The Sweden Picture Collapses Like a House of Cards

Below is an excerpt from Sunday’s post by Lars Bern on his blog, as translated by Da Capo in the comments (edited for clarity):


The Sweden picture collapses like a house of cards.

Our hypocrisy will be thrown back in our faces. The world will see that we are nothing more than a pitiful segregated class society, where immigrants are our new underclass. We may now expect that every immigrant murder, rape, arson and other serious crimes will get much attention in the United States and the rest of the world.

I see today that a leading US news channel has a headline about the recent fire in an asylum accommodation — such things did not get international attention a week ago. Our time in the international spotlight as a good example is over!

The incident is extremely serious for a small country with a strong dependence on the outside world, and with a number of foreign shareholders in Swedish companies. When it comes to deciding on investments and initiatives, obviously many investors will tighten their ears and think both once and twice about whether it’s so smart to invest in a dysfunctional society such as Sweden. Competent people we want to attract to our companies will be reluctant to accept. Tourists will ask whether it is wise to travel to a country with a rising crime rate and an undermanned police force. I know many substantial taxpayers who today are considering emigration. A destroyed image of Sweden will harm the country in a wide range of areas.

Considering purely economic problems, it should be added that the Swedish political elite now have made themselves enemies of the president of the world’s most powerful country and most important economy. They were previously adversaries to the management of our closest eastern superpower. We also see how the few friends they have left among European leaders are about to be replaced, even among the anti-globalists. Soon the Swedish political elite, with its blind faith in globalism, will stand alone in a hard world with only Palestinian terrorists as friends. Sweden’s voice in the world has been weakened at all levels, and the exposed Swedish people risk having to pay a high price.

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    • What has been occurring worldwide Joe goes beyond simple Socialism – even Communist countries guard their own interests from being undermined. What we have been witnessing has been the attempted destruction of national sovereignty and the herding of whole populations into believing in a one world utopia that envisions Islam as the One World Order’s religion while ‘governance’ would be via the non-elected bureaucracy of the United Nations.

      This whole scenario is a giant conspiracy the like of which the world has never had to deal with before, and as an agenda it has been very busy indeed, for to wit:

      1. The West has been almost completely given over to a new brand of God less Communism via the long march through all of our religious, educational and political institutions. What does being secular mean if not disregarding the inherent belief that God exists?

      2. The West and indeed much of the world’s financial systems are now beholden to the kind of greed that only complete amoral behaviour could condone.

      3. Western Governments have become the ‘shop fronts’ to conspiratorial behaviour that permits covert ‘ops’ by all of our intelligence services into undermining foreign governments for their own ends (mainly financial) while the politicians are used as puppets to direct and to blunt the rising anger of the slowly awakening populations.

      4. Planned for collapse of entire Western economies has been ongoing since the end of the Second World War via the introduction of the welfare system and the dismantling of our manufacturing and industrial bases. Now that those ‘policies’ have been achieved we are bearing witness to the final blow to all our economies via the ‘environmental impact’ that humans supposedly have on this planet.

      5. The deliberate ‘victimizing’ of so called ‘minority groups’ by those who pretend to champion them has by far had the most divisive effect on the Christian tradition of societal civility that makes for an ordered and caring society. And such a society can only prosper under such guidelines that can also provide a strong and cohesive response to times of peril – but look at how divided they have made us today.

      6. I believe it is now obvious to many of us why Islam and illicit drugs are being promoted and allowed to flood into our countries. Eventually, and when they have the numbers, they will challenge all of us for territorial supremacy.

      But one must remember, that all of what has befallen us has come about through Marxism and is not coincidental, and what we now bear witness to has been a long time in the planning over thousands of years. For those who wish to find out more, the Bible has much to say on this for those who wish to learn.

      • Ah, Nemesis…

        The Bible is not a source of knowledge for those who don’t believe in it; I know many people who have educated themselves about the dangers of Marxism with reference to scripture.

        I’m a Bible reader myself, but I understand the point of view of those who’ve never tried it and who also plan to keep it that way.

        Communication is the act of the recipient, not of the speaker –though we usually get that backwards. Thus, it’s a good idea to know your audience before making specific suggestions or you risk turning off those who might otherwise listen.

        Like the apostates from Islam often being a valuable source of information, the apostates from Marxism also have a lot to teach us. Arthur Koestler became a definitive source when he wrote Darkness at Noon.

        Here’s the wiki:

        • It’s not my intention to preach, merely to direct those who so desire knowledge that is freely available to all. But as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water………

          I guess too, that many who visit this site are not aware that Israeli archeologists and other nationals who appreciate recorded history, use the Bible as a reference source for their ‘finds’.

          And it has not let them down yet!

          Just that recommendation alone should convince some that Bible reading may hold some interest for them.

          • The Bible is the source book for believers, but not for non-believers. And GoV is interested in all points of view. But as a Christian, I find it futile to wave that book at people who don’t believe.

            We’re closet Christians in a culture that doesn’t value belief. Best not to wave that there particular flag…this place is more or less Caesar’s domain. There are lots of Christian sites where comments like yours would be welcome. Gates of Vienna is a site run by Christians, but it’s not about Christianity. Thus, suggesting to others that they’ll find answers in the Bible is simply out of place here.

            Please desist proselytizing here. Even if *you* think it’s an appropriate thing to do, I don’t find it helpful at all. In fact, just the opposite.

          • Dymphna, I did not understand Nemesis to be proselytizing, only to be recommending a source of insight into human affairs that also happens to have some of its content validated by archeology.

            Personally, I cannot read more than half a page of the Bible before I become very impatient. I definitely want the Cliff Notes (shortened) version. Please, oh please get to the point!

            Paradoxically, though I have zero interest in being a man of faith, I enjoy attending the occasional Bible study where someone else has done the heavy lifting and extracted the story and the lesson.

            A commenter recommending the Bhagavad-Gita would similarly make a contribution though the specific lesson is more helpful than a general recommendation. Nothing that is human should be strange to me. Thus, a recommendation that I consult a certain work is not necessarily a recommendation that I adopt any religious extrapolations others have made therefrom.

            Thus, it is not futile to wave the book in front of me at all. Despite my odd impatience with its tedious, meanderings, I am not so close-minded as to reject its content when others can make it more palatable to me.

            In these oddest of times where the foundations of our Christian civilization have crumbled in the veritable blink of an eye and where street thugs, primitives, obese harpies, scragglebeards, parasites, predators, she demons, the sexually confused, fools (but I repeat myself), naifs, and liars seem to dominate, it is useful indeed to search the record of the past – any record – in the hope that earlier writers may have seen something similar. I think I read somewhere that there’s nothing new under the sun.

            Koestler’s book was one it took me years to get around to reading. I also found it a bit tedious and abstract though it seems to have caused a stir for being one of the few works to pierce the communist fog.

            Isaac Singer also wrote a most entertaining short story about an amoral, apostate leaf in the wind who exemplified the lives of millions who drifted on the boundless seas of Marxist horror and stupidity with no stars to guide them.

            And what can compare to the distilled excellence of Solzhenitsyn?

            And I certainly do not raise up that book as an argument for Christian belief, which the events he described led him to. Yes they did.

            ‘Tis all grist for the mill.

        • Dympthna. Your comment has really shocked and offended me, and I add, but not for the first time, and probably will not be the last.

          I believe you are aware of the reason I comment on this site which is to share what I have learned throughout my life so that others may at least grasp an understanding about this world that in these times of deceit rarely comes their way.

          And in the sharing of that knowledge you would have me desist in providing one particular source for my knowledge for what you believe to be my promotion of that source while you would deny the source of that knowledge to others who may wish to learn from it.

          I have been visiting this site for some years now and when I quote from book sources I also include the name, author, printer and date for that source – yet you have not protested that or have accused me of promoting it.

          I don’t provide Biblical quotes, just the Book title as I am sure you are aware, which would then be proselytizing. I only provide the origin, which is merely pointing at the source for my knowledge leaving it up to the individual to choose their course of action.

          Maybe it would be simpler if you could provide me with a list of those things that you believe I should not be mentioning on this site?

          • Please forgive my harsh words. I have lumped you in with the others, those who are deaf to any words but their own. That is not you.

            I apologize…but I pay the price of bruises for jumping to conclusions. I am not well, and really shouldn’t be commenting at all due to that. A long journey through pain awaits me and my courage fails me. I plan to turn yet again to the book I said you shouldn’t mention…beginning with Matthew 5 – imho, it’s our Christian Constitution…and then on to mystical John.

            Thanks for your comment.

          • Dear Dympthna, I had a feeling you may not have been feeling well when you put that comment up. Pain can do funny things to the individual experiencing such unpleasantness. I hope you find strength in those words which is for why thy are written, and I humbly accept your apology which I feel was not required.

        • Col. Bunny:

          You asked for the brief Cliff Notes version of the Bible. That’s fairly easy. Martin Luther gave that answer hundreds of years ago. He stated that all that one needed to understand Christianity was to read the following:

          1) The Ten Commandments
          2) The Lord’s Prayer
          3) The Apostles Creed

          Understand those three and you’ve basically got it.

      • I think the left was on to something just as it left the starting gate. The founder of the British Labour Party was the sole support of his family at age 12 when he was fired from his job at a bakery for being late. Whatever can be said about how the satanic mills were a step up from life on the farm – and they were – a certain disconnect between employers and workers developed that led to poisonous relations. See, for example, the wonderful, brilliant, and moving film “Brassed Off.”

        I found a photo of three British toffs riding in an open horse carriage with a man running beside it with his hat off begging from those guys. In short, the early left may have understood very well that complete indifference to the welfare of the nation that we see now in the moneyed, protected Treason Class who are so amoral and grasping, who worship lies and unspeakable deviance, and who pursue ghastly betrayal of their own kind.

        • It’s a hypthetical, but I bet those three ‘gentlemen’ in that open carriage attended Church every Sunday.

          There are Christians and then there are the so called Christians.

          My belief is that the action and mentality of those three ‘gentlemen’ gave much impetus to the Leftist causes among the working class.

          • You’re probably right.

            I’m an ardent proponent of limited government, free markets, rule of law, and free speech and inquiry but that doesn’t stop me from recognizing that reformers did much to soften the harsher aspects of capitalism. Laws against fraud, trade libel, unfair competition, and unsafe conditions, as well as provisions for workmen’s compensation, unemployment compensation, disability, homestead exemptions, bankruptcy, and enforcement of contract all made for a more resilient and better society.

            The left likes to focus only on a caricature of the capitalist, preferably publishing cartoons depicting them as octopuses.

            That said I’ve been retarded in grasping the true extent of the greed of those in the financial and banking industry. The US Chamber of Commerce is a hostile foreign force as far as I’m concerned.

            Trying to find a more satisfying explanation for the huge, destructive changes taking place than “sheer lunacy,” I increasingly am drawn to explanations that focus on an immoral corporate and 501c3 combination that commands unbelievable financial resources. Soros has many like-minded people in his neighborhood.

            It’s a shame that the left’s heightened awareness of Wall Street and large corporations comes with a built-in lack of vigilance where concentration of political power has occurred or threatens to occur. It’s a bad thing that the Democrat Party has become nothing but a front for the ultra-left.

            But I meander….

          • Most of those changes you mention came about due to unionism. The worker against the capitalist was a call to arms for those who spent at least 48 hours every week working for their employer who chose to reward them with whatever they felt ‘fair’.

            But the infiltration of the Marxists and then the crime gangs, such as the Mafia, turned a worthy cause into a whatever it takes attitude.

            A case in point ; The Australian Labor Party used to be what many termed. ‘for the worker’ and up until 1983 it pretty much was. But in between the end of the Second War and 1983 something changed within the Labor movement that turned a once patriotic political party into a union bought political champion for Globalization.

            So the long march still continues to this day but many are now awake to what has occurred, and that can only be a good thing.

            Sometimes, we can learn a lot from meandering …..

          • Nemesis:


            R.M. Whitney, Eugene Lyons, Rose L. Martin,
            Joseph McCarthy, Diana West Fred Siegel, and others show the way, at least for American leftist subversion. I’m sure these are familiar to you.

            The U.S. seems to be susceptible to socialism, communism, the mob, foreigners and the money of unions, corporations, and the 1%. With the near-universal franchise, enemies and the politically ambitious can gain a major electoral advantage by catering to the underclass. It’s a near unbreakable grip. The default drift is invariably left and then left some more.

            Nor is the U.S. unique.

        • Colonel B. Bunny, I would liken your sources to be impeccable for those who seek the TRUTH of why we are where we are today.

          Thank you Sir, and may many take note as to your references.

          • Thank you, Sir.

            Anyone who tries to fathom the significance of having an organized, subversive multitude of intelligent people committed to the downfall of a magnificent civilization must first try to understand why anyone in his right mind would foul his own nest and ignore unspeakable tyranny in the process. It’s somewhat like finding one of your mother’s old letters in a trunk in the attic and learning that she, in fact, hated you. Hard to process.

            The works of Anthony Sutton should be added to my very incomplete list. How could our leading citizens finance such tyranny?

            Just one more source illustrates how important and seemingly patriotic people can carry the seeds of destruction in them. Read this article at The New American on a perhaps peripheral issue and you’ll never think the same way about Gen. Marshall again.

          • I was aware of the overall scheme to turn China Communist, but I was not aware of Marshall’s involvement.

            Is it really any wonder why students are never taught factual history, as it is actually recorded and not pretended to be about?

            Imagine a world where the God’s honest TRUTH was a normal standard to live by and not the deceit with which we are forced to accept.

          • Please read Diana West’s awesome work on U.S. Communism. It cost her dearly in terms of reputation and position. She knew it would upset many, but she had no idea of the virulence with which she would be attacked and the extent to which many purported “conservative” sites – National Review, American Thinker, Pajamas Media, and especially Front Page (David Horowitz) would turn on her, either outright reviling of her work and mis-reporting on it, or refusing to give her space to refute false allegations. She was forced to compile a list of the untruths and publish *those*.

            American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character is here:


            I learned a lot from following the attempts by purported conservatives to build a cordon sanitaire around her for the book. Her research (over 900 footnotes and several years of digging ever deeper) was meticulous and devastating. It would have made a less strong person physically ill. If you look at the 290 reviews, many of them with other comments attached, you’ll get an idea of the quality of her work. Even the bottom one-star reviews are informative. Most, if not all, of them are made by people who didn’t purchase the book. The majority of the one-stars appeared after The Bigs began trying to bring her down. The 3, 4, and 5 stars are mostly from people who purchased her book. What they have to say is informative.

            Then there is her refutation of the ‘critics’, those who said her book should be burned, it never should have been written, etc. And those who simply made up stuff and claimed it was in her book. Real underhanded, Leftist moves (but some of these jokers were originally FROM the Left, so old habits die hard.

            The Rebuttal: Defending ‘American Betrayal’ from the Book-Burners


            Among the reviews of this one is

            As I began copying and pasting his words for this comment, I had no idea the Baron’s name was in there! Or maybe I did know at one time and just forgot:


            “Kook Army View of the Rebuttal” by John Dietrich:

            When Diana West took up her little sling and aimed at Communism, she hit something else. Maybe she should be called Chambers on steroids. The level of vitriol unleashed against her reveals that she hit a sensitive spot. She has responded in a responsible way with The Rebuttal. West has been accused of being “very angry very self-centered,” with a “paranoid streak.” I view her as being modest to a fault. Her behavior does not match their psychological diagnosis. Her opponents have made a major miscalculation. The time-tested method of dealing with uncomfortable facts is to completely ignore them. By attacking Diana West in such an amateurish fashion they have increased the circulation of these facts. Such attacks are counterproductive. Diana West fears that these attacks undermine her integrity. I think it is clear that they have undermined the integrity of her opponents.

            Progressive defenders of the Consensus have suffered defeat after defeat. The truth about the Ukrainian famine, Katyn Forrest Massacre, the guilt of the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White and untold others, eventually came out in spite of their heroic efforts. These defenders of the Soviet conspiracy make no apologies. They do not need to. Their mistakes are conveniently assigned to the Memory Hole. As Vladimir Bukovsky points out such incompetence would have severe consequences in any other field.

            Ned May describes how professional historians view their field: “the masters of the guild get angry when someone less worthy than they are ventures into the orchard in which only they are privileged to harvest. The harvest the outsiders brought in, they ritually burn.” Amateurs are incapable understanding “historical context.” Professional historians tell us if you want to write history you must have formal training. The arrogance of her critics does not compare favorably with her modesty.

            So, Nemesis, it remains for us who have children to make sure they are taught factual history. Even if it means giving them books to read, essays to write (they aren’t being taught composition anymore), etc. Some states have even dropped teaching our early history because “they don’t have time”. So kids are ignorant of anything before the Industrial Revolution. Oh, except for the history of slavery: they get plenty of that. I doubt there’s a second-grader in this country who knows anything about George Washington or Benjamin Franklin but can recite gobs about Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Not that the last two aren’t worth knowing, but their stories aren’t primary.

            Vigilance doesn’t even begin to describe what we must do.

          • By the way, what was done to Diana West was an adumbration of the vituperative attacks that many of these same people would make on Donald Trump several years later. Mr. Trump got a whole issue of the National Review devoted to the reasons why he should fail and fade from sight – the sooner the better. The dividing lines between/among the #NeverTrumpers and #Maybes and #WhyNots and #GOTRUMP! were fascinating. Not since Andrew Jackson took on the Adams dynasty (and they were no better than the Bush dynasty – with emphasis on “nasty”) has there been such an event in American politics.

            Trump will do the same thing Jackson did: change the course of our history while some weep and some rejoice. The difference this time is that Trump’s victory has put wind in the sails of those who believe in national sovereignty in Europe.

          • I read “Death of the Grownup” first. I found the title compelling. This book may have made “American Betrayal” more compelling, as in how did we get here?

    • “He who is compassionate to the cruel will ultimately be cruel to the compassionate.” Eliav Shochetman. I thank Dennis Prager for this.

      • Thanks. It’s a good quote since it describes our current p.c. illusions, the one that insists on turning criminals into “victims”.

        • As it looks now, your reprimand to nemesis for religious speech on a secular website is followed by a comment about cruelty which is followed by your own reference to absurd pc. It just does not look good. I would want to fix it.

          • I apologize for being thick here, but I don’t get your comment.

            Could you quote the specific words I used? I have been awake all night and don’t have the energy to look for what “doesn’t look good”.


          • Impressionistic: “…desist from proselytizing…” “..cruel to the…” “…pc illusions…”

            Yours, mine, then yours.

            A casual sweep brought those to my eye when I went back to the site and was surprised to see additional entries.

            If you are thick I have not seen it. I am certain that I am not perfect. I hope you have not been awake all night because of illness. I have been awake all night but I believe that in my case it is due to mental illness I get from reading about Sweden.

  1. Sweden has been riding an image and now that image is shattered. The native Swedes have a decision to make, and they have better make it soon.

  2. They had it coming.

    Years ago when I first started working, my supervisor was a middle-aged woman who was from Sweden; she used to never shut up about how progressively advanced Sweden was relative to the United States. I don’t know how typical her arrogance was, but most of the Europeans I have met since have had a similar arrogance and look down upon us uncouth yankees like many leftists here look down on those of us in flyover country.

    While not all Swedes are socialist loons, and undoubtedly there are many who disagree with the direction in which their country is headed, they have allowed several generations of their countrymen to run the country into the ground under the mistaken belief the good times would last forever. The hubris of their leaders and the acquiescence of the ruled has led directly to the current mess they find themselves in.

    • Welcome to the club! We Middle and Eastern Europeans were and still are handled and judged exactly the same way…
      No wonder there are some in Hungary who just giggle about the Germans, Swedes, French and Italians “misfortune” with migrants.

    • So in return for looking down on you, they now deserve to be killed and raped in large numbers? Because that’s what we are talking about here. Being “invaded” and “dispossessed” and “outnumbered” by Muslims is not an abstract concept without horrendous real-world consequences. It leads directly to your men being beaten and killed, your women beaten, raped and killed. You think they have that coming? As punishment for ….. arrogance?
      Harsh indeed.

      • The moral of the story is that actions have consequences. And if one of the consequences is the end of your country and your lineage because of hubris leading to societal mass suicide, then why should anyone else sacrifice their blood and treasure to rescue those who will not lift a finger to rescue themselves?

        The muslim third world invaders did not just show up one day out of the blue and start dispossessing the natives; the natives brought them in under the guise of moral superiority and virtue signaling to the rest of the “morally inferior” West, which at the time had the good common sense to not invite in the unassimilable. You are right, it is not an abstract concept, and there will be real world consequences to pay before this act has played itself out. And I am still harsh enough to observe that they had it coming.

        • I believe that arrogance put aside – Sweden is a huge territory with very low population, and that is why historically refugees would always go “far north” to seek refuge. It really is “Swedish Tradition” to take people in, because the “far north” always had trouble with “enough people”.

          Today’s Swedes also have quite good experience with many of the refugees from eastern EU and the Balkans.

          I know Sweden quite well and I believe that Swedes have this “German” mindset which is a kind of “politically correct herd mentality”. That is why I dread the day the Swedes actually do turn nasty. They are very good in doing collectively whatever they deem necessary.

          They collectively fell for globalist agenda, they can as well collectively fall out of it.

          I still believe that the actual “outdoor Swedes” will surprise many – because media tends to focus on the cities, but Sweden is actually a huge countryside. And you know them “rednecks” 🙂

          • The cities have been sources of vitality and innovation but the reality is that they are now concentrations of dysfunction, arrogance, and foreigners. They are isolated and vulnerable to supply and utility disruption.

            An armed population would be the cherry on the pudding but the Europeans, not just the Swedes, have chosen emasculation because . . . well, because it’s so virtuous and superior to the ways of the knuckle-dragging Americans.

            But, still, urban chaos will affect directly those fools who have done their utmost to ensure the creation of ghettoes and no-go zones. The coming sorting out will be just desserts squared.

            It’s interesting what you say about Swedes welcoming immigrants because of so much available space. The subtext there being that past European inflow was not a problem. (No sarcasm, btw.)

            However, of late wildly hostile and inappropriate immigrants have been implored to come. Would Swedes have thought to import elephants, rhinos, and ostriches to their periodically frigid land? No, of course not. How stupid. How cruel. But certain humans, just as unsuited and out of place – and obviously so – are settled throughout. Ba da bing.

            This illogical approach is completely shoved to the back of the urban (?) Swedish mind. Politicians who import the human equivalent of elephants, etc., are elected and re-elected with firm resolve.

            That Great Reversal of Thinking is, alas, nowhere in sight. The Sweden Democrats are still as popular as a sheep’s eye in the soup (to borrow an image from the literature of the Gulag).

            Well, as Lenin correctly observed, “The worse the better.” One day a revolutionary consciousness will sweep over Europe. Wilders and Le Pen will be defeated in this year’s elections, of course. And Merkel will be returned to power with hosannas. But soon there will be a change. Organism has a bright future.

          • Sweden ‘huge?’ Well it’s between Germany and France in size, but of course has far less population, like Norway and Finland, for a good reason….

            Let’s just hope Swedes collectively fall out of that globalist agenda very soon! It was a nice place 50 years ago.

  3. Apparently Swedes have no respect for their own culture and civilization; so little respect for it do they have, that they joyfully offer up their young maidens into the hands of vile haters of life, the “sweet, dear, sad, poor, migrants” whose only wish is a better life AWAY FROM THE HELLHOLE from which they’ve escaped.

    At this point, I have no pity on the Swedes — who have so little respect for themselves that they happily invite the most vile degradations upon their society at large, and upon their young women and girls in particular.

    How can anyone, anywhere, feel sad or sorry for a people who permit themselves to be tortured — societally — in this manner.

    They are beyond redemption. And deserve what they get.

    Harsh to say. But if they care so little about themselves as a people, why should we cry tears for them?

    And no: the USA is not going to fight the battle for them that they knowingly lost many decades ago. They are left to their own devices.
    Maybe such knowledge will awaken whatever men still exist in Sweden to the bad bargain they’ve made: lots of sex (feminism) and loss of manhood — all in one nice little package.

    You feminize the state and the culture: YOU LOSE. And whatever innocent little 7-lb daughters you may have will feel the full horror of your EGREGIOUS ineptitude.

    • Yet another commenter gleefully salivating over the collective mass beating, raping, and killing of Swedes whose main crime seems to be a general naive do-gooder attitude and a willingness to trust their own corrupt political class.

      Yeah, they have it coming alright. They deserve to see their 7 year old daughters raped by Muslims. Right?


      • Harriet was not salivating over the prospect of moslem cretins raping 7 year- olds; rather she was reiterating the comments of the Moon before her (and me) – that why should we lift a finger to help people who make no attempt to help themselves, and come down hard on any of their sane countrymen who do attempt to do so?

        And you live in the U.K.? One word–Rotherham.

        • Thank you, Peter.

          It’s horrifying to contemplate what a people will do to themselves when in the grip of leftist/PC insanity. Truly sad. I wish only to wake those up who are still slumbering — in the hopes that they might see where their leftist/socialist mindset is leading them.

          And I was actually not referring to 7-year-old children, but to those precious 7 pound newborns who waken in their parents’ arms, with that look of “please take care of me” in their innocent little eyes, the look I saw in my granddaughter’s eyes not so many years ago.

          • I think of that image – a child lying in its mother’s or father’s arms – and I recall the horrifying “cultural” differences in Islam, especially the rural ignorant kind – where babies are legally property to be used sexually as long as it does no physical harm.

            In other words, nearly every baby steeped in this tribal deviance is at risk of being abused…but to them sexually using a baby or child is not abuse as long as you do no damage. However, at some level they know this practice is wrong since ‘having carnal knowledge’ of one’s domestic animals means you can’t slaughter them for your own food after so using them. You *are* permitted to sell the animals to someone else, however…and with no mention of your escapades. Islam is, at heart, a materialistic legal system.

            A truly sick ideology but it sure does set the boys on the road to a murderous jihad and the girls to a life of cruel submission.

      • Count me in as one who believes Westerners, but Swedes above all fools, deserve the full consequences of what they do willingly and consciously embrace.

        One need not salivate over the tragedy unfolding. That is not an issue.

        One can, however, experience disgust at the stupidity of those who chose – with eyes wide open – to guarantee the existing arson, rape, and mayhem (going after the teeth) and the coming bloodshed.

    • USA was extremely close to getting Hillary Clinton as the next president, you were more or less saved by the electoral system, than what peoples votes were.

      So I think you should be less hard on the Swedes. You could easily have ended up in a similar situation faster than you think.

      (Sorry for my less than perfect English.)

      • Yes, you’re right: We came within a hair’s breadth of electing Hillary Clinton. And we elected Obama — TWICE. Even now, roughly 50% of the country favors progressive policies indistinguishable from Sweden’s.

        That’s a smaller proportion of Gutmenschen than in Sweden, but there are still a frightening number of people — white people — who are willing, even eager, to implement measures that would destroy their own country.

  4. [Muslims] will note it is much easier to separate the head from the neck if the head is buried in the sand (as it is with so many Swedes).

  5. We have all these mental disorders in the DSM-V. This world-wide mind disease we now see should be in there:

    Contagious, especially among elite
    Self harm and cognitive dissonance
    Willingness to abandon principles of golden rule: altruism, forgiveness, love, gender equality and LGBTQ equality.
    Acceptance and rationalization of evil and supremacism

    • It’s a good diagnosis, Mr. Palmer. Except for the fact that the DSM -whichever version is so very politicized; thus your fine dissection would never see its way into their pages.

      The DSM has normalized deviance beyond recognition.

  6. I will be going to Denmark this year. I will NOT be going to Sweden!

    And frankly I’d prefer not to meet any Swedes while I’m there, unless they are committed dissidents with the stones to say so in public.

  7. Ah sheesh, fire in a house. I was brought up in a time without central heating, we had fires in every room even!

  8. What an interesting thread to come upon.

    Spent the day handing out meager amounts of food to poverty stricken and disabled folk. Managing in unwell ways various afflictions from blindness to oncoming dementia.

    This suffering is common to Germans, Austrians, Danes and Swedes, as it is to the American people and our immigrant brood and blood. And that is why I, and you swell with pain because of the commonality of our people and our past. We passed through much and little together and what crystalizes us and them is our sensitivity to this pain. We suffer together these various afflictions, and what is most important is I don’t mask my pain and affliction by denying my unique past that has drawn us together that we might uniquely recognize the commonality of our faith. This ancient faith which is both spoken and silent in how it has profoundly shaped us and how it moves us to deeply care for each other even as we both blindly and irresponsibly teeter towards our own destruction. Nemesis sees across oceans and continents directly to my soul and other souls because he finds Hope in what cannot be denied; our only Hope of what will ultimately reconcile this conundrum of pure misery that encircles Europe and each mortal individual. Will our land be healed; will our hearts be mended; will the unlovable know love. I thank God. Is that okay? Europe needs God. Is that okay?

  9. Response to Dymphna, 28 feb 1141pm.
    “…property where babies are used sexually as long as it does no physical harm…”
    “…does set the boys on the road to a murderous jihad.”

    I believe that this is so correct that it should be in neon. I do not have any neon, but I can talk too much.

    I think that people learn self awareness, responsibility, property and self direction as kids but it can be disrupted. One starting place is ownership of ones own thoughts, and ones own body. When your own body has never been your own, and your own thoughts have never been your own, and when you have never seen empathy in your life, how would you learn any of them?

    Maybe the vampire story is much more true than we know. Some are bitten and die, others are bitten and become vampires themselves.

    From birth to death Islam appears to be a brilliantly designed control system. A control system that squeeses the humanity out of many of its participants, and these many will control the others.

    So the bodies of others can be owned by people who have never owned their own. Great way to eliminate empathy, sympathy or humanity, or at least to redirect it way out of any natural course. And I am only scratching the surface.

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