Viktor Orbán: “Brussels Must Be Stopped!”

Every year on March 15 Hungarians celebrate the anniversary of the Revolution of 1848, when Hungary fought Austria in an attempt to gain its independence. That year the Austrian Empire came close to collapse, but was able to defeat the Hungarians with help from the Russian Empire. Hungarian autonomy was delayed until 1867, when Austria was forced to grant it equal status, and the Austrian Empire became the Austro-Hungarian Empire (also known as the Dual Monarchy).

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech on March 15 to honor the revolutionaries of 1848, and to draw parallels with what is happening today in Europe. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Dear celebrators,
00:08   Hungarians around the world!
00:12   From the bottom of my heart I would like to welcome our dear guests from Poland.
00:16   It is important to us, just as it was in ‘48, that they are
00:20   here with us,
00:24   Each nation celebrates,
00:28   according to its character.
00:40   There are those who makes this a festival, and some who throw a party
00:44   for our spring-welcoming
00:48   Hungarian celebration surrounded with some jovial
00:52   seriousness. On holidays
00:56   the Hungarian nation takes a picture — or as our
01:00   kids would say, takes a selfie —
01:04   in the background its own history.
01:08   Today the light from the embers of fights still glows,
01:12   generated by the desire for freedom,
01:16   embers of the glorious battles
01:20   of ‘48 and ‘49,
01:24   and dusk came at Vilagos [wordplay: the surrender was at Vilagos, meaning “light” — translator].
01:28   Just as a century later
01:32   after the shiny October of ‘56,
01:36   and the following slaughter of November [1956, the Russian invasion — translator],
01:40   when we celebrate, we never forget
01:44   that our fights for freedom respectively
01:48   ended up with new and newer occupations;
01:52   However, our family selfie
01:56   shows a victorious nation.
02:00   we know they never beat us;
02:04   … it’s true
02:08   … it’s true we lost a lot of
02:12   important battles, but we Hungarians
02:16   do not think in terms of a single battle or a single military campaign.
02:20   We here in the Carpathian valley, in the
02:24   buffer zones of civilizations,
02:28   can pride ourselves on the greatest triumph:
02:32   the war for the survival of the homeland
02:36   and the survival of the nation
02:40   that in the end we always attained. We are here,
02:44   despite the efforts of everyone and everything, we are here!
02:52   … We are here,
02:56   and today we celebrate the best, those brave ones;
03:00   without their courage, today we would
03:04   not be here. Today with them we take
03:08   the Hungarians’ great family photo.
03:20   Ladies and gentlemen, dear celebrators,
03:24   Those who fought and won battles
03:28   and campaigns against us lost the war
03:32   in the end. The Mongols are gone.
03:36   The great Ottoman empire collapsed.
03:40   The Habsburg empire has vanished.
03:44   The Soviet colossus is simply extinct.
03:48   Great empires, where is thy
03:52   sting? March 15th irrefutable proof
03:56   that we were,
04:00   we are, and we will be. That is our victory!
04:16   The importance of 1848 is not only
04:20   that it happened, but also that it is still
04:24   happening. Not only in our anniversary
04:28   celebrations, but 1848
04:32   has become our inner measure and moral
04:36   compass. The measure and compass of ‘48
04:40   tells us even today who is worth how much
04:44   in the scale of the homeland, who is loyal,
04:48   a patriot, who is devoted, who is brave.
04:52   It shows what greatness is, but also show what is small-time,
04:56   the perfidy and killer of dreams. [Soros party killed Hungarian Olympic bid — translator].
05:00   What builds up the country and
05:04   what destroys it.
05:16   1848 is identifies everyone’s
05:20   personal place in the ranks of the nation
05:24   and 1848 also identifies our nation’s place in the ranks of
05:28   nations. And of that well-deserved place
05:32   we must be proud!
05:36   In 1848-49, from the ranks of the Hungarians
05:40   more fought under the flag of freedom
05:44   than from all the other European countries
05:48   combined. Respected celebrators!
05:52   … 1848
05:56   does not stand as a lone island in the river of Hungarian history.
06:00   The Hungarian nation existed before ‘48
06:04   and we did not raise the flag of freedom
06:08   first in the spring of ‘48, either.
06:12   1848 is a link between
06:16   the Rákóczi War of Independence and October of 1956
06:20   It draws the arc of the backbone
06:24   of a great freedom-fighting nation,
06:28   and gives the historical bloodline. And exactly this
06:32   consciousness of belonging to a nation,
06:36   the Hungarian nation will strengthen the backbone of
06:40   generations and prolong their bloodlines.
06:44   Because the future Hungarian scientists, poets
06:48   Olympic champions, prime ministers,
06:52   are here running around among us in shorts
06:56   and with pigtails in our kindergartens and schools.
07:00   Now nobody knows what will become of them. But
07:04   we can see whether we have new Youth of March among those
07:08   who will continue to write with their lives
07:12   this great and labyrinthine epic,
07:16   which is the shared heroic chronicle of our nation and our freedom.
07:24   It can’t have been our intention …
07:28   It can’t have been our intention, and can’t have been the opportunity,
07:32   to define and design the fate of our descendants.
07:36   In the eyes of Grandpa Petrovics, if he imagined his
07:40   grandson’s life — who under the name Petőfi [revolutionary poet died young in battle — translator]
07:44   entered into history —
07:48   maybe a slaughterhouse assistant, or perhaps a butcher, a respectable
07:52   but typical profession, would have come to mind for him.
07:56   We could never know which Hungarian will answer
08:00   the call of the homeland. Perhaps among us we have
08:04   a future Lajos Kossuths [Hungarian PM -1848], a Sándor Petőfis [Poet]
08:08   and with them István Széchenyis [reformer —1848] and Ferenc Deák [reformer politician]
08:12   and József Ötvös [Minister of Education — 1848], too. Our task is…
08:20   …Our task is to
08:24   give such a country, such an intellectual and moral
08:28   Inheritance, to our children and grandchildren,
08:32   so from their ranks they could and want to
08:36   Put forward those who are not afraid,
08:40   to fight the revolutions that await this nation,
08:44   and fight for liberty. Our task
08:48   is to preserve this country for them,
08:52   to keep this nation and provide
08:56   a helping hand that gives them guidance
09:00   about what they have to do. To ensure the
09:04   the continuity of the nation. Notables of Nagyszalonta,
09:08   brave jurists, impassioned actresses,
09:12   butchers, enterprising citizens, mothers and fathers,
09:16   farmers, industrialists, soldiers, scientists,
09:20   and champions will provide the continuity of a great nation.
09:24   We must ensure the future of Hungarian nation,
09:28   which lives the miracle of the burning bush.
09:32   It has been engulfed in flames for a long time now, yet remains
09:36   and is not consumed. Do we need stronger
09:40   encouragement for a young Hungarian?
09:44   Respected ladies and gentlemen, …
09:56   2061 years ago, on this day,
10:00   a terrorist attack shocked the ancient
10:04   Roman Empire. In the spring of 1848
10:08   revolutions broke out, and now the nations of Europe
10:12   are in a state of revolt. Signs
10:16   that always send the same message:
10:20   There is trouble in the empire. Hungarians have a sober nature.
10:24   Our eyes are sharp for signal;,
10:28   our ears our sensitive to the words of time. We know
10:32   that you can’t get ahead of history,
10:36   and you can’t hold it up, either. Here
10:40   in the Carpathian valley what always comes is
10:44   that which must come. Everything has its season,
10:48   and we only have the opportunity, which is also our duty,
10:52   to prepare for the changes.
10:56   The revolutions of 1848 broke out
11:00   because the great powers and empires of the time
11:04   refused to acknowledge the right of a nation
11:08   to change its system of government,
11:12   to reweave the fabric of its economy,
11:16   to open the gates of its culture to new ideas,
11:20   The European emperors, czars and kings,
11:24   in the interest of “peace”,
11:28   created a holy alliance. But the holy alliance
11:32   turned into the enemy of national independence and
11:36   national self-determination, and became an
11:40   alliance of hypocrites. As János Arany [writer of the era] wrote,
11:44   “Before this, the stronger
11:48   everything they could took from the weaker.”
11:52   Now it is different. The world is governed
11:56   by meetings. If the stronger commits a mischief, they call a
12:00   meeting and confirm it there. This is a familiar story.
12:04   In the past year the nations have revolted again,
12:08   rebelled against the alliance of
12:12   bureaucrats in Brussels, the liberal world media and
12:16   the international capitals with a bottomless appetite.
12:24   First the British, followed by
12:28   the Americans. And this year come
12:32   the rest. Respected celebrators: today the winds of
12:36   ‘48 blow again in Europe. Today we still have the opportunity
12:40   to keep the energies of the rebellion within
12:44   the frame of constitutional law,
12:48   and peacefully but in great depth
12:52   reform the European empire in an organized manner.
12:56   First Brussels must throw away the masquerades of
13:00   hypocrisy. We need straight talk and open
13:04   discussion about the future.
13:08   … the manipulations hidden behind the beautiful ideals
13:12   must stop. Széchenyi
13:16   encouraged us in this way:
13:20   “When whole of Europe is consumed, from its ashes
13:24   Hungary will awaken, for the good of all mankind,
13:28   and will stand guard for order, peace and
13:32   freedom, as in days of old, a protective wall
13:36   for Christianity. If we have more patriotism
13:40   than envy, more civic virtue
13:44   than desire for glory, I believe it will be
13:48   something from the Magyar, and there will be a great many!”
13:52   Yes, deeply respected celebrators…
14:00   …Yes respected celebrators, it could be
14:04   something from the Magyar, if we understand
14:08   the core of the 12 points [12-point declaration was implemented in 1848], which would be:
14:12   Let there be peace, freedom and understanding.
14:16   Yes, but…
14:24   Yes, but what should we do with those
14:28   …who do not want peace, but unrest,
14:32   not understanding, but division?
14:36   What should we do with those, whose
14:40   only pleasure, like today, is to ruin someone else’s joy?
14:44   …It would be easy
14:56   It would be easy to make fun of them.
15:00   We could say: “From a silly hole, a silly wind blows.” [Hungarian proverb]
15:04   …[laughs at the expense of liberal Soros-paid counter-protesters whistling], but let’s not do it!
15:08   … But let’s not do it, because the strength
15:12   of our numbers obligates us.
15:16   We do not need to participate in the pushing of tiny parties,
15:20   but do well at the horizon of building a nation.
15:28   … and viewed from the horizon of the
15:32   Hungarian nation, we have two paths ahead of us.
15:36   We could pick the one which leads to the wide gates of
15:40   national greatness, or we can take
15:44   the road to the to the swamp of hatred.
15:48   The time is true, and decides what is not true.
15:52   Respected celebrators, Lajos Kossuth
15:56   said we are a nation,
16:00   we have a right and the strength to
16:04   follow our own goals and do not be tools for foreign
16:08   purposes. Perhaps,
16:12   for Brussels and the globalists,
16:16   it not a matter of the past of the Hungarian nation,
16:20   or the Hungarian future. But that is the matter for us. Perhaps
16:24   the safety of the European people does not matter
16:28   to Brussels and the globalists,
16:32   but it matters to us. Perhaps
16:36   it does not matter to Brussels and the globalists
16:40   whether we can remain Hungarian,
16:44   but it matters to us. We know that…
16:48   We know what was written by János Arany in his poem:
16:52   “If we are blown away by the storm of the times,
16:56   God will never have a Hungarian again!”
17:00   This is what is at stake for the present European
17:04   rebellion. In the interest of our
17:08   independence and national sovereignty,
17:12   we must fight the battles ahead of us.
17:16   Brussels must be stopped!
17:20   We must defend our borders. We must prevent
17:24   our colonization. …
17:28   …The networks financed by
17:32   foreign money must be made transparent.
17:36   The right to regulate our tax, income,
17:40   and energy prices, must be kept at home. And, my dear friends
17:44   we can only count on ourselves, and for that reason the
17:48   responsibility to lead our government we must keep
17:52   firmly in the hands of national institutions. …
18:04   Respected celebrators!
18:08   In the spring of 1848
18:12   the seeds of revolution fell into the territory of numerous
18:16   nations. In most places the freedom
18:20   was unable to sprout and grow. In some places the birds
18:24   ate the seeds, in some places the soil was
18:28   too thin, in some the weeds choked
18:32   the fresh sowing. Why did it happen that way, and why
18:36   was our Hungarian soil the one
18:40   In which freedom was best able to become rooted?
18:44   The answer is in front of us.
18:48   The sons of every nation desire a happy life.
18:52   We share this desire, too.
18:56   But every nation can be happy in its own way,
19:00   as directed by its own nature. We Hungarians
19:04   could only achieve a happy life
19:08   we follow the road to freedom and independence.
19:12   For us, without freedom and independence,
19:16   the homeland is not a real home. And with our Hungarian spirit,
19:20   we can’t be happy in a homeland which is not our home.
19:36   Respected celebrators! The nation does not only mean a common language, culture
19:40   and shared past, but the sum of all those
19:44   moments when the trials of history
19:48   forged our hearts together.
19:52   This is why we became a strong nation
19:56   over the last couple of years. It forged our hearts together,
20:00   the fight for our national and
20:04   Christian constitution.
20:08   Our revolt against debt slavery
20:12   forged our hearts together to achieve economic sovereignty,
20:16   and the battle we fought forged our hearts together
20:20   when we repulsed the siege [of migrants] against Europe
20:24   with our referendum, and held down the hands of
20:28   Brussels when they tried to open our gates from the inside.
20:32   Respected celebrators! We stand on our own feet;
20:36   we eat our own bread.
20:40   We are not servants of any power,
20:44   foreign or domestic. We gave jobs to
20:48   hundreds of thousands. We strengthened families.
20:52   We stepped over the borders of
20:56   class, origin, age, religion and political beliefs,
21:00   and created a real national unity.
21:04   We did all those things, despite the threats and
21:08   protests of the alliance of the hypocrites.
21:12   Friends, there is no unity that
21:16   we would not need to work on every single day.
21:20   No results that would defend themselves.
21:24   We must defend those. The country
21:28   is never completed. Nothing given out for free,
21:32   and the competitors do not hand over anything
21:36   Out of kindness. Not a place, nor any opportunity,
21:40   nor work, nor profit or wealth.
21:44   We must utilize the unity we created at last,
21:48   and every single day we must continue
21:52   to rebuild it. The Hungarian nation is growing stronger;
21:56   it is rising and it will deserve appreciation for
22:00   its talent and diligence
22:04   in the community of Europeans. “Magyars, once more
22:08   our name and story / shall match our ancestors’ in glory” [Petőfi — National Song]
22:12   Long live Hungarian freedom! Long live Hungary!

31 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “Brussels Must Be Stopped!”

  1. But for the United States to have a Victor Orban..a Le Pen..or a Wilders. We currently have a person who rode the wave of dissatisfaction of the American people with the continual imperialistic activities of their government; and who was elected with the shout : ” make America great ” and then he immediately sent troops to Syria { against the wishes of Syria’s legitimate leader }..also authorized “military maneuvers” on Russia’s borders, while conveniently forgetting that he promised the American public a peaceful dialogue with the resurgent” Christian Russia”. Unfortunately ; the number o insouciant American people seem to be increasing. Nush Jr. ran on a promise to ” Be humble in foreign affairs ” THEN HE INVADED IRAQ. Trump reneged on his promise to seek comity with russia. He will probably put lots of boots on the ground in Syria. The amazing patience of the Russian leadership will not continue indefinitely. I thought the guy deserved my vote…….not anymore.

    • Kudos to Viktor Orban, a man for our times and a true leader who knows the path ahead to protect not only his own country, but all of Europe.

      To francis m reps. You display your naivety of geopolitical manoeuvres if your comment truly reflects what you believe.

      You should take this on board: Due to the last 16 years of pushing ‘democracy’ onto the middle east by the Western ‘deep state’ and the political/demographic mess it has created, Iran is about to assume control over Iraq and Syria if it is not met head on in Iraq. Turkey too is jockeying for position within Iraq and Syria while it goes about trying to destroy its local opposition to such a venture (the Kurds).

      So, Turkey too must be met head on.

      Iran has in place within Syria and Lebanon – and this is only due to the hatred for Israel that the Syrian and Lebanese hierarchy openly display – the terrorist organization Hezbollah that Iran finances, trains and provides armaments to. In other words, Hezbollah is Iran’s proxy army on the borders with Israel.

      Iran has been broadcasting loud and clear to all who choose to listen of its intention to first, destroy Israel and then the United States, and in the process hope to bring the entire world into Nuclear armageddon – see the coming of the Mahdi to understand Iran’s ideological stance.

      Obama, during his last few years as ‘American destroyer in chief’ more than accommodated Iran’s nuclear program to the point where Iran is now perfecting its Ballistic Missile capability – Ballistic Missiles are only made for one purpose, and that is to carry nuclear warheads. Iran is not far away from developing nuclear warheads to go onto those missiles and will use them when they think the time is right for them – just like all ideological terrorists.

      And that time is rapidly approaching and that is why Trump is doing what he is now doing in the middle east.

      • To my friend Nemesis,

        I must disagree with you on many of your points here.

        Trump did talk about defeating the Islamic State while a candidate, so his putting US boots on the ground is not a betrayal of his campaign. What it is, though, is an extremely bad idea.

        In the first place, the Islamic State is already on the ropes. The Syrian forces, aided by Russia and Iran (more about that later) are taking back their territory. The jihadists who went to fight in Syria are coming back home now. And we are letting them back in. How stupid is that? The best way to protect ourselves from ISIS is to keep them there, where they can face the mercies of the Syrian army and the Russian support.

        Concerning Iran, it’s true that massive US bungling support against the Syrian government turned Syria from an Iranian ally to an Iranian and Russian protectorate. But, is Iranian influence in Syria really threatening to the US? No. It’s Iranian missiles and nuclear capability that’s threatening to the US. Syria is a sideshow. The US will have to deal directly with Iran on that, including the possibility of a military strike.

        An Iranian presence in Syria is very threatening to Israel. It’s up to Israel to deal with it. The US should not involve its military in protecting Israel. I do believe if Israel takes military action, the US should act to prevent any UN-sponsored sanctions against Israel, but militarily, it’s up to Israel.

        Similarly for Hezbollah. Hezbollah, which a potent terrorist organization, threatens mainly Israel, and it’s up to Israel to deal with it. Of course, we shouldn’t snipe when Israel takes the necessary measures. Hezbollah also has terror infiltrators in many countries, undoubtedly including the US. Our most effective measures of protection are to hunt, and either deport or kill these infiltrators. This has nothing to do with Hezbollah presence in Syria.

        What US presence in Syria and Iraq does is to put heavy pressure on the US to admit the tens of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis who supposedly aided the US and are now threatened by the inevitable victory of Islamist movements in Islamist countries. So, we get tens of thousands of immigrants whose beliefs are not that different from the people we are supposedly fighting, these immigrants bring in their wives, children, parents, cousins, and casual village acquaintances in what we call “chain migration”.

        Let the countries of the region sort it out themselves. Keep them out of our countries.

        • Hello Ronald. Your common sense reply is so sorely lacking in places of authority and by people who display an ideological bent rather than put to use good strategic planning.

          You may wish to ponder these points concerning what is at play and at stake, in the Middle East.

          1. Israel is the target and is on the ‘front line’ of what should be termed a religious war between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. It is an old war that began with the birth of Mohammedism and will not cease until one or both sides in this age old conflict are wiped out.

          2. The antagonists are all the Muslim states and the Iranian Islamic Republic – a country that finances much of what is generally termed – Radical Islam. But also there are other players whom I would term the ‘silent partners’ such as Saudi Arabia – a Muslim state that exports and funds its Wahabbism brand of Islam throughout the West while the West takes to sending its soldiers, airmen and sailors to fighting Iran’s proxy Islamic military that also receives Western ‘Deep State’ assistance – especially while Obama was in office.

          (As it can be shown throughout history the usual and controlling suspects are playing all sides.)

          3. It still remains to be seen if that assistance will continue under Trump.

          4. What is now occurring throughout the Middle East is largely through Western interference. When the West put boots on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, it became a Western problem that under Obama became an even bigger Western problem – a problem that we cannot just tuck tail and run from because the whole Middle East has been destabilized to the point that Israel is now in a very tight spot, and if Israel falls, then so too will the West.

          5. Russia is turning a blind eye to Israeli air attacks within Syria against Hezbollah targets who the Syrian’s protect with Russian weaponry – so far Israel has been lucky in its strikes against the cowards from Hezbollah who have been sending rockets into Israel from Syria and Lebanon, but Israels luck cannot hold out once more sophisticated surface to air missiles are employed to protect Hezbollah positions, and there have been rumors that Hezbollah will employ chemical weapons (as supplied from Iran) on those rockets against Israel – if that happens then Syria will come under intense Israeli attack.

          6. Putin is trying to avert an all out war against Israel from Iran, Syria and Lebanon, but if Israel takes to openly attacking Syria then Putin will side with Syria – now that is something worth pondering over because if that happens then Israel will in all likelihood have its back to the wall and fighting for survival on at least two fronts. And if Israel is invaded and their future becomes uncertain then they will use their nuclear arsenal, and in all probability won’t care much where they lob them as their mortal enemies are all around them.

          7. If both Putin and Trump can reach some kind of agreement on Israel and paragraph 6 is averted, then it will be Iran that becomes the major problem that needs to be dealt with. Israel and the U.S. under Trump will not allow Iran to develop its nuclear capability and Israel will attack Iran’s nuclear weapon storage system once it is confirmed that Iran is ready to usher in the Mahdi. Iran is also an ally of Russia that has been assisting Iran in defence needs and other ‘technical’ improvements, although I am not aware of any hard ‘treaties’ between the two that would bring Russia to Iran’s defence if attacked.

          8. Iran has been supporting Shia Muslim states throughout the Middle East ever since 1980. Iran is THE major power behind nearly all the terrorist attacks against Israel and the West. Iran is the sworn enemy of the Jew and the Christian wherever they may be found and will not desist in its mission through diplomatic or sanctioning means – Iran is an ideologically based country that has one purpose in mind and that is to usher in the Mahdi and that is exactly what they will be attempting some time very soon.

          In summary: In a more amiable world letting the neighbor take care of their domestic problems without outside interference will generally work so long as those domestic problems do not spill out onto others backyards. Once that occurs then those whose backyards become threatened must then take action to protect their own interests.

          We must stay in the Middle East otherwise our own interests will then come under threat to such an extent as we have yet to experience.

    • I think the jury is still out on Trump. The troops in Syria are supposed to be peacekeepers –not combatants. The goal is to fight ISIL. Re Russia, I feel his hands have been tied because of accusations of collusion. Also, I am sure he is working with advisors, some of whom will be coming from NATO. No military action at all was not promised. Rather strategic and effective operations. The world is in a mess, partly because the US has been scattered and weak for 8+ years. I will wait to see how things unfold before passing judgement.

      • The world is a mess because US has been creating genocide in many nations, destroying their economy and murdering their people

        • a bit one-sided view on America.

          Vietnam has ended 50 years ago, it was a part of containment of Communism that went wrong.

          In Iraq, Afghanistan etc., – all “genocides” are of local making.

          “Destroying economy” these are just empty words, real thing is humanitarian aid America provides for those in need.

          and rather not “murdering their people” but neutralizing their dicators and terrorists, and liberating the people for, possibly, better life. again, not everyone take that chance.

          • In fact, dictators are a highly functional form of government in Muslim countries. The Muslims will vote for sharia law every time, and it is the military support of a dictator that dampens this tendency and provides some breathing space for individuals. It’s highly flawed, but the only possible hope for Muslims who wish to ignore Islam.

            The US and its allies have done unimaginable harm and caused terrible destruction by their support of rebellions, mostly Islamic-based, against a form of government that functioned fairly well for them.

            The best strategy for the US is to simply stay out of the political picture.

        • It is the entire West, through its intelligence connections that have been doing this phyllis. The United States is just the main means of accomplishing what the Globalists want – please read my comment above.

          • The U.S. got involved in Afghanistan because of the fallout from the little incident when two commercial aircraft were flown into the two towers of the World Trade Center back on September 11, 2001. Not to mention the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania that was probably meant for the White House of the Capital.

          • That is the standard narrative marinka. The real reason for getting ‘involved’ in the Middle East has nothing to do with 9/11 and more to do with geopolitics and the subjugation of Russia.

        • [Incivility redacted]

          The world has been in a “mess” since the year dot!
          Who caused the “mess” in the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th centuries…..? Shall I continue with that list?

          Blame *Human Nature* and the Collective Id: which exists even in you, Phyllis, and whose whole raison d’etre is what you have ascribed to the US: war, genocide and destruction.

          If you are looking for Utopia, you have incarnated on the wrong planet….

    • + francis m reps

      Remember that Trump, as President, is privy to Intelligence which as Candidate, he was not. He is also at the mercy of the Intelligence Services: who may, or may not, be providing him with legitimate Intel.
      If Mrs Clinton had been elected, I venture to suggest, you would not now enjoy the privilege of reading ( and commenting on) this website.
      Neither would your 1st and 2nd Amendments be safe – anywhere.

      The US, alas, would never have elected an Orbán / Wilders.
      Be eternally grateful, my friend, that you have a Trump; and that however imperfect he may be, you have now secured a tiny beachhead from which you may fight for the Republic.

      If your Republic is lost, all that is Noble, Virtuous, Just and True, within Western Civilization, will dissolve….and the West will fall. The descent into Chaos ( Venezuela, Sweden ) is palpably close for all of us.

      God Bless and Preserve the United States of America, and it’s glorious Constitution!

      And, Francis….. ** Pray for the Emperor **

    • I think Assad has forfeited and claim to being Syria’s ‘legitimate leader.’
      He’s Iran’s puppet and merely the least evil. And in the end, Trump will allow a battered, destroyed Syria to be Russia’s ‘project’ because they need the naval bases at Latakia and Tartos, while th eUS needs nothing out of Syria except quiet. Trump’s pledge was to defeat ISIS, and he’s gradually doing his part to fulfill that. I doubt you will see Iraq redux in terms of occupation or massed troops. Trump’s a lot smarter than Bush II.

      The main target is and should be Iran, and after some horse trading re: sanctions, Crimea and Ukraine, don’t be surprised if Trump and Putin work together on the War on Jihad quite well, with Putin looking the other way as Iran is defanged.

      What Trump did in Europe was merely to bolster the Visograd nations (which BTW, includes Hungary) and let them know that things have changed since Obama’s treachery. The UK has done the same, and has vowed to increase their military spending.

      Given Russia’s demographic problems and the likely continued low price of oil, Putin needs Trump much more than the other way around, but Trump and Rex Tillerson also recognize the need for Russia as an ally in the War on Jihad. They will work together.

  2. 03:32 in the end. The Mongols are gone.
    03:36 The great Ottoman empire collapsed.
    03:40 The Habsburg empire has vanished.
    03:44 The Soviet colossus is simply extinct.

    Something is missing here, isn’t it?

    Picachu I see you!

    that is why I am suspicious – nationalists will always try to deny, or at least distort, every and any piece of evidence uncomfortable to their agenda.
    be it historical truth or functional reality of today.

    that reminds me the formula “a Muslim can not commit crime against non-Muslim”.
    Orban’s “nation” is such impeccable “Muslim” for him.

    Whereas one of the major motivations for “Brussels” was – to avoid a bloody jungle where everyone is his own best Muslim and everyone else is infidel dirt.
    an attempt to learn from experience.

    it is correct that since, “Brussels” has degenerated into a soft dictatorship soaked in egalitarian mythology, and bringing all sorts of incompatibilities to Europe.

    it is also correct that Hungarians under Orban did right things defending the borders.

    however, there are some other things worth keeping in mind.
    like staying humane and self-critical, having good allies, and playing non-zero game.

    • You must be referring to Hungary’s Nazi past? National Socialism was not a big hit in Hungary at the time. The alliance with Nazi Germany was accommodating the German agenda because Stalin was breathing down Hungary’s neck.

      The lesser of two evils?

      I think that part of Hungary’s history is best forgotten.

    • So let’s talk shop about Hungary after the Austro-Hungarian empire, essentially after the end of World War I. The Treaty of Trianon happened where Hungary lost 66% of its territory. One could say “to the victor goes the spoils”, but interestingly even Austria got some Hungarian land. The fact Austria was part of the losing party showed how unfair was this steal. (not just for Austria but all other nations who got some…)
      This treaty has its effect until today. After WWI. 1919 the Russian Communists tried to export their ideology and sent a Hungarian Communist Béla Kun. They started their 133 day of Communist dictatorship which partly become defence war due to Romanian and Slovak governments thought they can get the rest of Hungary. Vice-Admiral Miklós Horthy executed a military coup and broke the Communist regime and taken power.
      The main reason why Horthy sided with the Germans, he got promise that Hungary will gets its lands back from the nations who took it. The Hungarian leadership secretly despised the Nazis as many of them were aristocrat and the Nazi movement were a Leftist-Socialist-Worker party full of “commoners”. They had good sympathy toward the British though!
      The Hungarians also have some values which can be extremely counterproductive. That is taking honor, duty and valour to a high pedestal. Betraying given promise is strongly dishonorable. (If you watch Star-Trek then see Klingons, that is pretty much accurate description of the Hungarians: strong sense of honour, keen military skills, love to fight and party… Yeah that is us! But I diverge…)
      So even though the Hungarian government realized that the Nazis is not a good company but taking back our promise would have been dishonorable. So we stayed until the last moment. Of course they tried to go around the Germans, example let the escaping Polish army to go through Hungary and join to the British. They did a slow execution of the Nazi dictated anti-Semitic orders (collecting and shipping Jews, thanks to young George Soros who also helped, they did do some despicable things) but when Horthy tried to get Hungary out of the war, the Germans kidnapped his son and forced him to renounce his role as leader. Then the Germans invaded the country and installed their Nazi equivalent cross-arrow party. (which actually looks suspiciously close to Hillary’s logo:
      Did this make Horthy’s government a victim or good guys? Certainly not! But they were not as guilty as the full blown Nazi’s in different countries. Just a normal dirty gray middle like most government and most politicians.

      (this is of course the fast-forward “lite” version, if you interested about the era, look up, there are many sources in the internet)

        • We are in the season of Lent right now, when people bring to mind their past sins and repent. On Easter, believers will celebrate the Resurrection, as history and as future, and put their sins behind them. Other religions have similar times of repentance and celebration. Everything has its time and its place. There is nothing more irritating, in the US at least, as the contingent at national celebrations who feel it their duty to proclaim that our country’s sins outweigh our country’s virtues and accomplishments.

        • He was talking about foreign powers trying to take our Independence and how those empires are gone now but the Hungarian nation survived. Having a mediocre but lawful government between the 2 world war not really relevant in this context

      • CrossWare, what you have put up I have no argument with, it is part of history, and by the World Clock, just a fraction of a second of time that those who had Hungary’s future in hand had to choose from.

        AY, for some reason, does not take into account the many diversions and limited choices that countries sometimes have to make in order to keep their future survival as a nation state when the bully boys around them start to throw their political weight around.

        Hungary is still there as a viable nation state, and AY can’t seem to appreciate that fact while the system he would promotes, Soviet Communism, collapsed a long time ago.

      • Crossware,

        Again, thank you for an informative and thoroughly inspiring translation.

        Orban’s vision reminds me of the original US vision: serve as an example of liberty and freedom, but stay out of direct involvement in foreign affairs.

        The Polish national government during World War II was an enlightened nationalist government, but the Russians, with the complete connivance of the Allies, sabotaged and assassinated the real Polish leaders.

        The alliance of the aristocrats who suppressed the revolt of 1848 is very reminiscent of the EU. Had Hillary been elected President, there is no doubt some activity would have been engineered to cover an armed intervention by EU forces into Hungary. Trump is unlikely to agree to such a move, so it gives nationalist governments like that of Hungary a much greater degree of latitude. Orban seems to be getting more clearly nationalist and defiant of the EU. This is very good. He and other such governments may have a window of 4 to 8 years to establish a precedence of independence.

        If I had some advice for Orban, it would be to put some resources into putting their case forward in countries like the US. Don’t leave the public debate to the neocons and the cultural Marxists. Apart from GoV, I believe there are very few sources of information in the US concerning the real issues involved in the East Europe independence movements.

        The time to start building awareness is now. Recall that during the Bosnian wars, the US news outlets like the Wall Street Journal were filled with stories about the enlightened Muslims of Sarajevo and the bloodthirsty Serbs. This provided a major rationale for the totally unjustified military intervention by the US and NATO. East Europe should not sit idly by while there is time to counter a similar propaganda effort by the globalists and neocons.

      • The Hungarians never wanted to be independent in relation with Austria. They just wanted the same status. Which they received. Without Austria (and troops from other occupied parts of the empire) they couldn’t have subjugated the lands they did. Hungary was weak and is weak. That’s why Orban is in bed with EU AND PUTIN.

  3. One of my father’s cousins who was into family history showed us a copy of a letter written in 1850 to his parents by one of my great grandfathers who at that time was a Czech kid from Moravia doing his hitch in the Austrian army. It wasn’t the main point of the letter, but he mentioned as an aside that they were on alert because of concerns that the Hungarians might try something. Obviously the Hungarians were not perceived as a spent force even two years after 1848. My great grandfather didn’t show much interest in the matter, however. By 1874 he was in Minnesota running his small sawmill, raising his family, and trying to start a local assembly of the Czech Presbyterian Church.

  4. Slightly off-topic, but anyone considering visiting Europe should try to center their vacation and spending on Hungary. Budapest is a glorious capitial with just about everything you could want in a city.

    If you can’t make it there, please shoot for other sane nations like Czechia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland.

  5. Mr Viktor Orban is a man for these demanding times.
    The speech was uplifting & always talking about courage.
    Throw the past out the back door as we are facing an
    Islamic onslaught. The metaphor of the burning bush
    was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  6. As a Combat veteran, actual Infantryman, who fought in the early days of the Iraq war, and during the surge, I ask that you refrain from insulting former President George W. Bush. You drank the kool-aid and didn’t even know it. Ask any real fighter in those years and they will say the same, “I would have followed that man to Hell!” – I would do it again. Why? Let me educate those arm chair blowhards (I am talking to you Phylis, Ronald, Robert, et al) who would not lift a finger for this great nation of ours, who do you think we sandwiched in between Iraq and Afghanistan? You can read a map can’t you? Who pressured Obama to quit Iraq? That old wily rat Iran. Do you remember when Saddam was putting on this act of being the Lion of Islam, funding Palestinian suicide bombers with payments to their families. Saddam allowed jihadist to openly stay in Iraq, free from Baathist secret security harassment.
    Here’s another “tidbit” from someone who was actually there, and not cowering in some huge FOB (Forward Operating Base- for our armchair dopes)…Who do you think we were killing over there..Iraqi nationals turn Insurgent to fight for the defense of their have issues if you thought they were Palestinians, Jordanians, Moroccans, Somalis, Arabs, Chechnyans, Kosovs (thanks Bill), and a few Iraqi street thugs that were enticed with money and drugs; mostly drugs. Yes, many syringes found in their (spider holes).
    So please refrain from spooing trash about George W. Bush, who had the gonads to fight, and not just lob tomahawk missiles at random crap. Do you remember when he visited the troops in Iraq? How much we cheered. We never gave Obama the same treatment, because we knew what he was, not a Christian. How did we vote him, our enemy who we were at war with, because everybody bought into this hatred for former POTUS G.W. and look where that got us. Because of people LIKE YOU (Phylis, Ronald, Robert!)
    By the way, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers wanted war and DID NOT want to be brought back home, all YOU (Phylis, Ronald, Robert, and the rest of the leftist ilk!) did was bring us down and isolate us; still feel the pain after more than a decade ago.

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