One of the Victims in Stockholm Was a “Refugees Welcome” Activist

One of the victims of the April 7 terrorist attack in Stockholm was a young Belgian woman who was a devoted “refugees welcome” type of woman. Ava Lon, who translated the following article, says: “There — another Refugees’ Little Helper received her note of appreciation.”

But it’s even worse than that. The Belgian woman loved the “refugees”, so she didn’t deserve to die. However, if the victim had been an “Islamophobe” instead — a member of the Sweden Democrats, say — then she would have deserved to die at the hands of an angry refugee. Whose anger, as everyone knows, was simply the result of being denied asylum. And had nothing to do with Islam.

There’s no way to know for sure what the media spin would be, of course. But eventually it will happen — at some point a supporter of Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders or Frauke Petry will be killed in a terrorist attack. Wait and see; my bet is that there will be a clear — albeit subliminal — message in the media: They had it coming.

The translated article from Les Observateurs:

Stockholm attack: One of the victims was a Belgian committed to helping migrants

April 10, 2017

One of the victims of the Islamist attack in Stockholm was a 31-year-old Belgian mother.

As a flute teacher, M. (31) was not only a gifted musician.

Not only the loving companion of the leader of the same musical company. Not only mom of their 18-month-old son. She was also a psychologist in the service of the Foreigners’ Office and was very committed to helping asylum seekers.

On Friday, she became the first victim of the Uzbek terrorist, an unsuccessful asylum seeker, who hit the crowd by swerving with a truck in Stockholm. On Friday, in the wake of this dramatic terrorist attack in the heart of Stockholm, Foreign Affairs had no knowledge of Belgian victims. But this must have changed when M.’s family, from Halle, in Flemish Brabant, sought to make contact with Foreign Affairs because M. had gone there to visit a friend, and since the attack, her anxious family had no news.

17 thoughts on “One of the Victims in Stockholm Was a “Refugees Welcome” Activist

  1. It is always sad to read the personal stories of the victims of muhammadan attacks, regardless of their politics. Someone who loved and was loved is no more, and the pointlessness of their death makes it even more painful for those who loved them. Even more so in the sense that it was completely preventable.

    Her child will grow up without knowing his mother; maybe he will learn from her pointless death and will choose a different path in adulthood, possibly even leading a company of soldiers from the European forces of occupation as they oversee the de-islamification of Riyadh, or Constantinople (formerly known as Istanbul).

    Sometimes, the whole point of one’s life is to serve as a warning and object lesson to others. If this woman’s death awakens even one person from their slumber to act against the evil that took her life then it will have not been in vain.

    • Well…kind you are. How many kids killed and raped because persons like that?

      • Still sad; I see her as a tool. Those wiser and in positions of authority bear far more of the blame in my book. She was just a cheerleader for those making the plays.

        • Those cheerleaders are the source of power for the high ranking leaders. Without support, they don’t exist.

      • How did she not deserve to die, are we all others deserving. Just because she liked extremist and wanted them to walk among us, does that make here non deserving. What she was involved in is political, she was not from sweden. But wanted to force Muslims on sweden, name who is more deserving. Or just [redacted]

    • Dear Moon, your posts are one of the outstanding features I’ve missed while being ill the past several months.

      I personally think Heinlein was a bit too far to the “Be Your Own Army” POV, but who knows? Time may prove him to have had a correct analysis.

      Just a personal note from me; I hope you have a Happy Easter / Blessed Pascha.

      • Thank you for your kind words. It is always good to know my words have a small impact through my borrowed pulpit.

        As for Pascha, I have a rare day off. I am not particularly religious, at least in the visible practice thereof, but I don’t begrudge those who are. Therefore I will sleep-in, go for a jog, work on my car, read, put some arrows on target, or some lead downrange.

  2. I suppose that I should feel some sympathy for that woman, misguided or otherwise, but I don’t. Not a smidgeon.

    What a callous person ‘They’ have made of me.

    • Haven’t got that on your own, Chris. We learnt faster.

      It just takes forever for some people to get it.

  3. Regrettably, there will need to be a lot more soft-hearted Belgian refugee-helpers and Maria Ladenburgers (as there inevitably will be, cf London’s Islamist Mayor lecturing us that what happened in London, Berlin and Nice, and now Stockholm is just “part and parcel of living in a big city”) before people defy the narrative and jettison the cognitive dissonance involved in not seeing Islam as a problem and live and act according to pattern recognition.

    Shamefully Ayaan Hirsi Ali has had to cancel a speaking tour of Australia because of the security concerns of the proposed venues. That is they have been intimidated by apprehended violence from Muslims and Leftists should Hirsi Ali speak the truth about Islam.

    One very encouraging sign, however, is that in 2016 a poll was conducted asking 1000 Australians should there be a total ban on further Muslim immigration. Astonishingly, 49% said “Yes” and 11% were “unsure”. The results so concerned the pollster that it was a “rogue” poll, that it was repeated and got exactly the same results as in the first poll.

    Even more astonishingly 40% of Labor voters and 34% of Green voters were supported a ban on further Muslim immigration. These are the parties of the centre-left and left. If a Green Party member stood up at a party meeting and put the poll question to a motion, he or she would be vilified an hounded out of the party. Yet 34% of Green voters want no more Muslim immigration.

    The challenge, therefore, is to make it socially acceptable and permissible to publicly voice concerns about Islam by sheer weight of numbers.

    • Only 49% want a total ban of islamic invaders? Shocking and sad, really. One would think that by now at least 90% would want all the followers of islam thrown out of OZ.
      Meanwhile, the clueless dipstick at the helm here in Canada can’t get enough of the moslem rabble. I despair of people ever waking up to what is happening….

      • Clueless dipstick?
        But but but this is what he said:
        “Deficits are a way of measuring the kind of growth and the kind of success that a government is able to create.”

        See “The Idiot” on youtube

    • Exactly. I think there is a quantum change occuring. Quantum is being used in its correct sense.
      Long may it contiue.

  4. “One very encouraging sign, however, is that in 2016 a poll was conducted asking 1000 Australians should there be a total ban on further Muslim immigration. Astonishingly, 49% said “Yes” and 11% were “unsure”. ”

    Sorry Mr O’Malley, I will only call it encouraging if it’s 94 per cent and not 49 per cent.

    As for Mailis (the Belgian woman killed), I suspect it will not make people change their minds. The wife of one my employees had a colleague in Brussels who survived the bombing of the Maelbeek metro on March 22, 2016. I spoke to her a couple of months ago. Her colleague is STILL recovering, and from what I gathered during our conversation, she will not be able to pick up work again. At least not in the same capacity. Yet this woman (I mean the wife of the employee) does NOT, emphatically NOT, want to hear that it’s got anything to do with islam. It was just an “extremist” you know, happens all the time.

    I could cite several more examples from my inner circle, notably of one of my own sisters, but I lost heart.

    I don’t know. Europe is decidedly marching towards its own destruction.

  5. It´s a war of the mind folks!

    Read the Koran the Sira and Hadith.

    Take notes and make up your own mind.

  6. Please share this. Liberal media bought by oil rich arabs OIC infiltrate UN EU media schools govt to spread islam silence criticism. Stealth jihad. If you ignore root cause you NEVER solve problem.

    List muslim invasions so much killing rapes. Supremacist hate cult. Liberal media LIE to public

    link gallery 1000+ pics muslim atrocities. If you want stop terror Expose Prophet and 1400yrs invasions

  7. I have been blocked from “Occupy Democrats” on facebook. Would someone be so kind to those dunderheads as to share this story there? I hope a good number of them suffer the same fate as this misguided woman.

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