Sandra Solomon: “I Came to Canada to Live Under a Secular and Constitutional System of Law”

Sandra Solomon is an apostate from Islam who was raised in Saudi Arabia and now lives in Toronto. As we reported last month, Ms. Solomon lives under a death fatwa from Canadian imams, who have called for her to be killed for her apostasy.

Also last month, we posted about Masjid Toronto, where prayer leaders call for the death of infidels and the cleansing of Al-Aqsa from “the filth of the Jews”.

Both stories are combined in the video below. It features a recent visit to an open house at Masjid Toronto by Sandra Solomon, who read out a statement to Toronto Muslims that she had prepared in advance.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the prepared text for Ms. Solomon’s statement:

My name is Sandra Solomon. I am an ex-Muslim who lived in a Saudi Arabian society governed by 100% Sharia law.

I suffered a lot in Saudi Arabia from the teaching of Islam, because of the lack of women’s rights.

I was neglected, ignored and forbidden to share my thoughts on Islam to the point where I was always at risk of being murdered by honour killing from my brother, who attempted to kill me just because I refused to wear hijab.

They forced me into a marriage.

Islamic forced marriage is nothing less than institutionalized rape. Do not dare think otherwise.

I took my child and escaped from Saudi Arabia because of the imminent threat of my execution for not following Islamic sharia without question, and came to Canada for its freedom.

I came to Canada to live under a secular and constitutional democratic system of law.

A law that respects me as a free human being who has the right to live and think and be critical of anyone and anything without living in fear for my life and my child’s life.

That is why I am in Canada.

I am a subject of Canadian law. Not Sharia law

I am a victim of Islam and am duty-bound to warn others of its true nature. But unfortunately Sharia law is not leaving me alone.

I was surprised when I found that it has followed us here to Canada.

There are three Canadian imams on Canadian soil calling for my execution.

Their names are: Shahryar Shikh, Ahmad Abdulqader Gendil, and Saees Rageh.

All three of them are openly calling for my execution.

Ladies and gentlemen, criticism of religious and political authority is the most important aspect of liberal democracy. And for this, the imams all call for my death.

They do so on the Islamic grounds that I speak truths about Islam, its founder, Mohammed, and that I left the religion of Islam, all of which are death-penalty crimes under Islamic law, and which Islamic States like Iran, Saudi Arabia, The Islamic State, Afghanistan, and dozens more convict and execute.

We see it here in Canada when Muslim girls refuse the hijab like the Shafia girls did.

I am standing here in your mosque today, asking for you to show me the tolerance you ask of Canadians.

To accept me for who I am and the free choices I made to be something other than Muslim.

My God is a God of love and mercy. I offer it to you, and ask you for it in return.

My criticisms of Islam are of the ideology, the teachings and scriptures. Not any individual Muslims.

Criticizing ideology is not just legal in Canada, it’s the staple of democracy.

Whether it is religious authority, or political, no person, no book, and no ideas are above criticism and scrutiny.

I want to thank the mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, for her answer when she comforted me about my concern regarding M103, when she said to me, “This is Canada. We have one set of laws; there is no Sharia law. The beauty of Canada is that we are free to openly criticize anyone and anytime. We have one set of laws and there is no Sharia law in Canada and there will not be Sharia law in Canada.”

When I asked her if I’m I allowed to criticize Islam and Muhammad without fearing for my life, she said, “This is your right. This is Canada.”

Therefore I’m here to ask you the same question.

Can I criticize the Qur’an and Muhammad, the founder of Islam, without fearing for my life and my child’s life?

17 thoughts on “Sandra Solomon: “I Came to Canada to Live Under a Secular and Constitutional System of Law”

  1. “Can I criticize the Qur’an and Muhammad”

    Ms. Solomon is naive if she believes that muslims in the West are any different than the muslims she grew up with, they’re exactly the same. Maybe there are a few muslim women who, like her, don’t want to be sex slaves, maybe there are a few gay muslims who understand some of the islamic oppression, maybe there are a couple of apostates hiding for their lives, but the vast majority of muslims like their ideology. Islam hasn’t changed in 1400 years, instead it continued to spread and murder anyone who didn’t submit.

    As far as drawing attention of non-muslims to the dangers Ms. Solomon faces, going into a mosque and reading the statement is a good approach, but on gathering support and sympathy from other muslims, you’d have more luck squeezing water out of a stone.

    • The real issue here is that the Canadian government is refusing to uphold secular Constitutional Law thereby allowing a deviant cult to impose its own murderous rulings on ex-cult members.

      Unless and until sharia edicts are declared illegal and criminal under Canadian laws, there will be no protection for ex-Muslims who wish to escape from the enslavement under imported Islamic jurisdiction.

  2. It is a felony offence to threat death to someone under Canada’s criminal code. Why has the is woman not sought to have these imams charged in accordance with the law?

    • She is calling attention to the issue. That should be enough to alert authorities that there is a problem. I expect authorities are aware, but refuse to act. Muslims are being protected by the Liberal government.

  3. She evidently went to the wrong place.
    Should have moved to Alabama.

  4. Can I criticize the Qur’an and Muhammad, the founder of Islam, without fearing for my life and my child’s life?

    The answer to Ms. Solomon’s question is, “No”.

    As long as there are people anywhere who believe the practices prescribed by Mohammad as enshrined in the Koran and the hadiths, the danger to people like Ms. Solomon exists everywhere. This is a war between civilized peoples- for all their faults- and the most enduring barbarism ever to infest humanity. At least since ancient Greeks sent a champion to contend with their adversaries champion in an open field, wars are never pretty.

    I salute and feel a sense of kinship with the Sandra Solomons of this world. I wonder what it is that makes them different from the majority of their erstwhile co-religionists (is that a real word, Dymphna?) from the same tribe. Short term, the civilized world (and France too, if it is so inclined) needs to destroy the army of Islamists. Longer term, we need to understand how to inspire and nourish more Sandra Solomons, Anni Cyrus’s, and Ibn Warraqs to the detriment of the likes of Shahryar Shikh, Ahmad Abdulqader Gendil, and Saees Rageh.

    • Second should read:

      As long as there are people anywhere who believe in the practices

  5. Sandra Solomon has serious balls.

    What we can also see from this is that the situation in Canada, bad as it might be, is NOTHING compared to Europe. What do I mean by this? Nobody was physically aggressive with her. Maybe it would have been different without the camera, but still.

    There remains hope around here. Despite the best efforts of Turdo and company, some Canadian culture still penetrates even into the mosques.

  6. The fundamental principle – if it can be called that, and not simply a pathology – is misogyny. Islam is counting on a high birth rate and the efficacy of bullying to secure a place for itself in Western civilization. However the genetic degradation that has occurred from multiple inbred generations will ultimately prevent their success.
    See Nicolai Sennels for further comment.

  7. She is brave and we must all stand by her. Dr. Zudhi Jasser from The American Islamic Forum for Democracy sent out 4,000 Mosques concerning the Islamic reform movement. Out of 4,000 invitations he only got 40 replies and only three were positive, very pathetic. It is apparent many Muslims in N. America don’t want reform. Which in turn makes me believe that they prefer Sharia Law to constitutional law. Political Islam is Not compatible for a Democratic Republic like the USA.

    • Islam cannot be reformed. To call for reform is to commit apostasy, which will be punished with death. To say otherwise is dishonest, or naive.

  8. As a first impression, it could hardly have been Solomonically wise to deliver a manifesto in a venue that was so noisy, in the presence of a man whose speech cannot be heard.

    But on further thought, this is a brilliant piece of performance art, delivered in a den of thieves, as revealed by the wall poster reading ATTENTION: PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES UNATTENDED. And her statement was cleverly worded so that with her non-Canadian pronunciation the words “A law” and “Sharia law” came out as an ironic mock on “Allah”. Canadahu akbar!

  9. I was able to make out some of what was said by the man with a …topknot….

    He was very likeably agreeable and sympathetic, one of the good people one may imagine. But none of his advice that I could make out related to any mosque in Canada. I do believe he advised her to address the Saudi embassy or consulate about it.

    There are several different words for different types of deception in Islam, his suggestion is a good example of what one of them may be. In standard old U.S. english, I would call it the run around distraction. Addressing an issue which is not the one at hand? What other decent descriptions?

    He might be an instructive example….

  10. I am 100 % with you,Sandra.
    I am atheist,born Hindu.
    One should not follow a religion which commands to kill non believers and was founded by the first terrorist of world.

  11. I commend all that your doing and your courage is astounding , haven’t seen you in the limelight lately , hoping everything is okay .

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