Raising Crosses in Erfurt to Protest the Building of a Mosque

Residents of the German town of Erfurt object to the building of a mosque in their midst, and are expressing their opposition by erecting crosses around the site where the planned mosque will be built.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:28   This protest by the citizens of the town of Erfurt
00:32   is justified, I think, when no private
00:36   land is concerned, but the owner allows it;
00:40   then the inhabitants of the town of Erfurt, who have something against
00:44   mosque construction, should be able to peacefully express their opposition.
00:48   That’s why the raising of crosses here is justified.
00:52   Personally I am not afraid of the construction of the mosque,
00:56   but I understand that the inhabitants of Marbach
01:00   are afraid that through the erection of the mosque, in a couple of years
01:04   the composition of the population will change, much as we can see in Berlin,
01:08   in Kreuzberg, in Duisburg or in
01:12   Brussels Molenbeek; we can see that at some point the local population
01:16   that lives there now is driven out,
01:20   and they HAVE to leave their town, because a mosque at the same time
01:24   always becomes a “train station” for many people, who will then
01:28   settle around the mosque.
01:36   The town should carry out a poll
01:40   of the population [to obtain]
01:44   a decision or — following the Swiss example — a “We the People decision” [referendum],
01:49   and then accept the decision of the people.
02:01   A Mighty Fortress is Our God [a church cantata by J.S. Bach, composed for Reformation Day]
02:05   500 years since the Reformation — and today?
02:21   Marbach. Capital of the state: Erfurt.

7 thoughts on “Raising Crosses in Erfurt to Protest the Building of a Mosque

  1. I doubt the citizens of Marbach are at all afraid. They are simply taking a stand and trying to make their voices heard.

  2. Only old people support this, the millenials will go along with Islamization no problems.

    • Yes, and pigs [urine] (sorry); pork’ s heads; slices of bacon; evan human [urine] will do it

  3. Today the local Antifa organisr’ed a rally at the university campus near by. They want to meet there to remove/destroy the crosses.
    This action is coordinated between Antifa, the mosque-builders and the thuringia State government. All three – the antifa, the government and the muslims – had declared the crosses as “Crosses by the Ku-Klux-Klan”. No joke.

    The crosses are build BESIDE the ground forthe mosque. Owner of the property with the crosses (and the only one, who can “legally” remove the crosses!) are the catholic church AFAIK.

    Another story: First they build a ten meter high cross, that were destroyed by antifa immediately following night. At the morning after people from Marbach recreated it again and some crosses more. Now there are dozen crosses, as you can see in the video …

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