Forget “Coexist” in French Social Housing

The following clip from a talk show on French TV features a young woman who works for the housing authority. She explains the institutional impossibility of placing Muslims together with Jews in housing — specifically because of what the Muslims habitually do to Jews in their midst.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   RMC – Unavoidable Big Mouths
00:04   What saddens me is that we cannot
00:08   put a person of Jewish faith in a neighborhood, where next door,
00:12   or in the next building, there are people of the Muslim faith, without
00:16   the Jews being cursed as “dirty Jews”. And you have to understand that today
00:20   when you are talking about “coexist”, we have trouble, — I’m working in social housing —
00:24   we have trouble, landlords have trouble, with mixing communities.
00:28   It means that we have totally capitulated; there are for example neighborhoods
00:32   I work in, Les Lilas [eastern suburbs of Paris], it’s 93, not far from here,
00:37   and there is an entire neighborhood where a Jewish community
00:41   is well-represented and where we hesitate, we hesitate
00:45   to provide social housing for someone we could indentify as Muslim.
00:49   Because we are afraid of what it could cause in the neighborhood and in the building,
00:53   and so we have totally capitulated, and that’s what we do:
00:57   ghettos, where we don’t mix any more, we are scared to mix.
01:01   But is it you who choose, or is it the person who asks…?
01:05   The person asks to live in a particular town…
01:09   It doesn’t cause him/her a problem, he doesn’t say. —Voilà; they aren’t asking anything!
01:13   So it’s you… —No, it’s in the mind of the landlord, of the landlord…
01:17   he is scared that this type of problem might happen … —Confrontation
01:21   of communities. —Confrontation of communities. —So, yes, we are capitulating before the fact,
01:25   that we cannot have communities gathered together, or people of different faiths
01:29   and this is very serious.
01:34   Unavoidable Big Mouths.

10 thoughts on “Forget “Coexist” in French Social Housing

  1. So the bureaucracy knows it’s all a scam, and yet it continues unchecked immigration. It’s as if they wish to create chaos. Do they imagine they’ll be able to ride that chaos to even more power? That’s seems like a very sketchy plan.

    • “It’s as if they wish to create chaos.”

      I’m not as far yet as to believe this, but what I have become convinced of is that the EU top brass see immigration really and truly as a solution to Europe’s dearth of births. It’s a policy.

      • In Minnesota, hard-left Gov. Mark Dayton has been quite frank about this. On Oct. 13, 2015, he told a public meeting in St. Cloud that:

        “Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens. We don’t have enough.”

        He went on to demand that those opposed to the mass importation of Somali Muslims “find another state.”

        (“B+” probably refers to a skin-lightening product sold in south Asia.)

        • this reminds me of a statement by a leftist city council member of iranian origins in Frankfurt some time ago. ” If you do not like immigration, then move somewhere else”. That caused an uproar among all councilmen present,many left and turned off the lights.

        • btw, I recommend the lecture of Keith Richburgs ” Out of America”. It provides deep insights of somali mentality.Those guys are real fun to be with.

  2. Everyone, tout le monde, knows that it’s Muslims who are the troublemakers.

    So, here’s the question. “What’s the good news ending in all of this?”

    Or, to ask in another way, “How much more, or for how much longer, are the French gonna tolerate this abuse from their leaders?”

    Given the rejection of LePen, the French really do want continue playing the role of the abused wife.

    N’est pas?

  3. “Specifically because of what moslems do to Jews in their midst”.
    Whatever happened to “doing to moslems, before they do unto you!”

    Or are we never to fight back?

    • Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh………………………………………..

      Iffen ‘we’ fight back–the po-lice response/retaliation will be SAVAGE! That of the ‘legal “$ystem”‘ even wor$e. The “civil” retaliation–job, home, apartment, marriage, children–even WORSE!

      To fight:
      Ya gotta get the Cops/authorities/judiciary/legalbeagles FIRST!

      The rest? Easy Peasey. Walk in the park.

  4. There’s a word for the elegant fellow on her right – a word I can’t use – the elegant fellow who is so inconvenienced, so annoyed by what she is saying, by the bald truth. He is impatient with her for mentioning, for acknowledging THE HORROR. That’s the fellow, multiplied by ten thousand, who will, who is ending TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED years of Western Civilization. And killing him – pleasurable as it would be – will change nothing.

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