Spook-Training at Soros U

Last week the government of Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán became the first Western nation to take official action to interfere with the operations of George Soros: the Hungarian parliament passed revisions to an existing law that may well force Mr. Soros to close down his Central European University (CEU) in Budapest.

Predictably, demonstrations were staged in downtown Budapest to protest the action against the CEU. Thousands of foreigners were imported to take part in the demonstrations. As reported by CrossWare:

The numbers were from 40,000 to 80,000 and that was the Soros org’s own guesses. Normal estimates place it at around 50,000 but nobody really counted. Everybody agreed on the conservative side that a lot of foreigner were there.

A video of the protest is here.

CrossWare has translated two articles about the Central European University, and includes this introduction to provide context on what is happening in Hungary:

Prologue by CrossWare:

We can hear some ever-strong squealing for the umpteenth time from liberal circles in Hungary. They are currently in “The sky is falling” mode because the “fascist dictatorship” of Viktor Orbán and the governing party Fidesz allowed the passage of a law that will “attack all humanity” and “forbid education forever” and “destroy all higher education” and close George Soros’ Central European University (CEU), which is led by the Canadian liberal Michael Ignatieff who “desperately and heroically” fights against the “evil oppressive regime”…

OK, so let’s examine the facts now. In 2004 when the Liberal-Socialist government was governing [governing is a code word for pushing the country into debt and poverty], Soros made a grand deal with the Liberal Education Minister of the time. His school, the CEU, was issuing both Hungarian and US diplomas. Since the beginning of the mass migration (invasion), Soros’ NGOs have constantly been attacking the Orbán government, demanding that it open the borders and begin accepting unlimited number of Muslim migrants for its enrichment.

Because Hungary is key to the Balkan migration routes, and because with its resistance Hungary showed a “bad example” to the other Western countries, Soros and his backers have invested a lot in so-called “civilian” organizations, and it seems that most of his activists come from the ranks of the CEU students and teachers.

In 2018 there will be elections in Hungary, and the present government — very wisely — decided to deal with this unlawful influence before the campaign starts. As a democratic country, they cannot just ban those NGOs and other institutions, so instead they just try to close the loopholes the previous Liberal/Socialist government had provided for Soros. The new law simply states that all schools that award dual diplomas must have a campus in the home country — in this case in the United States. Soros’ CEU does not have a school there…

Of course the activists are forgot to mention that more than a hundred foreign schools are operating in Hungary, including three other US schools, and none of them had problems. The law states that such school have six months to open a campus in the home country, or receive a special exemption made via a state-level contract (so the home country authorities can be aware that an organization gives out diplomas from their state), or they must cease issuing foreign diplomas. The schools can still operate, of course.

The Liberal screaming is also a preemptive attack. The second law the Hungarian Parliament is preparing will force “civil organizations”, most of them Soros NGOs, to disclose their financial sources (essentially the same as the Foreign Agent Act in the USA) to clarify who is behind those organizations. No organization will be banned of course, but you will hear otherwise in the near future from hysterical Liberal lunatics.

I believe Soros is also afraid that with Hungary he will lose more than just influence in this tiny country. Since Orbán’s strong stance against immigration and the building of the fence, more and more people all around the world are following what he has to say. If Hungarians successfully oust Soros, more will follow. The Soros gang is now trying to stop the first domino from falling…

Below is CrossWare’s translation of a post from the conservative investigative blog Spiler:

Here are ten randomly selected CEU (Central European University) diploma theses

Some in Fidesz would say the CEU is the officers’ school of the liberal world, but the CEU and the liberals state that Soros’ university provides world-renowned training and scientific results for Hungary. So in order to establish a more objective picture we decided we would get a random sample of the diploma theses at the CEU. You all can decide for yourselves whether these look like real scientific dissertations or political pamphlets.

Here are the 10 diploma theses:

1.   Deprivation and futurelessness: At the meeting point of Marxism and Queer theory
This is part of Queer theory and gender studies the topic of otherness. The paper compares thesis of Lee Edelman, a prominent figure of in queer theory, and the communist philosopher György Lukács [Cultural Marxist — translator].
2.   Playing with Identity: study of the sadomasochistic community in Budapest
The paper analyses sadomasochistic narratives and brings special attention to the role of play.
3.   Blasphemy as tool for institutional criticism
A paper from the history department; shows case studies the role of blasphemy in the post-Soviet political art.
4.   In the name of the mother: media discourse on nationalist ideology and reproduction politics in the post-socialist Macedonia
This research explores how the media uses nationalist ideology in Macedonia to spread traditional gender roles with the objectification of the female body.
5.   Polish exceptionalism: hate laws between the supranational standard and national politics
This diploma thesis examines why the Polish hate laws are less strict than the international standard.
6.   Engender and exist: experiences of young feminist man in Iceland
This paper provides an introspection into the experiences of a feminist man in Iceland, and based on theoretical background it supplies examples of how to involve men in programs promoting gender equality.
7.   Queer theory and the Quran: how homosexual Muslim men in London articulate their sexual narrative
With an ethnographic approach, the paper shows the life of homosexual Muslim men in London with interviews, and their approach to their identities.
8.   Migration in the area of the Mediterranean Sea: the human smugglers as scapegoats
The paper states while illegal immigration has existed for decades, the human smugglers only attracted more attention recently, the cause being that they being singled out as scapegoats.
9.   Identity training via the discourse of Hungarian migration narrative
The paper seeks to demonstrate how xenophobic Hungarian immigration politics and the image of the enemy — created by the Hungarian government — are influencing the identity of the Hungarians.
10.   Anti-liberalism and anti-Semitism in dualist Hungary
This diploma thesis showcases current Hungarian anti-liberalism and anti-Semitism via examples from the Transcarpathian region.

The CEU has only social sciences, economics and liberal arts majors. The above examples just reflect the years 2015-16. For anyone interested in earlier papers, you can find more in CEU dissertations.

Here’s more on the CEU from another blog (bolding by CrossWare):

Soros + CEU = agent training

Why is the defense of the CEU — this undercover agent-training facility — now the most important cause of those couple of thousand mouth-karate protesters who are always frightened about tyranny and “fight for democracy”? Why the CEU? Because it is the last bastion of George Soros’ remaining interests.

Soros suffered an unpleasant loss the United States. Slowly the air is leaking out of his protests, which were organized and financed to overthrow the new president. His people are burned out, and they do not want to expose themselves — even for money — to the increasing antipathy of society. Trump is not snuggled into the Washington political elite, and to feel the “love”, he frequently kicks the Soros-Obama-Clinton clan. George Soros became a public enemy in the USA.

With that Soros lost most of his influence in the European Union too. While Clinton looked to be the contender, he got a polite reception, and they listened to him in Paris and Brussels, but even then they needed to make a great effort to show a friendly face while listening to Soros’ wilder and wilder migrant-importation schemes and suggestions. After the fall of Clinton, the doors are closed for Soros even in Western Europe.

There is nothing left for him but the Eastern and Central European region — the Balkans and the post-Soviet states. Here the command center is the CEU.

Some days ago an article was published in which they blamed the Hungarian government for agreeing to Putin’s request to discredit the CEU. While it is a fact that Putin hates Soros and his gang, the Russian authorities are still strong enough to take care of agents trained in the CEU.

From various foreign political sources we heard that in an unofficial form multiple Balkan state and many post-Soviet states’ diplomats signaled to Budapest that citizens educated in the CEU, when they return home, undertake subversion, activism and propaganda activity against existing governments and openly work to advance the goals of Soros-paid organizations and businesses.

The individuals who received their diplomas from the CEU, practically return to their countries as agents whose tasks include subornation, disruption of governments and finally the creation of political conflicts and civil war, so Soros and his collective of US business interests can rob the target country.

Which is what happened in the Ukraine, where intellectuals trained in the CEU deliberately drew the country into a civil war. In the past couple of years the “Western-friendly” leadership for political support and free thievery handed over a significant portion of industrial, agricultural and [mineral] wealth of the country.

The same screenplays await more post-Soviet republics, as Soros’ agents are already training or have been trained in Budapest as for their destabilization.

We must openly state: under cover of scientific activities, virtually rock-hard [spy] agent training is occurring in the CEU.

This is what was kicked apart by the Hungarian government. Rightfully so! Because Soros never even respected his original homeland. Just the opposite! He has done everything in his power to throw our country into chaos so he can fish in troubled waters.

Over the past seven years he did not shy away from anything; he had no inhibitions: he tried anything, he funded anything to create disruption in the running of the country.

Now he has set thousands in front of Parliament to protest for an institution which is only a burden for Hungary.

Soros is fighting for the last region of influence left to him. And he is exactly like a cornered rat…

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  1. Latest update: the same groups protesting against the government in Budapest about the CEU, travelled down to Röszke which is the infamous border town in the Serbian-Hungarian border. They demanding open borders, the removal of the fence which stopped the mass flood of migrants. Based on their social media sites they try to provoke the Hungarian authorities and border guards, so they can showcase “the brutal, fascist regime”. So far the Hungarian police were very patient with them, which means their antifa hard core of the Soros troops are getting more aggressive every day.

    • The second article seems to imply that Soros somehow makes a profit from his disruptive activities, so that these disruptive NGOs which he funds actually make him wealthier in some way. I have never seen that allegation before. Could you explain a bit more about how it works? Up to now I thought that Soros was just a perverse old man. I remember reading, many years ago, that he said he intended to “give away” all of his wealth before he died.

      I have seen estimates that Soros spent about US $5 billion on stirring up turmoil in the Ukraine, i.e. about the same amount as the US government spent on the same project via Victoria Nuland. Is it really possible that he could somehow have raked in even more money from the chaos, than he spent on stirring it up? How could he have done that?

      • Ok so Soros business technique: destabilize democratically elected government, using his NGOs, then replace it with one already indebted to him. Once they replaced the original government, they usually privatize originally state owned resources, like water, energy, mining. Then Western companies but those in a very friendly price (example in Hungary there was plenty of examples, getting a company worth 500 million USD for 1 million or less…. Of course some more to the private account of the Soros friendly official. ). I think that is why targeting ex-soviet states or post civil war Balkan countries, because they have a lot of state owned resources. The companies buying this cheap is not necessary owned by Soros directly. He is acting like a wrecking company for hire.
        Who creates the “proper” situation in a state and placing the cooperative people into position. Of course this is pretty hard to prove as he is separated pretty well from the NGOs.

        • So the people in the right place at the right time make huge fortunes, like the first generation Russian oligarchs. Thanks for the explanation.

          Soros does seem to have a talent for picking very capable subordinates, and operating in a very “hands off” manner, leaving all the detailed management to those subordinates.

          He first became famous here in Britain when he made over £1 billion in profit on Black Wednesday, 16 September 1992, when the British government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).

          Soros was actually instrumental in forcing the British government out of the ERM, enabling his company to make a huge profit, because his Quantum Fund began a massive sell-off of pounds on Tuesday, 15 September 1992. He said later that it was actually one of his subordinates who carried out the detailed management of the process. He just told the subordinate to “go for the jugular”.


          • The funny part is that this primed the pump for Brexit. That is a disaster for him, but for me revenge served ice cold brings a smile to my face every morning.

    • Thanks for your contributions, Crossware (and Baron!)

      I’d be interested for a bit more info on how that ‘Canadian’ Michael Ignatieff ended up as head (‘Rector,’ how are you?! The pretentiousness of the title would suit Ignatieff) of the CEU?

      Ignatieff left his prestige position in U.S. academia to return to Canada and take up leadership of the federal Liberal party … in which position he proved himself to be inept and out-of-touch with the people. Which is to say he was a near-perfect clone of his predecessors in the Canadian Liberal party leadership … pretty well all of whom might as well have been born and raised outside of Canada.

      Since stepping down from that position we in Canada have heard virtually nothing of Ignatieff. Now he shows up as head of Soros’ agent-training CEU. Is there a connection with Ignatieff’s former academic home, Harvard? Probably.

      • I personally was very surprised to see the guy there. I guess a good Soros soldier goes wherever the boss wants him.

  2. A fascinating article, one of the most useful I’ve read in quite a while anywhere.

    Thanks Baron!

  3. Why is Mossad showing no apparent interest in Soros?
    It should want him ‘neutralised’, surely?

    • Well he did not go openly against Israel yet. The world is a dirty place where even hyenas like Soros can find plenty of allies and friends.

  4. Those “theses” show an unhealthy obsession with sex and gay sex in particular.
    A bunch of very sick puppies indeed…

  5. Soros holds dual Hungarian-US citizenship.

    To my mind, the US should abolish dual citizenship: if you are a citizen of another country, you are not a US citizen. I think people like Soros would be more careful about fouling their own nests if they didn’t have one in reserve.

    Speaking of Soros profiteering from the privatization of state companies, does anyone remember Marc Rich? Marc was the fugitive “financier” pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office. Rick was a partner in the systematic looting of Russia once communism collapsed. If Putin hates Hillary, and I have no information on that one way or another, it could well be because of the Clinton participation in the Russian kleptocratic looting of Russian resources.

    I’m sure Marc Rich gives Russia a very wide berth when he travels.

    The whole fuss with CEU seems to be the requirement that a university in Hungary issuing US degrees actually have a campus in the US. At the very worst, the law would be an example of a semi-justified bureaucratic hiccup. The law actually provides a well-deserved harassment of CEU. The leftist snowflakes are use to screaming and protesting violently at anything that inconveniences or disagrees with their view, so they naturally have public protests verging on the disruptive.

    It is high time to do away with university requirements as gatekeeper for any job, and go on history, background and testing relevant to the demands of the job. It’s sad to see students and their families stressing their savings and retirement to send their kids to get this type of glop.

    • Ain’t it the truth. Away with Ed requirements. I often see for example jobs that require for example a degree in x,y, or. X. But someone reasonably intelligent could do it without any degree. Or jobs that require a degree in x,y, or education. But Ed degrees have been jokes for years. At Ohio SU the “Edu” Dept is called the intellectual sewer. It is.

  6. I am compelled to say it again. Soros is szaros. That is Hungarian for [fecal matter], which he is. He is an evil old man. I didn’t know he maintained dual citizenship, which I think should be forbidden.

    I agree about dual citizenship. Either you are one or the other. You can’t be both. When my mother brought us here after WWII, we became American citizens as soon as possible. I am very happy to be an American (of Hungarian descent). I would not wish to be anything else. I love my Hungarian relatives and have visited them but never wished to return to Hungarian citizenship.

    This is the country of freedom, the USA. Not quite as free as it used to be but perhaps we will return to that again. Soon, I hope. America, the land of the free and the home of the brave — I always liked that one, too. I am a hopeless romantic I suppose 🙂

    • I agree re dual citizenship. My American-Irish cousins urged me to do so to take advantage of Ireland’s much cheaper university fees and other benefits. Nope. I am a first-generation American born of two Irish parents.

      That goes for Americans who hold Israeli dual citizenship, too.

      • “That goes for Americans who hold Israeli dual citizenship, too.”

        Agreed. I’m following an Israeli on twitter who left the US and became an Israeli, who agrees also. One or the other. Great guy, by the way.

        If you’re a Jew and an American citizen, the US comes first.

  7. The Guardian has just published a puff piece for Soros, a much maligned benefactor to the world. It’s an Opinion piece under their “comment is free” banner. Unfortunately, there are no comments allowed for the piece.


    “Republican senators are now trying to persuade the Trump administration to cut support for Soros’s campaign to promote democracy and human rights in eastern Europe.

    Soros’s Open Society Foundation has no difficulty in showing that their Putin-influenced propaganda is riddled with errors . But a better riposte is to turn to Europe and see why democracy and human rights might need promoting.
    It’s not just Putin who goes for Soros. Macedonia’s former autocratic prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, has called for a “de-Sorosisation” of society, as the country’s right uses every trick it can think of, including the threat of street violence by “patriotic associations”, to stop the opposition taking power.

    In Hungary, Viktor Orbán’s self-proclaimed illiberal democracy is threatening the Soros-funded Central European University. Its president, the former Canadian Liberal party leader and former Observer columnist Michael Ignatieff, is bewildered. He protests that he is running a university, not an opposition political party that might take Orbán’s power away.”

    • Haha.

      Talk about a puff piece for Soros, your post takes a prime example.

      But, this is an open discussion, so perhaps you should document why the criticisms of the Open Society Foundation are riddled with error. This website might be a good place to start:

      Your post does not even address the charges made in the piece itself, calling into question whether you even read the piece before posting on it.

      • Ronald, are you referring to DennisA? Because as far as I can tell, he isn’t expressing support for the Grauniad piece he quoted. His use of “much-maligned” is ironic.

        • “Soros’s Open Society Foundation has no difficulty in showing that their [Republicans?] Putin-influenced propaganda is riddled with errors . But a better riposte is to turn to Europe and see why democracy and human rights might need promoting.” [Open Society Institute claims to promote democracy and human rights]

          “It’s not just Putin who goes for Soros. Macedonia’s former autocratic prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, has called for a “de-Sorosisation” of society, as the country’s right uses every trick it can think of, including the threat of street violence by “patriotic associations”, to stop the opposition taking power.”

          DennisA’s writing is indeed quite ambiguous, but he seems to consistently link Soros with democracy and education, and Soros opponents with right-wing false charges and street violence. If DennisA is trying for extended irony, he does too good a job, in my opinion.

  8. I am simply amazed that Soros has not been offed. The streak of hate he inspires in the USA is greater than any I can recall for anyone else.

  9. I have found in the past that subtle irony can be lost on those who choose to knee jerk before reading.

    It was indeed a quote, to show the absurdity of the Guardian piece and was in quotation marks.

    I have done lots of research on Soros and find him to be a globalist manipulator, not least with the UN and his presence on UN bodies such as the High Level Climate Finance Panel, set up to dispense taxpayer funds to carbon offset companies and renewable boondoggles in developing countries.

    I doubt RonaldB will have heard of that.

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