“Youths” Push Man in Front of a Train at Dresden Station

I doubt the Deutsche Bahn will run a slick ad featuring this pair of culture-enrichers. Yesterday the two mischievous youngsters pushed a man onto the tracks at a Dresden station, and then, as a train approached, prevented him from climbing back up.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten:

Federal police are looking for witnesses

Attackers push a man onto the train tracks in Dresden-Zschachwitz, while the S-Bahn train enters

After a nasty attack on a 40-year-old, who was pushed on the tracks at the Dresden-Zschachwitz stop on early Friday morning, the federal police questioned witnesses. The two suspects allegedly kicked their victim’s head onto the track, while the next S-Bahn train had already entered.

March 17, 2017

Dresden. After a nasty attack on a 40-year-old, who was pushed onto the tracks at the Dresden-Zschachwitz stop on early Friday morning, federal police are looking for witnesses. The victim had disembarked from an S-Bahn with his bicycle at around 4:45am and was approached by two men who demanded a light for their cigarettes. The man refused and tried to hurry from the platform to his workplace. The two young men attacked him, a 23-year-old Moroccan and a 27-year-old Libyan.

They tore the bicycle from the Dresden inhabitant and threw it against him, so that he and the two-wheeled vehicle fell onto the tracks one meter lower. Afterwards, they used their feet to prevent the 40-year-old from getting back onto the platform — even as the S-Bahn rolled into the station. It is only thanks to the driver’s alert mind that nothing worse happened. He braked fully and stopped the train a few meters in front of the 40-year-old. The victim got away with only a scare and a hand injury. The two attackers escaped.

The train commander alerted the police, who were able to arrest the two suspects on a subsequent suburban train. Both perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol and were already known to the police. In addition, next to the Libyan they found four ca. 5-cm. pieces of hashish. Both had also used the S-Bahn without buying a ticket.

Thank to witnesses, the police now know that there were other travelers on the platform at the time of the crime. They and the passengers of the S-Bahn from line 1 with the number 31701 from Meissen to Schöna are urgently requested by the Federal Police to call the telephone number 0351/81 50 20 and to communicate their observations.

14 thoughts on ““Youths” Push Man in Front of a Train at Dresden Station

  1. Using the S-Bahn without a ticket? This could spell the end of the invasion. Once it gets around the authorities that the enrichers ride black on public transport, they’ll no longer be welcome.

    • Yes it would in a sane society, but as you know those are becoming hard to find now, at least in western and northern Europe.

      They’ll probably get house arrest, or something equally silly.

  2. Ne, in Germany it’s a four-month suspended sentence, and then allowed to stay. No names in the paper. Faces pixelled out. Perhaps not even IN the paper. “Human rights.” The victim’s human rights included the right to be pushed onto the track.

    I have a question: “Both perpetrators were already known to the police”… Morocco and Libya are both big countries with plenty of space for this kind of scum. Why are they still in Germany? We already know the answer. Germany is mad and blind.

    I once worked in an Arab country. One of the rules, imposed by our employer in order to conform to the customs of that country, was that we should dress appropriately when out in public (on the streets, for example). A colleague went out one day wearing beach shorts; I don’t know the whole story. He lost his job. Two days later he was on a plane home. He didn’t complain. Nor did we. He’d broken a rule. Fair enough. Another colleague had a slightly heated discussion, in a shopping precinct car-park, with a local man about said colleague’s allegedly inappropriate driving. “Local man” happened to be a “high up”. Two days later …… . No complaints. We called it “a window seat”. “X has got himself a window seat”. We normally behaved well there. To lay literally one finger on a local was utterly out of the question but in any case we weren’t that kind of person.

    But in Germany it’s not like that. Germany is horribly, fatally mistaken. Mad and blind. “Wir schaffen das”. Na ja.

    • For any doubters out there, Joe’s story rings true with the four years I just spent in the Maghreb region.

      I was almost ejected from the country I was in over what I perceived as an intense discussion over the utility of an expansion to our project’s information system. In the US or Europe we would simply sleep it off. Not so with these folks.

  3. Being culturally enriched to death…

    No surprise really; everyone knows that if you leave food out it attracts flies, cockroaches, and muslims. All are equally difficult to get rid of once an infestation has been established…

  4. Under Merkel they’ll be given a slap on the wrist and given a few thousand euro and told to get on their merry way

  5. I have a question, there were other people on the platform, why in hell didn’t they help the man? It would have been a good chance to kick some moslem head in! Has Europe really sunk this low?

    OK, I think I get it–they would have been in deep trouble had they laid a finger on Merkel’s moslems. On the other hand, if Germany is ever going to get out of the terminal trouble it is in, the people must start doing something, since no one in authority seems to have the inclination.

    • The problem is that after stopping that attack.
      The police would want to chat to you and of course it will be leaked to your employer. Job gone.
      If you had to violently oppose the attackers then you would risk being detained in a jail cell, with other low life crims.
      At the police station you should call in a lawyer/attorney, and that will be at your own cost.
      Then there is the opprobrium of many Germans that are brain washed into this cultural marxism.

      It needs a new ‘civil rights’ set up, that in the beginning will have to be self funded.
      That way the “constitutional rights” of ‘native’ Germans will be protected. That needs a number of Germans to be volunteers plus to fund this.
      They will be the ‘revolutionaries’ sewing and nurturing the seed of change.
      Many thanks to Baron, Dymphna and many others, preparing the ground.

      • Mmmmm, Europe really has sunk that low.
        Difficult to foresee how this will eventually end–but it won’t be nice.

      • Nah, just stomp them, and walk away. Don’t make the mistake of staying and talking to the police; you’ll just end up with the blame.

        I hate to say, but the civility of a civilized nation is long gone, it’s time for the jackboot.

  6. Sooner or later. Probably sooner one of these Muslim child molester pornographers will be fast track enrichment to something very nuclear. You know. The personal secretary to dopey Popey or something even more insane. Nuclear button? Barak Hussein Ali the fused confused was there and almost…….? Imagine we even talk to the lowest of vermin Saudis. Who wants to see their lights turned out like this? Apparently the western end of Europe does. Untreated Pc infections.

  7. Stories like this are why all right-thinking people of European heritage should be engaging in serious physical and self-defense training, no matter our age.

    The more physically capable and aware you appear to be, the less likely you will be messed with by enrichers looking for easy sport.

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