University Hospital of St. Pölten Hosts ISIS Meetings

According to a recent report, supporters of the Islamic State met regularly in a prayer room at a hospital in Lower Austria, where they exchanged information, shared ISIS propaganda materials, and recruited for the jihad in Syria. The alleged conspirators are now in investigative custody.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Kronen Zeitung:

Praising ISIS

Lower Austria: Prayer room in a hospital meeting point for jihadis

March 17 2017

The Islamic prayer room in the university hospital of St. Pölten allegedly served as a meeting point for ISIS sympathizers on a regular basis. Three times per week, ISIS and the Jihad in Syria were advertised there. The group of terror suspects recently arrested in St. Pölten allegedly met there, too.

According to a Kurier report on Friday, there were also criminal plots hatched in the room, for example for robbing a weapons store. Karl Wurzer, a spokesman the State Prosecutor, can only verify that the suspects met and communicated with each other. The leader of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Roland Scherscher, says that they are “not pleased that information which endangers the investigations is being published.”

“Dozens of relevant Salafist books”

On March 6 five suspects were arrested. Four of them, along with a young man who was arrested the week after, are in investigative custody. Several digital media devices were secured during house searches, and, according to the daily newspaper, also “dozens of relevant Salafist books”.

19-year-old threatened “Infidels”

According to the report, at the beginning of the year there were indicators concerning a 19-year-old who was being increasingly radicalized, and who, along with two Chechens and one Macedonian, among others, made appearances at proselytizing missions on the street. The young man, who allegedly also threatened an “infidel” colleague, drew attention in a training center, which informed the police. In a WhatsApp group, the suspects allegedly exchanged photos from the terror militia, the report continues.

4 thoughts on “University Hospital of St. Pölten Hosts ISIS Meetings

  1. In promoting “Inclusion” and “Diversity” (the building blocks required for multi-culturalism to blossom into a most bountiful uni-culturalism), it is very productive for the intended benefactors of the coming dynamism to provide a clubhouse, where pending issues can be developed into the most favorable happenstances. And preferably safe from the scrutiny of bigoted detractors, like the state security services.

  2. In the 1990s Muslim sailors on a French warship mutinyed and commandeered the vessel. They plotted the mutiny in the prayer room.

  3. This meeting room story is horrifying. My favorite Austrian Abbey is the Melk Benedictine Abbey which is a hop, skip and a jump from St. Pölten. Do check it out before it becomes occupied by refugees receiving good old fashioned hospitality. The book and later movie “In the Name of the Rose” was inspired by the Melk Abbey.

  4. Anyone who doesn’t realize that the mosques are key network nodes in the increasingly hostile parallel society out to undermine the West is asleep!

    24/7/365 surveillance of these places with a sprinkling of random, no-knock raids conducted by heavily armed police SWAT units is the only reasonable answer.

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