at a mosque. If Saudi Arabia does not allow any Christian Churches in their country, then why do we allow mosques in our country?

    • You can boil it down to this: There is no such thing as a moderate and peaceful follower of a violent, totalitarian ideology or cult.
      It`s a contradiction.

      The best you can get is a radical who momentarily is not an active threat.
      Maybe because he is weak, too old, too young, a coward, lazy or lives in a convenient setting.

  3. The mosques are network nodes meant to establish the basic framework of a parallel society; that should be obvious to all at this point.

    Heck, the Spanish used to do something very similar with their mission system in the American Southwest.

    • Maybe there are some parallels.
      But in a mosque you get not (really) educated or healed, you only get radicalized.

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