Culture-Enrichers Who Pushed Man in Front of a Train Released From Custody

As a follow-up to Saturday’s post about the man in Dresden who was pushed in front of a train by migrants, Egri Nök has translated an article from today’s TAG24:

Two men shoved him in front of a train and are already free again: Now the victim speaks

by Hermann Tydecks
March 20, 2017

Dresden — When the S-Bahn rushed towards him, René J. (40) stood in the track bed as if paralyzed: “I thought, this is it.” — the Dresdener wound up his life. Only the engine driver’s quick reaction saved the family father — emergency braking!

The two attackers who nudged him onto the tracks were arrested — and let go again (TAG24 reported). Inconceivable for the victim: “In my eyes it was attempted murder!”

[photo caption: father from the family of René J. (40) from Dresden returns to the crime scene, two days after the inconceivable act of violence.]

The S-Bahn stop Zschachwitz on Sunday. Two days after the stunning deed. René’s hand is shaking, he points to the spot one meter lower on the track bed: “They would not let me up again. I will never forget their faces…”

For six years the technician has been riding this train — he boards it in the west of Dresden, and leaves it in Zschachwitz. Then it is only a few minutes by bike to work. There has never been any incident — until Friday.

At 4.41 AM, René J. leaves the train as always; the morning is dawning. As always, he lightens a roll-up cigarette. Two inebriated men also leave the train. “They approached me, pointed to my cigarette, did not speak any German. I said no, and wanted to leave. At that moment the main attacker kicked my bike with full force. I grabbed him and pushed him against a pole. The other one pushed me. There was wrestling, but it was not I who initiated the aggression.”

Then, the main attacker whacks the bike against René J. — who falls onto the track bed. “I tried to climb up again several times.”

But the main culprit prohibits that. Again and again. “I tossed my bike on the platform, he dashed it back upon me, kicked after me with his foot.”

Suddenly a loud horn sounded: the incoming S-Bahn! “I was in a panic; one last time I tried to get back up. But the main perpetrator did not let me.” René J. is looking to the left: “I felt like paralyzed, I just heard the screeching of the brakes, saw sparks flying — I thought, this is it. The end.” The train came to a halt — a few meters in front of René. He, his wife, and his stepdaughter feel grateful with all their hearts to the engine driver who reacted so quickly.

But René J. cannot understand the conduct of the judiciary. The state prosecutor let the asylum seekers —from Morocco (23) and Libya (27) — who were already known to the police — walk free after their initial arrest, and are only investigating for dangerous battery and coercion.

“People who do something like that, no matter their nationality, belong behind bars,” says René. The state prosecutor could not be reached for a statement on Sunday. René J. wants “no revenge, no apology. But I am scared of seeing the perpetrators again. I just don’t know how I will react.”

The other two photo captions:

  • The victim Shows TAG24 reporter Hermann Tydecks (33, left) the platform where the perpetrators pushed him onto the track bed.
  • The deed occurred at the S-Bahn stop Zschachwitz in Dresden last Friday morning around 4:45am.

29 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers Who Pushed Man in Front of a Train Released From Custody

  1. He is lucky he is not behind bars for assaulting two of Merkel’s pets. That poor asylum seeker could have been severely injured by being shoved against a pole. I am sure the asylum seekers were only concerned about the Rene’s health and didn’t want him to get lung cancer when they were pointing at his cigarette. Such ingratitude after they tried to save his life…

  2. Most anyplace else this would be attempted manslaughter at a minimum given deliberately keeping him on the tracks – and other places would be properly seen as attempted homicide.

    Released in a day??? Unreal….

    • Not sure there is such a thing as attempted manslaughter, since manslaughter tends to lack the deliberate mental element. Some form of conduct endangering life, or with reckless regard for life–if it is in the criminal code. And no bail.

  3. Nicholas Stix, who writes for Vdare occasionally, recounted how it was almost impossible for him in the city of New York, for him to get the police to even accept a report of his being assaulted by a black. The police were under political pressure to keep the crime statistics of the black population low, and part of the technique was to simply not fill out reports of crimes by blacks.

    In the socialist countries, almost all the West European countries, the national government is even more influential in local functions, and most likely the German police are under pressure to minimize the crime statistics on the crime-ridden immigration cohort. So, battery and coercion looks a lot better than assault and attempted murder.

  4. It seems that our European cousins have lost the ability to kill an enemy. In fact, they seem to have lost the ability to put a criminal in jail.
    If you’re the praying sort pray as hard as you can for Wilders and Farage and Le Pen and their ilk, because this is pretty much it.

    Unhappily, I don’t think anything will discourage the Mohammedans from their predations short of massive bloodshed. But one can always pray for a happier outcome.

    • Oh you think so? Watch and wait…..
      We are “Europeans” living until recently under the Rule of Law. We are civilised in our discourse, because of our nature and the above. However people are at breaking point. Don’t be fooled by the Metroburb Neutermen. The ordinary “Joe” will finally do the necessary-Trust me. Europe is not finished by a long “chalk”.

      Look at the behaviour of the ordinary “Joes” in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are they “Neutermen”? No they are doing their job superbly-courage and bravery under harsh conditions like their forebears. How do I know? I used to be one of them as late as 2000AD. They will not stand for this pussifying Marxist decadence. Neither will they stand back and allow Trump to be deposed. The Left are playing with fire, as are the “cultural enrichers”.

      Europe is like a souffle.

    • Evolution and survival of the fittest in action. The morlocks will eat the tame eloi, and cull the herd of the weak and docile. Enough predation, and the survival instinct will reassert itself, and maybe, even aggression and cunning. It took the Spanish most of a millenium to rid themselves of their muslims, and less than a generation to saddle themselves with another horde. Which goes to show, without evolutionary pressure the genes for aggressiveness and common sense become less and less important to the perpetuation of the species.

      • Well, I agree wholeheartedly. As a matter of self preservation, I’m not in the least bit worried over the poor security conditions of native euros. I’m able to glean valuable info by observing the tactics my enemy is using on that docile flock of white sheep. The only two issues that do concern me are 1) nuke security 2) unlimited immigration from Europe – which needs to be shuttered.

      • I didn’t know you were a fellow evolutionist. My thesis is that a welfare state allows deterioration of the gene stock by natural mutation, unless selection takes place.

        But, it’s the selection process itself that’s the nub. The big mistake of the eugenicists was their reliance on government, and their use of involuntary sterilization, which is antithetical to a free society.

        If government takes charge of selection, no doubt an IQ score will be used. That was the basis of the proposal of Shockley to subtly encourage high-IQ parents to have children. But, for technical reasons, my supposition is that IQ is becoming less and less desirable as a selection criterion. For example, IQ does not measure what we call public virtues: honesty, courage, public-mindedness, reliability, etc.

        I think one approach would be to subsidize a decent life to dependent people, on the condition they submit to permanent sterilization. It should be a condition for receiving welfare for more than a year that one become sterilized. Of course, the wealthy individuals and foundations would be free to subsidize anyone, and set their own conditions. A welfare user would be free to shop for the best deal he could get.

        There is also a general problem, in that a highly successful society develops conditions that actually select against its basic virtues. For example, the degenerate financial manipulator, George Soros, is far more successful in accumulating wealth and influence than anyone actually representing traditional American values or society.

        This was a problem throughout history, as is documented in
        So, there may be some necessary government manipulation of the quality of the citizenry, as distasteful as that sounds. In my mind, that’s open to debate.

        But, to summarize, a welfare state even without immigration will eventually deteriorate from natural genetic processes. I have a suspicion this is what happened to explain why Sweden, the most successful of modern welfare states, voluntarily destroyed itself.

        • Your suggestion is absolutely unacceptable. Sterilizing people is out of the question.

          A better idea would be to forbid people by criminal law to marry or fornicate while on welfare.

          • How do you enforce that, Michael?

            I was on welfare in the ’80s, by the way; whether I fornicated was not the business of the authorities!

          • But using a woman’s womb is no problem?

            It’s not one of the most degrading, dehumanizing, devaluing things a patriarchy can do to women?

  5. Was there noone else present or did they turn a blind eye? Either way this is why the public should be armed and allowed to protect lives and property in cases like this.

  6. When the Germans, or anyone else, lets these young Muslim male punks get away with attempted murder it only emboldens them to move on to the next step, which is murder. The blood to fall will be on the hands of the German authorities (who are unwilling to enforce adequate punishment) though I imagine that they can live with it.

    From gassing innocent, law-abiding, productive Jews for simply being European Jews to kissing the backsides of murderous/raping, violent, welfare Muslims for simply being immigrant Muslims, my how the pendulum has swung. The Germans need to fine-tune their balancing act.

  7. Deep thinkers will start to wonder exactly WHO is the REAL enemy on this occasion.

    And other occasions.

    And STILL others…………………………………lotsa others.

  8. I suspect that Germans:

    a. have, except for the occasional prosecutor and magistrate, no sense of humor.


    b. have all become Alex of the Clockwork Orange following the Ludovico Technique.

    • Or perhaps the case was receiving enough publicity that the course of least resistance, in this case only, was to file heavier charges. By any possible logic, the charge should be attempted murder, rather than manslaughter. It’s hard to conceive of any outcome other than death by pushing someone continually in front of a train. Manslaughter occurs when death is not intended as the result of illegal acts. These immigrants clearly intended murder.

      But, the bureaucracy will continue to do the least necessary to keep things on track, so to speak.

      • I translated “Totschlag” with “manslaughter”, though this is not always correct. AFAIK some cases that are murder in English law would not be Mord in German law which typically requires the killing being heinous in some way.

    • This happened after there was a public outcry organised by PEGIDA-associates against the decision of the prosecution. At least in saxony and especially Dresden, the Germans there aren’t put up with this kind of justice.

      The original reasoning of the prosecution for not requesting an arrest warrant : As the victim could have fled across the other track, this is no attempted manslaughter. (No comment 😉 )

    • He’s got an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse and works now for the Antifa (this is Satire ;-))

  9. “They would not let me up again. I will never forget their faces…”

    cf. the murder of Vicente Delgado in Tower Hamlets

    Three gang members who laughed as a train crushed a commuter to death were today jailed for a total of 13.5 years. The Bengali youths, members of the Shadwell Massive, grinned broadly as they were sentenced after being convicted of manslaughter for stopping their victim climbing to safety.

    One of the thugs, Manchester-born Mohammed Islam, 20, has a history of gang violence. Victim Vicente Delgado was attacked and knocked onto the tracks at the Shadwell Docklands Light Railway station after he asked for a cigarette. As he desperately tried to scramble to safety the gang kicked him back down.

    Mr Delgado, 29, a Portuguese national who was in Britain to study computers, had his leg sliced off and suffered severe head injuries and massive internal bleeding.

    Islam, Abdul Shohid and Mokul Hussain, both 21, were each convicted of Mr Delgado’s manslaughter and for wounding his friend Eddis Filho, 23, with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Shohid was sentenced to four years’ detention and Hussain four-and-half years. Islam was locked up for five years. The court heard that in November 1999 he was given a conditional discharge for joining a mob of 20 Asians chasing a 22-year-old white man.

    During the incident, Islam spat at a police officer who had intervened. He was fined £50 one year later for using abusive words and threatening behaviour towards a police officer.

    The defendants, all from the Stepney, admitted being on the platform but denied having any part in the violence on 7 March last year.

    Note that one of Delgado’s killers had previously been involved in a racist mob attack on a white man.

    One of the little-known statistics is that in the UK 1 in 2 racist murders are done by people from the 1 in 5 of the population who are not white. The suppression of information showing that it is the indigenous population who are (by a long margin) the victims of the immigrant population is what allows the flow of immigrants to proceed unimpeded. As with the grooming gangs, it is immigrants preying on the indigenous population.

    The oligarchy who control the policies of the country rarely have much contact with the immigrants.

    • There’s only one fair judgement for scum like this: eye for an eye and then let them rot somewhere (not in a prison where they get warm food and a bed).

  10. It is helpful to see a photo of the actual platform the fellow was thrown from. The word nudged was carefully chosen to minimize the enormity of the deed. But what strikes me is that the victim kept trying to claw his way back onto the platform as the train approached. Looking at the photo it seems that the obvious way to survive the situation would have been to go in the opposite direction across the opposing track and quite easily out of harms way. Of course, being a modern German male, the victim had absolutely no sense of how to properly react to a violent situation so he folded.

    • “German” and “common sense” no longer have any place in the same sentence unless preceded by “lack of”…

      If it were up to me, aside from hanging the attackers, I would also prosecute any witnesses who stood around doing nothing while allowing a couple of african thugs to almost kill one of their compatriots.

  11. in the meanwhile and after invention of a higher ranked prosecution, they are under arrest.But why did it take two courts to rule that case?

  12. If this was in the US, these two migrant men would have been charged with a whole lot more and gone to jail. Not buying a ticket (for both trains), possession of marijuana, assault, attempted murder, destruction of property, etc. What kind of laws are in place to protect citizens in Austria? I don’t see tourists being safe from these migrants. Many have already been killed when these crazy people push them in front of trains. Stations will need to be changed to prevent people waiting where trains move. Trains will stop & people will walk to boarding in future. No smoking on trains or in stations should be new ruling.

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