Italy: Keep the Migrants Away from the G7!

The following article appeared in the Italian press just before the recent G7 meeting in Sicily began. In their determination to keep the mujahideen from disturbing the G7, the EU authorities inadvertently revealed something that everyone already knows: they are capable of stopping the flow of migrants into Italian ports any time they want. The logistical capability is there, but not the will.

Many thanks to Giusy for translating this piece from Il Giornale:

Stop landings in Sicily (but only during the G7)

May 15, 2017
by Sergio Rame

The directive of the Chief of police: possible risks with the arrival of illegal immigrants. And so the blockade: Sicilian ports will no longer be able to accept the (migrant) boats (but only during the G7)

It is possible to set up a naval blockade to stop immigrant landings.

But they do so only on the occasion of the Taormina G7. At the summit, in fact, police chief Franco Gabrielli proceeded to put Sicily under lockdown. So much so that, as predicted by the Messaggero (newspaper), Schengen has been closed, “restoring border controls for the period from 10 to 30 May”, and has implemented the naval blockade to “prevent the continuous flow of migrants from reaching” sensitive ports.

In recent days, three thousand servicemen, five thousand law enforcement agents and an impressive number of secret service personnel have already arrived in Sicily. The goal is to secure Taormina and make sure there are no nasty surprises at the G7. Under the circumstances, Gabrielli has developed a handbook of one hundred and thirty pages to ensure maximum security for all heads of State. The measures will become effective as of this morning. The Sicilian ports of Ragusa, Siracusa, Catania and Messina have already been locked down: the boats and rubber craft, which already fill the Mediterranean Sea, will no longer be able to dock but will be diverted to other ports. “It was necessary to achieve, starting today — we read in the police Chief’s statement — a progressive reduction in the number of landings in Messina and then throughout Sicily, avoiding engagement with the island’s ports: applicable to Messina 18 to 28 May, all the others from 22 to 28 May. In effect, a naval blockade.

As the Messaggero explains, the Public Security Department believes that boats crammed with illegal immigrants may hide an Islamic threat. For this reason Gabrielli asked for “special attention to be given to the phenomenon which could create security risks”. In the next few hours, therefore, a complete mapping of the entire Sicilian coast will be carried out, with particular emphasis on ports and marinas, to thwart any terrorist attack of Islamic origin. As anticipated by the Corriere della Sera (newspaper), the plan also includes roadblocks. “The control and supervision of the territory — we read — contemplates the use of all specialized departments (from sharpshooters, to bomb technicians and divers), but above all barriers which will prevent any type of intrusion.”

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  1. The Kaffir leaders who have sold us out to a life of Dhimmitude definitely deserve all the protection they can get.

  2. Incredible! So they are able to protect themselves but do f… all to protect people!

  3. Some of the readers here at GoV may remember I have posted earlier on the antics of ngo shipping off the Lybian coast. Dymph and the Baron certainly do they had to approve these postings.
    I’ve been keeping track of ngo shipping of the coast by means of

    Last week I followed the movements of the Vos Prudence, originaly an offshore supply ship with the capacity to take in 1000 migrants in a single haul if not more.
    The Prudence left it’s berth on Thursday towards the Lybian coast. On Friday morning it collected as many migrants as it could from the other smaller ngo ships in the area and made a beeline towards Lampedusa.

    There it was met by a coastal patrol boat that appeared (by its track) rather agitated.
    The Prudence was denied entrance into Turtle Harbor on Lampedusa. It milled around for a few hours as if to decide what to do next and then started its engines again and sailed north towards the west coast of Sicily.

    Late friday night it dropped anchor opposite the port of Marsala where it spend the rest of the night. On saturday morning it hoped to unload its human cargo in Marsala but Sicily was on total lock down. Besides the Prudence was bobbing next to a few marine conservation areas. I presume the Italians would take a dim view at their national parks being poluted by scores of discarded life jackets, water bottles and worn underware.

    So it moved on along the north coast of Sicily towards Palermo. Where it also was denied entry. By now the Prudence was in dire straights. Supplies were running out. Food, water and perhaps fuel as well. It send out a distress call and saturday afternoon a local tug from Palermo, the Nerone, sailed out and laid alongside the Prudence for an hour or so.
    I presume to transfer supplies.

    After this the Prudence started its engines again and sailed north to Napoli where it arrived in the evening.

    The upshot of this little story is that it is quite easy to put a stop to human smuggling.
    1) blacklist all vessels involved of smuggling
    2) deny entry in all ports of Greece, Italy, France and Spain of blacklisted vessels

    And now you may wonder why didn’t the rest of the ngo fleet come to the rescue of the Prudence.
    Well it was weekend and their crews were enjoying some well deserved R&R in their home port of Valetta, Malta. Enjoying the lovely pubs and restaurants that can be found there.

    • Only for the G7 sake the Sicilian harbours were closed for the human traffickers ships. Nowadays business continues as usual and at full steam. The Libyan waters are crowded. It is springtime and sunny weather in Italy. The majority of Italians talk about the retreat from football of Francesco Totti and the Montecarlo’s victory of Vettel with Ferrari. Corruption scandals everywhere, declining economy and catholic-progressive ideology. Pope Francis here is a big big star. Nothing new under the latin sun indeed.

  4. Stupidity cures itself.The Merkels and Macrons , as well as their cohorts in this world will never be lauded as great Statesmen. History… matter who writes it; will judge them as the enabling agents for a Savage Infection referred to as Islam.

    • Francis, the way things are going, moslems will be writing that history, as I see no one doing anything to stop this invasion.
      We are watching the most improbable event in human history; the certain destruction of the most advanced civilization this planet has seen, by savages from a thousand years back in time.

  5. Again ,I ask the same question referring to the photo above, who is supplying and financing these life vests and large rubber boats? Follow the money and I can assure it leads to the globalist vermin who wish to destroy the European culture,economy and way of life.

  6. By the time history is written we will all be Muslims or dead. The elite preach diversity, but live in gated White communities with private security. What happens when the security have to protect their own families who live in the real world? The revolution always eats its own and I hope it is sooner rather than later that they have a good feast.

  7. The story of the lock down also confirms two other assertions:

    1) The government leaders are perfectly aware of the dangers posed by the immigrants;

    2) There is some authority responsible for commanding the migrations, and for allowing variances. The simplest explanation, is that the Italian Prime Minister is in favor of unrestricted immigration, but doesn’t want to look bad in front of the other leaders. However, that begs the first question: if he’s aware of the dangers, then why continue the practice? It’s possible to think of one head of state who is a calculating psychopath, but all of them simultaneously by coincidence is a bit of a stretch.

    There is a third point illustrated, but not proven by the episode. Concentration or federation of power is fatal in the long run. The more you centralize command or authority, the easier it becomes for an alien or hostile entity to capture the decision-making power. We’re in the situation where the EU, supposedly a common trade and commerce entity, is actually threatening countries like Poland and Hungary that wish to pursue their own policies on immigration.

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