Vehicular Jihad in Mallorca?

It seems that cars are becoming increasingly radicalized on both sides of the Atlantic. The latest incident involves violent extremism by a Spanish-built Volkswagen on the island of Mallorca.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the German-language Mallorca Magazin:

Car ploughs into group of people on the sidewalk in Palma

Palma, Mallorca
April 15, 2017

A driver of Northern African background drove onto the pedestrian walk at a main traffic road in Palma on Saturday morning. Five people who were waiting at a bus stop were injured, the Spanish sister newspaper of MM, Ultima Hora, reports on its webpage.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested. He is being charged with battery and endangering the safety of traffic. The word is that according to police, the young driver of Moroccan nationality lost control over the car. The car came to a stop at the outer wall of the branch of a bank.

Panic broke out immediately after the accident at the scene of the accident at the Avenida Alejandro Rosselló near the central Plaza España. Police started a large scale operation to get the situation under control quickly. There is no initial information about the background of the accident, which occurred around 10am CET.

According to Spanish media reports, the police are now investigating whether it is a simple traffic accident, or if other motives could lie behind the incident.

One of the victims suffered grave injuries. Ultima Hora tweets that the injured are four tourists from the Northwestern Spanish region of Galicia, all of them old age pensioners, and one young person from Palma.

The driver was travelling in a car of the SEAT Toledo brand.

5 thoughts on “Vehicular Jihad in Mallorca?

  1. Sad that jihad has touched the fair isle of Mallorca.

    Palma Cathedral is an absolutely magnificent structure that I feel is underrated amongst the world’s major cathedrals. Go see it if you have the opportunity.

  2. When muslims keep going on this way I will give my car maximum speed when I see them cross my road.

    • For some reason, your comment brought to mind a section of the black urban street I drove each morning on my way to work. It was only about two blocks before my destination, but those young black men sauntered oh-so-slowly from one side of the street to the next. Unemployed, they had no better past time than to make drivers’ lives a bit more stressed by their street antics.

      Little did they realize their Ghetto Gavotte, slowly performed from one side of the street to other, executed in a kind of existentially sullen “why did the chicken cross the road” style (pants at half mast) was far less nerve-wracking than the earlier parts of my route through the rolling pastures where lurked suicidal Bambis, determined to ruin the front of my car in their flame-out.

      I learned to rather enjoy those urban perambulations and often waved when it was safe to make my way past them. In the rear-view mirror, I’d watch them catch their next victim as they returned to the previous side of the street.
      Donald van Es, a suggestion: slow down and smell the flowers. Those folks you hit will be dead for no good reason except your anger and you’ll be in the slammer for a good long time. Maybe the closest you’ll get to another vehicle is making license plates. Consider the worth of your revenge…figure out a better slap-back.


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